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  1. I'm wondering if Moiraine's demands touched upon the Shadow...She has said questions ( and demands as well ? ) touching upon the Shadow would be punished, but that does not mean the question/demand would not be answered. The Finn's "feeding" on her may have been part of such a punishment.
  2. Hmm...I suspect most of Tuon's experience is with native born Seanchan Damane.They are so programmed by their culture that they SHOULD be leashed that they probably are punished much less than the Aes Sedai who resist (futilely) being Damane.
  3. It helps that they sort of rediscovered the sport! Sammael was also an accomplished swordsman I believe, and I don think it's a stretch to include Demandred in there. Though I think their rankings would have been a lot more formal and organised than simply "Blademaster" in our current age, but I'd place those four in the top tier. I would even include Moridin with some form of rank in there, as the sword would have been seen as good exercise and there's no reason why Moridin would eschew exercise. We know he's good with a staff after all :D! I would be inclined to consider Demandred in that list as well, merely from the fact that he was just a hair shy of LTT in just about everything.
  4. Lan didn't fight Toram, Rand did that in Cairhien.. Lan killed Toram in Far Madden. I stand corrected.I forgot that Toram survived the earlier fight with Rand...jeez that feels like forever ago.
  5. My predictions. 1...Tuon will discover the Essanik Cycle has been tampered with through a Foretelling by her Damane that clearly contradicts it. 2...Taim and Logain..Mano a Mano 3...Egwene will want Asha'man who bond with Sedai to take oaths (lol) 4...Far Madding was a trap, as rand guessed.Having failed, the Black Sisters with the Army kill all the Borderland rulers rather than allow them to return to their duties along the Blight. 5...Matt will somehow use the Tower of Ghenji to trap the Gholam or else learn how to kill it. 6...Rodel Ituralde will not abandon his post on the Blight. 7...Olver opens Verin's letter, Forcing Matt to do as it says.
  6. Hmm..Something just occured to me.How long has the Tower of Ghenji existed ? I had the Impression that it was not there in the AOL as Matt has no memories of the previous age.
  7. The Forsaken's oaths, sworn in Shayol Ghul , (possibly with the True Power ? ) might negate the affects of the Oath Rod.
  8. Throughout the series the Big Bads have never set up overlapping areas of primary authority. Bel'al had Tear. Rahvin had Andor. Sammael had Illian. Asmodean had the Aiel. Lanfear had the Dragon. Graendal had Arad Doman. Mesaana has/had the White Tower. Aginor/Osan'gar had the Black Tower. Balthamel/Aran'gar had the Rebel Tower. Moghedien had Intelligence and Espionage. Ishamael/Ba'alzamon/Moridin has Command. Darkfriends and their networks are/were available to all. Semirhage had the Seanchan. The only major power bloc that is not covered by any of the others is the Borderlands. If you want to find Demandred look there. While he may indeed have influenced the Borderland army and certainly has Black Ajah among the sisters there, I am not so sure that he is actually with them.That army had to ask Elayne where Rand was, which seems kinda odd if Demandred is with them.
  9. Laras was in "New Spring" some twenty years ago.This absolutely rules her out as a Forsaken Candidate.
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