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  1. No I do not believe a female channeler can bond a female channeler. Part of what a bond does is activate or power up the bodies natural spirit connection to the One Power. It would have no effect for Elayne to bond Egwene, because Egwene already is an active channeler, but Birgette is not - so it works. That is why having more than one Channeler bond you has no additional effect, we don't no what effect 'if any' of a single non-Channeler being bonded by both female and male channelers.
  2. It causes a lot of tension that Asha'man have captured Aes Sedai as Warders, but it has a lot of advantages as does Aes Sedia bonding Asha'man. They both live hundreds of years and forming circles makes both more powerful. Obvious huge advantage with the Final Battle about to go down. The big obvious huge disadvantage is the loss of self determination, there are some who might take the physical advantages, but many would not - especial Aes Sedai with their overblown egos. But, most Damane sowho have been bound to the a'dam for hundreds of years are incapable of handling true freedom. It seems like the ultimate win win therefore for Asha'man to be tracking down Damane and making them Warders - you get the advantages - you weaken the Seanchan, but you don't piss off the White Tower. As Warders the Damane have a lot more freedom than before, but more of the structure that they needed. Of course, you get in the way of the Peace that the Dragon has been trying to forge, But, if nothing else they could bond with the Damane presently free but under guard. I believe there are what 20 under guard in the West? Does anyone know the actual number? It is also an incredible waste that not even the Green Ajah (the battle Ajah?) has tried to learn their unique fighting weaves. Come on! Their skills are going to be needed. Thoughts?
  3. Great list. I would add Epic Logan maybe with the help of Cadsuane turning around / cleaning out the Black Tower. Loial leading the Ogre in battle with a battle axe in one hand and a book in the other! Moriane and Siuan not just restored, but kicking butt The Green Ajah actually learning how to fight - eating humble pie and learing from Alvia Alvia killing Rand - only for him to rise again in three days Epic Mat leading the mobile calvary and the Dragon cannons in the final battle. Perrin both leading armies and killing slayer and someone traping and freeing the Darkhounds from servitude to the dark one. Rand/Perrin/Mat/Lan and wearing heartstone armour and copies of Mat's fox madalion Mat and Perrin becoming Warders but with free will maybe with a multiple woman bond? There going to need the edge - maybe as they can't channel becoming Warders of both male / Rand and Aes Sedai which actualy we find out has double the power!
  4. I think Rand dies, and returns but is burned out beyond healing (sad, but a soft exit as a mortal). I can see Cadsuane dieing in battle with the Black Tower / Taim. The Aiel are for the most part doomed - I hate it but they are the shock troops in the Last Battle - 99.8% of them dead fighting the hords of trollocks and fades. Though I think our main Aiel heros Avi and Gaul will live - but not many other named characters - except a few Gai'shain in white who won't be fighting and the Shaido who returned to the Three fold land. Not sure about Lan - in many ways he is my favorite, but he might die an epic death, but hopefully late in the book not the first battle. Galad I think is safe, but not sure about Gawyn - I could see him to die in battle, wearing the rings, but I think Egweine might rescue him. No idea about Birgitte. Perrin, Fail, Matt and Tuorn are all safe.
  5. So how does an Indie Author like myself get on the , independently-published titles list? My Epic Fantasy novel Celestial Justice is sold on amazon, where it is an Amazon Select novel. Does this just direct you or...? As a big Dragonmount / WOT fan I would love to be included, but don't want to cut off my biggest selling venue. Thanks for any clarification, Gil Hough
  6. This is my favorite theory as well. If he was the son of a forsaken it would explain all the age of legends knowledge and his level of power. He is the Prince of darkness.
