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  1. It would be cool to see Audie Murphy or Richard Marcinko or someone like that show up as a hero. haha
  2. Remember that when they became dragonsworn they made extensive use of the whole "he shatters all ties" bit or however it goes. Basically, all oaths are rendered null and void. Very religious of them.
  3. This is quite simply not true. You can not judge them based on a sneak attack against a split, BA riddled, Forsaken controlled, Fain influenced WT. Each Ajah had been an armed encampment untp itself leading up to that battle. We see AS do quite well a number of times throughout the series from Cads leading a defense at the Cleansing routing the Forsaken, to Dumais Wells, to Kiruna beng described as a "Queen of Battles". They don't have the same skills as Ashaman or Damane but to say they are incompetent is false. The AS have already gone through the ringer in this series, they have redemption coming with the Pevara/BT and at TG. I disagree. A few competent characters does not negate the fact that the Aes Sedai are "largely incompetent" at the whole battle thing. Actually, the mere fact that a few competent women have become legends due to not being incompetent shows that they aren't the standard. They have spent a thousand years avoiding battle except in extreme cases, and when they are forced to fight they mostly throw fireballs at people. I mean, really, you have access to the most powerful force in existence and the best you can do is throw balls of fire? Seriously? Hell, your own references to the Asha'man and Damane are significant. They turn the very earth and air around their enemies into death, and then you see Aes Sedai running around, tossing little balls of fire at occasional baddies. The Aes Sedai ARE very good at bullying those weaker in the Power or Powerless, however.
  4. They could be balancing the Seanchan captured Aes Sedai (if the tower falls to Fortuona while Egwene is arguing with Rand, they could have a decent number of fresh Aes Sedai "recruits"). Add to that the vision Avi had where all Aes Sedai were dead or captured, and the Black Tower held out the longest... I think it COULD be supporting the idea that Avi's vision comes true? Or maybe mostly true, with the nations uniting against Seanchan and the Guardians balancing the power inequality. Or maybe they join forces, but the balance is more internal, ie: The Aes Sedai are largely incompetent with regards to battle, but they are very good at manipulating and governing, or being politicians, whereas the Asha'man have no experience at politicking, and they don't have the respect of rulers anyways, but they are very good at making war. working together they would create balance. Black and white, diplomacy and action, et cetera. The Asha'man could fix the Aes Sedai impotence that has been becoming more and more apparent to the world. And, if all goes well, they won't be harnessed by those pesky oaths.
  5. Also, I think that some of the problem he has with Mat may be that Mat is a smooth, smartass ladies' man, very suave and cocky and what not, and BS himself is a big nerd. Not as an insult, he just is. I mean, he's a bookworm who plays Magic and stuff. That's about as un-Mat as possible. It has to be difficult to write a character that you can't relate to in any way. I think he does a good job, overall.
  6. Brandon is not very good at funny characters. I guess he favors serious ones such like Perrin and Egwene much more. The interesting thing is that though he was not able to improve Mat,Mat kinds of improved him. Wayne in The Alloy of Law was much better than his "funny" characters before. I guess that's what he'd learned from Jordan's Mat. I thought Wayne was hilarious and their interaction was excellent.
  7. Sweet never paid all that much attention to the books. If you go back and look at any previous cover you'll pick up on this. Sweet was definitely a better artist than I can claim to be, but his WOT covers were always awful. This one looks like it would have been his best.
  8. Egwene loosed two brutes on Nynaeve. Nynaeve, naturally, was filled with horror. As is the way of TAR, that horror only strengthened the apparitions and made them do exactly what Nynaeve feared. I'm not blaming Nynaeve. I'm saying that while you can blame Egwene for loosing the brutes, you can't blame her for what they did in response to Nynaeve's thoughts. Nynaeve's reaction is entirely natural, and hardly something anyone blames her for. Actually, in most legal systems, you could blame Egwene for what they did. Since she deliberately created them, with the purpose of teaching Nynaeve a lesson, whether she specifically instructed them how to act or not she would be legally (and in my mind is morally) responsible for the results. I'm not normally with the Egwene-haters, but this particular example was pretty egregious. That's like saying that if I gave you some gasoline to emphasize its dangers, and you lit it on fire by accidentally throwing a match at it, I'm responsible for the fire. If you were a child, that would be true. But not otherwise. That said, I do agree that this was a low point for Egwene. She's trying to get rid of Nynaeve's remaining yoke, and is coming to terms with her own growing strength of personality, and she went way too far. But it is also clear that this doesn't start a trend. Egwene realizes she no longer has to bow down to Nynaeve, and when she became Amyrlin, she could simply have reinforced that, but she didn't. It is repeatedly stated that Nyn IS a child in T'A'R. Besides, it would be more akin to covering someone in gasoline, lighting the match, dropping it on them, then blaming them for being to terrified to remember to stop, drop, and roll.
  9. This statement would only be true if the final release did not include the prologue. If that was the case, I would be disgusted, but since this early release prologue is simply an extra head start for the people who are interested enough to pay extra, there is no issue. If you are too cheap or not interested enough to get the prologue early, you absolutely don't have to, and you won't be missing anything if you only read the final release.
  10. I suppose it comes doen to how believable Semirhage is as a witness. I don't have the book to hand, but in tGS she states that hearing voices is a form of insanity known in the AoL, since the taint occurred after she was sealed in, voices in heads must have been a condition known before the counterstrike. I can believe that the taint makes it more likely, but the condition itself is not caused by the taint as such. A healthy person wouldn't just imagine a voice in their head because they were remembering something they didn't like. And here is a divergence. If it is LTT's soul, memories and experiences, consciousness, et cetera, is it not LTT? And if it is LTT, even if it turns out that Rand gave voice to the prior LTT consciousness, it is still LTT's voice by proxy, isn't it?
  11. Except for that one in TDR, when he is being Healed of the dagger's influence. He might not be insane in the way Cadsuane thinks he is, but he is in the way Semi thinks he is - she's the one who identifies past life voices as a form of insanity. The taint causes all manner of forms of insanity. Some real voices, some not real voices. There's really no reason to think Rand's voice is anything other than what it was identified as - a symptom of a rare form of insanity. There is a great reason to thing it is something other than a rare form of insanity - the memories, knowledge and skills he has access to are 100% real. He's not just talking to an imaginary personality. Which Semi referenced as a rare form of insanity. The reality of the memories, etc. in no way discredits the notion that this is a rare form of insanity. Unless I'm missing something then, I do not think truly remembering your past life is a form of insanity. It is. Semirhage makes this very clear. She makes it very clear that she is saying he is insane. That doesn't make it fact. If it had turned out that Naeff really WAS followed by fades that only he could see, could we still say it was a form of insanity? However, him hearing real voices in his head could certainly help to drive him insane, especially if he attributes it to insanity from the start.
  12. Maybe we've never heard it before because it is an obscure title that is only really known by gleemen?
  13. Yeah, RJ definitely should have left out the orchestra in this scene.
  14. One factor that I haven't seen mentioned, and hadn't really thought about much, is that they're mostly kids. I mean, Egwene, Elayne, Tuon, and their counterparts are all in their late teens and early 20's. That kind of explains the ridiculous "Hi, my name is Jenny/Billy and I'm in love with you!!" I guess if you could flash forward 20 years and see them all on their 2nd or 3rd marriages with 6 kids running around then you would realize that it was a perfectly realistic high school relationship.
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