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  1. If we assume Mat has Manetheran blood in him, lets hope he isn't Aemon because then that might mean he is his own greatx20 grandpa. Along the same lines lets hope that he isn't Arthur Hawkwing because then he would be courting his own greatx20 granddaughter.
  2. I was under the impression that her dream was about what CURRENTLY was going on, which was Moridin rising highest, and this is further proven because the amount of towers that were still standing was equivalent to the amount of Forsaken still alive. Actually, your logic favors my interpretation more, I think. If you read that section, the towers all crumble, and the one that rises the tallest crumbles LAST in order. Moridin obviously hasn't had a near death experience, or made the DO angry, since the deaths of the other Forsaken, but Graendal seemingly has, due to her near escape from the balefire and DO's subsequent anger. Hasn't had a near death experience? You must have forgotten that part where Rand burns a hole clean through the guy that kills him. The crumbled tower that rizes is definitely Moridin, Graendal is useless-sauce.
  3. That really pissed me off. RJ would never have Birgitte wear a sword. Ever. Ever. Ever. More likely a dagger or cudgel or possibly even a short sword or hand axe. But never a sword. Never. Never ever.
  4. Perrin is really far behind in the timeline. Rand had visions of Perrin with Galad by the Sword Statue in tGS, and we haven't even seen that yet it ToM. Really far behind.
  5. One flaw in the super-tech society, they would have mapped and discovered the entire world by now if they existed. I agree that the small map we're given is just a small fraction of the world however, but once you show the entire Aiel waste which I expect is just as large as the entirety of the westlands + Shara + Aryth Ocean + Seanchan + Sea Folk Isles I'd say we have probably 50-60% of the world map, sure that probably leaves either another continent or land mass (unless Shara is incredibly huge, which it could very well be), but their society is probably just some nomads that got stuck there after the Breaking.
  6. my understanding is that the Age of Legends and the current age are consecutive, meaning that this is the 3rd age and the AoL is the 2nd. There has to be at least 1 more age (for those who haven't read the BWB), and we've never really heard of anything before the AoL, that is completely lost and it's only 2 ages away.
  7. I also notice that Brandon has some trouble writing Aiel dialogue or other such things regarding the Aiel, I wish I had book on me but there is a point ToM where Perrin tells Aiel to "ride" ahead, and other points where Aiel dialogue sounds too much like wetlander talk.
  8. they still have either XX or XY, and I think we can safely assume that channeling is sex-linked, so they would have to channel one or the other.
  9. Any text describing a fight with a fade always mentions flashes as steel (normally Power-wrought) meets blades forged at Thakan'Dur*(sp). The flashes are just blades meeting, at least that's my assumption.
  10. ok, thanks for clearing that up... as you can tell by my OP I kind of looked at that Foretelling as having 3 major points when in fact it has 5-6, I took the "capturing" and "setting free" as metaphorical rather than literal, kinda silly of me considering that was the entire reason she was with them.
  11. No - the marking is what matters, not the marks themselves. unless there is a specific quote reaffirming this, I don't think you can just claim it as fact. I happen to agree with you (too many other predictions of Rand's death) but it is still a good bit of speculation.
  12. I'm glad my reading speed is about half that, the sooner I finish the longer I have to WAIT. AGAIN. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
  13. Funny that you talk about waking up early at 8am and you go to the University of Michigan. I had to wake up at 8:30 today to get to North Campus and I hate myself right now. I need coffee and I need ToM, but I probably won't get ToM til tomorrow or the next day :(((((((((((((
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