  7. I thought Ilyena reborn was clearly Elayne? Very similar name and apperance and a lover of Rand.
  8. I actually think re-reading the series showcases just how good it is. WOT is commonly re-read. I am doing it now and I am amazed at how Jordan for shadowed activity that would not be written for a decade latter. Frankly both Game of Thrones and WOT are the Epic Fantasies of our generation. Nothing else compares (though WOT is better :) )
  9. It is the current "last battle" for this age. RJ has quotes about it and Herid Fel spelled it out clearly in text. Robert Jordan Per RJ there is nothing that makes this age any different. I think you have to read between the lines a bit on that answer though as Fain is unique to this particular age. I half expect the big Epic change. The Dark One wins and then is killed by the Dragon. By winning I mean he destroys the Wheel of Time and ends the constant cycle and time becomes linier. The Dark One thinks he can remake reality in his image, but is defeated by the Dragon who ties the destruction of the Wheel to the Dark One and both end. Thus creating the final age that becomes our reality. The One Power is no more and science takes over and life gets boring and mundane. I hope that does not happen, but it is the obvious Epic end. No more Aes Sedai or other channelers. Sort of a Happy Ending. Clearly we have to find out what purpose Fain is to the story. I do expect he will hurt the Dark One somehow.
  10. What will happen to Rhuidean seems like a HUGE ONE that people never talk about. The city was built by the Jenna Aiel due to Aes Sedai prophecy. I would think it would be the new capital of the new age. The place was built full of palaces - that have never been used. I keep expecting the Dragon Reborn to make it is headquarters or at least move the Black Tower out there. Maybe after it is cleaned of Dark Friends? I thought the song thing had been answered a long ago - people over thought that point - that was just for growing amazing crops during the Age of Legends; when Aiel and Ogre worked together with the Nym. To find the song could be a way to heal the damage to the age if Rand knows hot to make new Nym and can get the others to bring back the song and strengthen creation, but not fix the bore?
  11. Hey I am been following Dragomount for years - lifelong fan of the books and 'indie' author of the book Celstial Justice. Looking forward to getting more involved with the forums.
  12. Happy to start posting on this forum

  13. Unfortunately, Warder bonds don't stack. ;( Or at least Warder Bonds from Saidin don't stack. We don't have an example yet of a warder bond that was bonded from both an Aes Sedai and an Asha'man to know if they would stack since weaves with both are stronger. In my opinion Gaywn might be better one on one with the sword than Lan. But, if I was facing a dozen Trollocs I would take Lan at my side everytime. It is not simply skill with a sword that makes a warrior. Lan is not a legend because of his skill as a sword master - he is a legend because of his honor, his courage, his determination. Gaywn is still more boy than man - he has learned the skills and with the younglings he gained some experience. It is like compairing a promising five star High School recruit going ready to pick his college team to an all american NFL Super bowl champion. And a warder bond would definately make a blademaster better especially in a long battle - I fenced in college and do martial arts - while you are nothing without skill - you still need to have the physical skills. If you have the skills (which is why warders are so highly trained)then the bonds increase endureance and strength would make a big diference. A skilled fighter against a low skilled opponent leads to the opponent being dead quickly with or without the warder bond. But if you lack skill and you have a Warder bond - a skilled opponent will still guide your thrust to the side and gut you. But against a fade you are going to need that edge of the bond. You will need skill and every physical advantage.
  14. That's good. Risks like those form a limit on the number of Trollocs that can reasonably be produced. No he wouldn't. Warders derive their extra abilities from a passive link to the power through their bond-holder. Once you are connected, being connected again has no further effect. Ok this makes sense. It is not the weave itself that gives the warder abilities. The weave simply connects a non-channeler to Saidin or Saidar and that connection gives the person enhanced abilities. That is why it is mostly a weave of spirit. And that is why Rand being bonded by multiple women has no extra powers. But I don't think we know for sure, that if a Warder is bonded by both a woman and a male channeler - Both to Saidin and Saidar that he or she would not be stronger. Clearly that would not work for a channeler - as they already have a connection, but should for a Lan or Mat/Perrin. We don't have any characters (almost kind of strange) that have been bonded to both sides of the One Power. We are told over and over that Saidin and Saidar complement each other and the relationship seems to be almost Exponential in nature. It is intuitive that such a character would be stronger.
  15. Double Warder? We all know that weaves made using both Saidar and Saidin are most powerful. And both woman and men channelers have similar but differenent weaves for making warders. I have always assumed that it would mess with a channeler if he or she was using the same sex power. But would a Warden who was not a channeler such as Lan was bonded by both male and female channelers. Whould he be a super warder?
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