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  1. Well, there's an old saying about me: I'm as silly as I am handsome. So that could be right up my alley.
  2. Also, I don't know programming, so that form of modulus is way outta my league.
  3. I'm not sure if there are 50 questions about me that are worth asking...so it should be interesting to see what they are.
  4. I get the feeling that good cover art is dying. Look at WoT - they turned into those bland, identical covers. Sure, I guess that's better than a 4 foot tall Loial, but still. I'm currently 130,000 words into something and one of the things I dread is, if I'm ever lucky enough to get published, that it will just be the new, bland, cut and paste, computerised, Photoshop cover art. I want hand drawn art! ***** To answer the question, though: Yes, I have. Katherine Kerr and Tad Williams are two authors I bought because of good cover art (and obviously reading the blurbs). Same with heavy metal music - I bought a lot of CDs/tapes/vynil because of cover art but that seems to be dying, too. It's sad.
  5. I'm pretty sure there's a breakfast restaurant in the making here. Vegemite on toast, cereal and tea - we got it covered. We'll be billionairres in no time!
  6. Now, I'm no Martin Prince, Jr. but that didn't seem to make sense to me. Modulus, as in...the absolute value of the number?
  7. Makes sense. Carrots have always been known as the introverted vegetable.
  8. On a scale of Padan Fain to Galad, I'd say I'm around Perrin Aybara. On a scale of Jaichim Carridin to Matrim Cauthon, I'd say I'm around Thom Merrilin.
  9. MKR here in Australia involves couples, which I guess makes it different from the likes of Masterchef. That's pretty much all I know. Oh, and civilians go to restaurants and judge their cooking, or something.
  10. Does everyone like vegemite on toast? I can whip that up. For those who are a bit fancy, I suppose I can add cheese. And for those who are ooh-la-la gourmet, I can add avocado, but I'll probably roll my eyes.
  11. There's an old saying about me, Panchi: I'm as witty as I am Handsome.
  12. Sorry, Elgee, didn't think about that. Just added spoiler hiding thingy to my post.
  13. You belong to the White Ajah! The White Ajah is the smallest Ajah, and they are devoted to seeking the truth. They seek answers that can rarely be found in worldly knowledge, and are often great philosophers. Whites are renowned for their serenity and calm heads, and carefully consider every situation with implacable logic. They can often seem cold and emotionless and are said to lack passion altogether, though this need not always be true. This is your result in its entirety: White Ajah: 6 Gray Ajah: 5 Blue Ajah: 5 Green Ajah: 5 Red Ajah: 3 Brown Ajah: 1 Yellow Ajah: 1 Of all 3359 times this test has been taken, each ajah has won this many times: Blue Ajah: 747 Green Ajah: 778 White Ajah: 486 Red Ajah: 139 Brown Ajah: 882 Yellow Ajah: 466 Gray Ajah: 519 Ties: 343 Each Ajah has has totally scored this much: Blue Ajah: 8251 Green Ajah: 16664 White Ajah: 14678 Red Ajah: 10737 Brown Ajah: 17718 Yellow Ajah: 14427 Gray Ajah: 16138 *** Seems about right for me.
  14. Why are the carrots off to the side by themselves? have they been ostracised or are they just shy?
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