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  1. My reading has slowed down significantly. I will continue, though. Don't worry. Are there any websites that have art for the books? Like scenes, characters, creatures, etc?
  2. Yeah, I learned about Mordred and stuff, but didn't Moiraine feel some evil in him when he was in Fal Dara? Agreed about sevenspokes, but once I look I can't stop looking and then I usually find out information that I shouldn't yet. Love the website though. As for my reading, I started off really well, but it all slowed down. I'm about 1/5th through the book and not too much has gone on IMO, maybe I'm missing something. - Aviendha loves Rand that much is certain. - Interesting how Rand speaks as Lews Therin to Lanfear. So he is Lews Therin! - Rand using belafire is badass. How can he be stopped? - Couladin heading to the "Wetlands"? Damn that sucks! I wonder who the other clans (the ones who didn't go to Rhuidean) are with? - Moiraine succumbs to what Rand wants...yes! - So Elaida wants Elayne back in the WT. It's interesting how Nynaeve and her still think Suian is in charge.
  3. No problem guys! You guys are great help and thankfully you don't spoil the series for me. :) I understand Gawyn's decision better now. Just read the prologue to TFoH and I can already tell it's going to be a great book. Elaida not getting any respect from the other Aes Sedai is awesome. Serves her right. Interesting how Padan Fain is trying to worm his way into the White Tower. Can't they feel the evil? I'm also guessing that it's at least a few months after the end of tSR.
  4. I just finished TSR! Amazing ending as always, Mr. Jordan. - Nynaeve should've finished off the Forsaken. You can't just leave her like that. Her power is amazing, though. - I'm glad that we know that all Seanchan aren't the same. Egeanin is pretty likable, IMO. - Domon + Egeanin? - I wonder if that a'dan type thing will remain or even reach the bottom of the ocean like Domon plans. - I wish they make a movie just so I could see the different types of clothingthat the women seem to use. Jordan seems to really enjoy describing how tight they are. lol - Perrin is a boss right now. Everyone rallied to him. I'm glad he shot Luc/Slayer/Lan's sibling (maybe). - I used to hate Faile and now she's one of my favorite characters. My eyes were watery when she came back for Perrin with reinforcements. - So how did Faile tell the other people (from Watch Hill, I believe) to come aid Edmond's Field? I know she rode to Deven Ride instead of Caemlyn, but what about the other people who came? When did she deliver a messae? - Aram is likable now, IMO. Good swardsman. - Chiad + Gaul? So does that mean that Gual is going to marry both since they're first-sisters? - I would've loved to see the heron-grade swordsman Tam fight or at least wish Jordan would've described him fighting. - So it was Asmodean who put the dragons in Couladin's arms? Does that make him a Darkfriend? - I would've never guessed Asmodean was the gleeman. - Lol at Lanfear as the fat lady. - The battle in Rhuidean was epic. That little Buddah did help Rand out. - I wonder what will happen to the Aiel who ran after Rand told them of their past. - Rand has access to the sa'angreal. Wow. - Rand is no longer emo and honestly he's a badass right now. He's making all the right moves. - I have a feeling Aviendha is the third woman who Min saw. - So Rand sapped all of the Dark One's influence out of Asmodean? Badass indeed. - So it was Lanfear who opened the Dark One's prison which brought the end of the Age of Legends? - Rand + Aiel army will be tough to stop. - I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of the Shindo.
  5. Yes, I get that. But Gawyn just changed so much. He didn't strike me as the guy who would do that at all. If anything, he sounded something like a push-over. Then he goes and gathers all of his little guys and kills two Warders (I'm assuming he didn't do it himself) that were his teachers. That's just a big change for him. Did he hate Siuan that much? BTW, I'm interested in Logain's role from now on.
  6. Thanks ascot7, unfortunately it's too late to read New Spring first since I'm almost done with tSR. I've read on about 30 pages from my last post and a lot has happened! - Nynaeve and Elayne were found by a Forsaken I'm guessing...she did what she wanted with them. - Egeanin knows what they are and she wants to us them. - OMG...the White Tower went insane! How I hate Elaida... - Suian and Leane stilled!? WOAH! - Gawyn is a douche. Seriously, what happened to this kid? - So he killed two Warders after Mat handled him like a chump...right...
