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  1. People are forgetting that the book covers a relatively short space of time, between the ending of ToM and AmoL very little time has passed, maybe a few days at best. and once we resume things it kicks off into high gear fairly fast with the sacking of Caemyln. Most of the little plot points we are talking about would be pretty hard to squeeze into the middle of such events. I admit the whole issue around Verin and the letters was a little annoying but, was also mostly forgotten. Now it also occurs to me that the characters were very much forced to set aside smaller, petty events fo
  2. You cannot heal yourself. One of the limitations to the One Power. The thing Slayer mention in ToM is something that is part of T'A'R. That i understand, but Rand has access to TAR though he must go there fully. what im saying is what if it's possible for him to somehow learn slayers trick about healing himself using TAR.
  3. Just to throw it out there... What if Alvia and Rand attacked Moridin, killing him and thus through the link ending in Rand's death... BUT using Slayers trick of recovering from wounds, repaired his own body (something which perrin could learn and pass on?) Rand could be on the funeral pyre and come too just before they light it.
  4. I have a interesting question, Is Nynaeve and Lan's Marriage Legit? Because i just finished new Spring and doesn't Lan's 'first' have to give that lock of hair to the one he's to marry, which is impossible since it no longer exists? Not important in any respect but interesting. also what ever happened to her?
  5. I wonder if it's possible to create a weave opposite to balefire that repairs/returns threads of the pattern rather than destroying them... :B surely if you can create a thread that destroys while affecting time you could create one that does the reverse?
  6. Actually, if I may respectfully disagree, in my opinion, it is William the Bloody (Spike). - Fish at least Spike is a Vamp you can respect. :D
  7. Crap who derailed my awesome thread with vampire rubbish :B, If you want an awesome Vampire it's either original Dracula or Blade :B
  8. Why not just have channelers surround the said army and light fires in almosta complete circle as far as you can, then have the athan me're channel the winds to fan the fires towards the enemy, Would use a massive amount less energy.
  9. I'm more interested in what happens to the Tuathan Male channelers *Edit for minor spelling errors
  10. Just finished Reading The Final Empire from the Mistborn Series and wow! i now love both "Lord Renoux" hehe and Sazed, both are amazing, cant wait to read the next two books once i buy them.
  11. Actually he left and became the Dragon Reborn. he is a person of No bonds. he belongs to everyone and no one as a true aes sedai should be. and if i left Australia and ruled another country im sure that would make me a foreign diplomat and threat more than a member of my former country.
  12. I dont doubt the fact that Egwene and co have the right to oppose the plan, and if Elayne wants to oppose as well so be it. BUT what Egwene didn't need to do is bring all the armies into it. essentially all egwene has done is weaken the lands defenses and allowed the shadow to gain ground. It was already shown the first time in LTT's timeline that when the shadow gains ground it's difficult to take it back. if egwene wanted to have a meeting, fine she could have called the leaders in with a small honor guard and people to travel back and forwards pending a potential attack. She still would
  13. I know! :( that series is probably by a fair margin one of his best works ever. and i would say his best.
  14. Wait, was there some way Caemlyn was not going to be attacked? Well if her armies were still in the city, then yes it's likely that the attack could be preempted possibly. especially if she bothered to actually double check all the things she felt were secure. at least more likely then it is now with her away from the city.
  15. Elayne wont have TR, ghealdan, Mayene or the Whitecloaks. If i remember rightly Perrin arrives before Elayne and camps on Rands side of the field. Plus Elayne gave the Two rivers to Rand so the TR army is essentially his with control given totally to Perrin. So Elayne turns up with Cairhien and Andoran Armies. Only to have her City Sacked (Caemlyn) because she came at Egwenes beck and call. Rand didn't ask her to come or to bring her armies, Rand didn't ask ANYONE to bring their armies, and has expressed (to the borderlanders) at least a desire that they not move their armies.
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