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  1. I actually think that Nynaeve has a real chance of winning. Mainly because she has a real chance of fighting Moridin in AMOL, rand will have to face and reseal the dark one (since he more than likely can't kill him like rand wants to). Plus more than likely he is going to defeat Padin Fain too since he is so powerful that I don't think anyone else CAN defeat him. So Rand will have to defeat Padin Fain, Moridin, and reseal the dark one? Plus numerous other dark forces that will go after him. I'm just saying I think it might be an all real possibility that considering Rand asked her to aid him in resealing the dark one's prison by using the other accsess key with him, that maybe THIS fight will come to pass, just not quite like this.
  2. Hey son, you've grown...

  3. Are they really saying that the last WoT books gonna be published in 2012? WE HAVE TO WAIT MORE THAN A YEAR FROM NOW! Everything before this said late 2011, a year after Towers of Midnight. Just like how ToM was a year after TGS! I mean really we have to wait even longer for the final book to come out! on a separate note im pleased that this New Spring graphic novel will be coming out am i'm excited to get it!
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