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  1. Everything about this show is a disappointment to me. I will not be watching. I knw I will get trolled/trashed for saying this. Take your shots. I will not see your replies.
  2. Thanks for the welcome, but I half expect to be banned later today. And, quite frankly, I do not know if I would mind that or not. Even so, be well.
  3. Like I said in my first post... nasty. I went to a thread that said it was designed for casting ideas and it was closed to comments. The first post here seemed to me to be about suggesting alternative casting ideas. That is why I came back to it. But, if you folks are so narrow-minded about a newbie to the site that is just trying to figure out his way around so be it. How is my post any different from the first one? Quit being a snowflake, so easily offended. Are you perhaps angry because I don't agree with the show's creators? If this is the quality of interaction I will continue to get I don't want to be a part of this site. I am not a lemming. If you want to ban me, then do so. My life is about more than this tv show. I will see the show when it comes out, regardless of whether I can access this site. The show will succeed or fail based upon its merits, regardless of whether I can access this site. Go bully someone else.
  4. Ok, you saw my suggestion for Moiraine above - Emma Watson. Here are my comments on the rest of the cast: Rand - not sure if Josha Stradowski is the right fit, at least not by the photo shown on the cast page. But, he is promising. One promising replace may be Nicholas Hoult. He is 30, but may be able to pull it off. For Egwene I suggest Lilly Collins. I like the choice for Mat. For Nynaeve I suggest Zoey Deutch. For Perrin, Ross Butler or Mathew Dadario. I am good with Lan, Tam, Padain Fain, and Logain. For Loial I would choose Robert Maillet.
  5. Actually, I think Emma Watson would be a better pick. She is 5"5", but close enough, and matches the look. In addition, she has major cred in the genre.
  6. LOL, you folks are touchy... and kind of nasty. Don't like someone disagreeing with your opinions? That is fine. I knew I would get some angst on my comments. When it comes to movies/tv shows made from books, I like to stay with what made me love them in the first place. I am sorry if that bothers some here, but my opinion is just as valid as any other. And, I beg to differ that the way a character looks does not define a character. Moiraine was special because, despite her diminutive size, she was tough and courageous, a warrior. It matters. I will ponder who I would choose to play parts. If I post them, I wonder who will agree.
  7. I am excited to see the show, but I must say I am not excited on some of the casting. Rosamund Pike will be interesting as Moiraine, but isn't she too tall? I always pictured her as a diminutive woman. I will give the show a chance, but if the casting doesn't work the show will bomb. I may have missed it in my reading. Is there any idea when it will air?
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