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  1. I desparately hope there will be more WoT books (you all know what I mean) after AMoL.. I don't know what it will be like to not have a WoT book to look forward to, and devour when it comes out! Well, I guess "Nothing Gold can stay."
  2. I reread the entire series in 10 weeks prior to the release of A gathering storm. I have to say it was so awesome to just go from book to book. I have been reading this series for so long now it is ingrained into my life. I also agree with Gareth's post about the finality of a final book but I guess that is what it means eh? I am in the same place, The Wheel of Time is ingrained in my life as well... Started the umpteenth re-read in December, going slow this time, trying to pick up anything missed.. can it be? :-)
  3. I fully agree with the above.. Men and women together. If Elayne studies the Ter' angreal in a circle with a man, what could she accomplish then?.. Look what Niald and the wise ones were able to do with Perrin's hammer? I also agree that she makes a better a'dam. the Seanchen model was made by a woman only
  4. What a great discussion! Egwene has always been one of my 3 favorite characters in the series. I'm pissed at her about how arrogant she has become, but I think Sanderson writes her well. The fight at the tower against the Seanchen in TGS was awesome I thought. I think being Amyrlin Seat has gone to her head a bit as well. :-) About the compulsion.. remember how much time Halima (Aran'gar) spent massaging her head.? Warm regards to all..
  5. I took the early ballot option earlier this week.. I've voted already.. I'm taking tuesday off work. Amazon sent a 'Just Shipped your Order' email to me this afternoon. 15 years isn't it since Moiraine went to the Finns? This is so huge!
  6. Thank you Jason.. Your trailer really meant a lot to me.. I wasn't expecting anything like it, and it had a tremendous impact on me. Again, thank you and well done! Rick
  7. As a new member to Dragonmount, this is the 1st podcast I've listened to.. I hope Jason sees this, as I want him to know that the trailer for ToM brought me to tears and actually choking up, my throat got so tight the first time I watched it.. As one of the podcasters said, after having the series as part of her life for so long, it's really hard to be objective about a favorite book, but TGS was awesome.. Brandon Sanderson really did it! and very very well. The story is still more than alive! ToM should be awesome!! I wonder if Egwene will face off with Cadsuane? And what will be the result of Verrin's revelations..her's was a serious blow to the Shadow, and they barely even realize it, where is Mesanna? Wow.. so much to look forward to.. but I don't want it to end either.... Great podcast.. .are the other 92 still available? Congratulations! Rick
  8. you guys release this just 4 days and a little bit before the book... I was already chomping at the bit for the 2nd, and you're made it worse.. (better?) :-) You're making me crazy.. I'm a 20 year reader, read EoTW and TGH together, and had to wait for each of the rest of them.. Mat is going after Moiraine!!! The wait had better be worth it.. Brandon Sanderson really delivered the goods with TGS, and I'm confident he'll only get better with ToM and AMoL.. Egwene is Amerlyn Seat!!, and Verrin! all I can say is Woah! Awesome job all of you! I liked the plug for the trailer, so I watched it again.. Tears streamed down my cheeks and my throat closed up the 1st time I watched it I was so moved.. Congratulations Jason! it was awesome.. Thank you all and I wonder what I'll say on Wednesday after I've finished the new book? Warmest Regards, Rick
  9. Moiraine's thread will be very important now if she makes it back. She could be something like ta'veren now? If she does, she'll certainly move some threads of the pattern around.. Just like Verin and her books.. That was huge stuff.
  10. Ok, you've convinced me there wasn't balefire.. Isn't this fun?
  11. Mat experienced blinding light, nothing was said about that light being seen outside the doorway.. Seems to me that since the doorway is a ter'angreal that doesn't require channeling to work, (in Mat's case) might the doorway react violently to channelling women going through it and an angreal (Lanfear's bracelet) within spitting distance? Lanfear wouldn't balk at balefire.... just another thought...
  12. I think it's going to be Thom too...if anyone.. I think Thom will accept if asked.. (remember, these characters have real personalities :-))
  13. I agree with sharaman RE the DO and the Finns..but I disagree that Moiraine and Lanfear brought fire... Do you think maybe Lanfear or Moiraine tried Balefire as they enterered the doorway? I ust listened to that part in the audiobook again, and there was blinding white that filled the doorway as they went through... balefire maybe? the only reference we have to the Finns is Mat's experience with them.. he can't channel, obviously. Moiraine and Lanfear both channel strongly..
  14. No offense, to anyone, but I don't think Moiraine would have asked for Lanfear's power or knowledge.. remember Moiraine used balefire for the 1st time in TDR against the Darkhounds when escaping from Illian, she was a very talented channeler, and powerful. I'm sure she knew much more born with the spark like Elayne and Aviendha and Egwene.. I wonder if Moiraine will be surprised to find out about Verrin? I can't even begin to guess what she asked them on the other side of the doorway.. such cool stuff, huh?
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