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  1. great job!

    doesn't it say in one of the prophecies that the dragon reborn will watch his blood spill at shyal gul?

    and if so then, it makes sense of the body swap.

    but i dont like the idea of a body swap it seems too unoriginal for me.

    but the swap makes sense cause alicia won't see the viewings min will see once the bodies swap and will help rand die.

    BUT!!! they say that there are 2 sa'angreal that are stronger than callondor. Twain means equal to, so it can't be a duplicate.

    which leads me to think that yes there is a "twin" of callondor But it is not the 2nd stronger sa'angreal. there is a different one which will come in handy. it has to use the one power and saidin at that. i wonder what it is!!!!!


    o and one thing that has bothered me for a while.

    i thought at the last battle the horn of valere was supposed to "connected" to Illian in some way.

    does it get blown there?


    SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!

    on a side note, I'm re-reading the prologue in ToM, god i hate graendal so much!!!!! i was so upset she got away and rand thinks she's dead! so not cool.

  2. i have been looking at these items for years and honestly nothing catches my eye.

    wonder if i could just send in a design.

    im not saying the jewelry on the website is not good, they are really good pieces, but nothing that catches me.

    what i would love to get is Matts' Ashanderai, Perrins new mace (sorry i forgot the name) and rands flame sword form early books/ heron blade/ dragon scepter and his cho'dan kal.

    speaking of which, I'm going to go read ToM again, my memory is fuzzy since i read it last year.

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