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  1. Linking is different than touching whatever half. As probably mentioned, men and women who can channel will die if they come in contact with the a'dam, as each person is touching the half of the source that they can not touch. So I'd imagine that anyone born transgendered either could not channel, will die if they touch one or both halves of the source, or will be able to touch one half safely, but not the other.
  2. Hell no. It's kind of hard to equal Ishamael, much less top him. But he easily could turn to the shadow, if that's what you're saying. Perrin has kind of become simple minded, Faile is the brains and balls in that relationship, whenever she's not too busy being a damsel in distress.
  3. Unfortunately I can't see any of the main characters turning to the shadow. Except Perrin, since he's become a robot that could be easily manipulated (if he weren't already being manipulated by Faile, who would be more capable than Perrin if she weren't playing the damsel in distress half the time). As said before, Nynaeve might for the same reasons. Everyone else easily could turn to the shadow, but it really wouldn't be that shocking. Hell, I think Min already had a viewing of Bashere that may hint of this.
  4. Gholams are constructs, the Dark One has nothing to do with them...? Jonas, when have we ever seen the dagger used on shadowspawn...? It's my understanding that it was a construct created with the True Power, as a lot of Aginor's works are. I could be mistaken though.
  5. Well we do know that Mat's the strongest as far as the old blood goes. If you told me that he was descended from Aemon without name corruption, I'd not be surprised.
  6. The reason I am kind of suspicious that Lanfear was healed from stilling by a woman is that she would be a lot weaker as she is now as Cyndane.
  7. Out of all the characters in the series, he is among the most unlikely to die. That said, Bela may have an unfortunate accident.
  8. Which still doesn't beat the other two oaths. Thus not defeating the oath rod, just one oath What about the other two oaths?
  9. General consensus seems to explain that with stilling. It is mentioned in Egwene's accepted test that the Dark One might be able to heal stilling (dubious, of course), and can also somewhat explain Lanfear's loss of power as Cyndane, though this is entirely speculation.
  10. Another thing that is interesting to note, is that in tGH, Moiraine gets goosebumps just like men whenever there are women who can channel. Of course, considering the other ways women can sense other women channeling, it kind of fell aside.
  11. We all know that the Oath Rod is kind of about intent of the user, and lies within them. As probably mentioned before, you can speak a lie if you believe it to be truth. But the first Oath is very shoddy. "To speak no word that is not true" can have different meanings. There is the most obvious one, where Aes Sedai can't lie. There is a purely literal one, where all Aes Sedai can say is "true true true true". There's also the part where Rand asks Moiraine if Aes Sedai could lie in writing, but since Aes Sedai take the first meaning where lying is forbidden, it would still be a lie, so it
  12. Ishamael for sure. Unfortunate that he had to fall into the classic evil villain flaw of severely underestimating his opponent, but consider all the manipulation he's been doing, he's got my vote. I just wish I knew what the hell he is cooking up as Moridin. He gets to start out sane, and recognizes his mistake earlier, he's got to be spinning something devious.
  13. I'd imagine that it would indeed harm the gholam. Maybe even more than it would humans, as Shadar Logoth stands opposite the Dark One.
  14. Jaime Lannister beat Cthulu? How can this be?
  15. I knew Tuon was black because Mat described her like fifty times, but I totally missed Semirhage and Rahvin. It is kind of annoying since "dark" is quite subjective. There are a lot of shades between white and black.
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