  7. A little over 3/4 of the way through. Some thoughts: - I don't trust the merchants that the Aiel found in the Waste. Rand doesn't either...hmm... - Trollocs that far down in the Waste...uh oh. - Mat is coming to accept who his is (of the Manetheren royal blood I'm guessing). YES! - Tanchico reminds me of Mexico City. lol - It's so random how Gleb just pops up there with Eaganin. - Nynaeve saw Birgitte and Slayer in the Dream World...hmm - Slayer = Lord Luc = Lan's long-lost cousin or whatever that wanted to claim the Malkieri throne? Don't answer that ;) - Perrin, you are too badass bro! - I like the relationship between Faile and Perrin. :) - Risky how Perrin asked the Whitecloaks to stay in Edmond's Field. But hey, he is the wolf king. ;) - It looks like there is some of that Manetheren blood in the Two Rivers after all. Especially the younger guys. - Aram wants to be a swordsman!? WTF!? But hell yeah, the Way of the Leaf is not realistic folks. - Haha it was hilarious when Elayne got drunk. Good thing Nynaeve put her in her place.
  8. Phenom

    Goku v. Rand?

    Goku would lose. His spirit bomb took like 5 episodes to build up. By that time Rand would've slaughtered him.
  9. A little question. I am not permitted to view member profiles (not even my own) or search the forums. Why is this? I'm trying to get an avatar.
  10. He has not. Also, after reading another thread just now, part of my answer about where things are is incorrect. The city of V'saine's location (site of the Collam Daan) is not actually known anymore. I was thinking it was known as Shayol Ghul nowadays, and it is not. Kind of a confusing subject sometimes. I haven't gotten that far yet, man. I have no idea what V'saine is. haha
  11. Oh I see...thank you for your answers! In my last post I forgot to mention the Sea Folk. Really interesting people, IMO. Plus, they're dark-skinned. Yes! ;) I was waiting for one of these cultures since I myself am dark-skinned. Whatever happened with the Shienarans? I'm assuming RJ didn't forget about them?
  12. Wow...the ebook covers are badass. I agree about the American book covers. They suck...really bad.
  13. Over half-way through the book now. Wow...so much has happened! - Rhudien was VERY VERY interesting. - What was up with those fox people Mat saw? - So the modern-day Tinkers and Aiel were originally Jenn Aiel who got tired of carrying the Aes Sedai sa'angreal, ter'angreal, and angreal? Interesting...No wonder the Aiel let the Tinkers roam the Waste. - So the people who gave Rand (or the person who's body he was in in Rhudien's columns) water were Cairheinians? - They had cars and airplanes in the Age of Legends. Wow. - So why did the Aiel go to the Waste? Was Rhudien were they would be safe? Then why did they die off? - So the Tree of Life is in Rhudien. Then why was it in the Blight? - Perrin is such a badass right now. I hope he whipes out the Whitecloaks. - I wonder what Rand is thinking of doing? - Why did Moiraine have to go into Rhudien? - Does anyone know were Paran Dissen was?
  14. Explain to me the Aiel clans, septs, societies, etc. Some of them have blood feuds, but they're all kind of intertwined. Also, kind of a random question. But at this point in this series (1/3 through the 4th book) is Rand still a virgin? I mean, I know Mat isn't and Perrin sleeps with Faile (I think). But even Perrin got nervous and blushed when Faile asked him if he's ever been kissed. Weird, random question...I know. :)
  15. Yeah man! Thanks for the maps! A couple more thoughts from The Shadow's Rising. I'm about 1/3 through it. - Lanfear revealed her intentions to Rand and who she was. He had a chance to kill her, but he passed. It would be difficult to murder someone helpless like that, especially a woman. - That scene with Rand attempting to revive the child was powerful. - The Faile/Perrin relationship is annoying, although, I like Perrin more than I've liked him before. - I sure hope the Whitecloaks get their asses kicked in Edmond's Field. Let's go Perrin + Loial + Aiel + Faile. - The Berelain/Faile confrontation was good. I wonder what kind of talk Rhurac had with Berelain. - Galad is going to turn into a Whitecloak huh? (Yeah, I saw a picture of him in a white cloack online). I didn't like him anyways. - So Min turned beautiful...nice. - Loved the scene were Lan just manhandled Nynaeve and poured his heart out in front of the other women. That's a man right there. - Moiraine is pissing me off. I doubt she has bad intentions, but she gets whatever she wants whenever she wants. The way she did Thom was dirty. - It was awesome how Rand punked Moiraine after they came back from the doorway. She wanted to know their questions and answers and Rand said that he would tell her his, if she told him hers. She just walked away. hahaha - Rand is growing up...good. - Mazrim Taim is free. Damn...and apparently Logain is going to become important as well. - So Egwene is going to Rhudien with Avhienda? I wonder if Avhienda is a dreamwalker... - Mat has to marry the Daughter of the Nine Moons...isn't that Lanfear?
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