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  1. That always reminds me of Murphy's laws of combat. One of my favs, "The easy way is always mined."
  2. For me it seems like the DO is destroying the seals by the same way he is causing disruptions to the pattern (i.e. the cells in the white tower). There is the start of the pattern disruption, but the DO may not be able to fully break them since they are the focus of the patch. They most likely are the strongest point. The DO can only weaken them and allow outside agents to break them.
  3. There really isn't a lot of info on how the DO was sealed up by the Dragon. Pretty much all we know is: 1.) It was weaker than planned due to women not being there 2.) The seals were the focus points to the weave (whether they were cuendillar at the start or transformed into cuendillar as the weave was laid on the bore is unknown) 3.) The weaving had to touch the DO and the backblast made all the male Aes Sedi there instantly insane and tained Sadin. I am hoping we get a lot more info in AMoL as Rand now has full access to Lews Therin's memories and knows full well how the seals were made and deployed.
  4. "Oh sheep swallop! Sheep swallop and bloody buttered onions!" - Mat
  5. I suspected that Suroth Sabelle Meldarath and Semirhage (posing as Anath Dorje) had something to do with tipping off the Gholam, since both were in Ebu Dar at the time that Mat and Tuon were together. It isn't a huge leap of reasoning for Semirhage to know that Mat left with Tuon under his arm, used Suroth to overthrow Tuon, and Tuon comes back without Mat and makes Suroth to Da'covale while speaking well of Mat to her close advisers. I know I would let the Gholam know that it would be quite possible that Mat would have a case of the wuv woos for Tuon and it may be useful to threaten her. At least that is the scenario that went through my head as the Gholam threatened Mat with Turon's death. I know that Turon being killed by the Gholam would have worked well into Semirhage's plans for the Seachan before she died.
  6. If Mat doesn't become a hero, I demand a refund on the money I paid for that horn!!
  7. I found it to be a very good and engaging book while I thought the Winter's Heart was pretty slow. It definitely builds up some more plot points and I would recommend reading it. It really makes the rest of the books even more flavorful.
  8. Weeeeellll.... work kinda did pay for the Wheel of Time book so I feel a sense of commitment to finishing out the day properly. Plus the duty to be able to pay my mortgage.
  9. Yes! Mine is delivered today! Hurry up clock so I can go home and start.
  10. Finally got to order my copy and will have it next week. Then I can go to spoilers after I read it!
  11. Geeze. You can't figure it out already? It was space aliens that killed Asmodean! I am really looking forward to Perrin doing something besides fretting. I like him when he is a man of action.
  12. Boy, this thread has drifted well off topic.... back to the seals and what we know: 1) The seals, even though they are heartstone can be changed and broken by the Dark One. They will change by the Dark One focusing on them. Whether this is by the TP or not is yet to be determined. Moiraine can scrape a flake off one, hence showing its changed state After a seal is broken, Lan tested one by stabbing it with a dagger. The dagger broke and Lan mentioned that it was the "Best steel from Tear" hinting that the Cuendillar was back to its original state after the seal was broken (the books don't say if the seals are Cuendillar again, but no one has dropped them in a stream of balefire either) 2) The seals were only the focus for the patch on the bore. Whether the patch is somehow weaved into the Pattern or not is yet to be seen. 3) Because the weaves to seal the bore had to touch the Dark One, either by his touch or a counter attack tainted Saidin and drove what was left of the hundred companions instantly insane and caused the rest of the male Aes Sedai to gradually go insane as well. As to the bore since they are what the seals are covering: 1) The bore was enlarging during the age of legends, which is why Lews Therin believed the plan to "wall off" the areas under the shadow was folly. 2) For the Dragon to seal the Dark One back up into his prison, Min and the scholar believed they had to "clear the rubble". Min and Cadsuane thought that Herid Fel was referring to breaking the seals to clear the work Lews Therin did. (I believe he is also referring to clearing away the bore as well, since that is what allowed the Dark One access to the world in the first place). 3) Herid Fel believed the prison had to be made whole again for when the third age returned. Sealing up the Dark One (theory): 1) Touching the Dark One with the power will unleash the backblast. The male Aes Sedai already suffered this during the age of legends, so using the females to help might be out of the question. Saidin was cleansed at the Eye of the World using both male and female Aes Sedai, but it killed them doing it. So I feel this is not a realistic option. 2) True Power. This has been suggested, but I feel this assumption is flawed. Using the Dark One to seal up the dark one would be like using acid to seal up acid in a flask. TP might be useful to Rand yet, but is wrought with danger. 3) Ta'veren. This is what I believe is what will work. Rand can already bend the pattern to his will. It has been stated that Mat and Perrin can change events by just being there and Min's viewings show the three of them together can hold the Dark One at bay. Rand's ability I think will be multiplied with both Mat and Perrin next to him and he can reweave the Pattern by his will. He can, in sense, reweave the Pattern so the Bore is no more and the prison is whole and complete. This is why (along with everything else Mat and Perrin do) that the "tripod" is so essential. Rand can use their Ta'veren ability to magnify his own and reweave reality. Anyway, my theory on what will need to be done to reseal the prison.
  13. He has been gathering them all over, but a huge number is in Illian as he stated that he would either have a truce with the Seachan or crush them completely.
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