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  1. You belong to the Blue Ajah! Members of the Blue Ajah seek to right wrongs in the world, and are often on some kind of quest for justice in various forms. While their goals are often noble (though they need not be), it is not rare for a Blue to lose herself in her mission completely. This is your result in its entirety: Blue Ajah: 6 Red Ajah: 5 Gray Ajah: 4 Brown Ajah: 4 Green Ajah: 4 White Ajah: 3 Yellow Ajah: 0 Well I figured I would get blue, but I was kind of surprised that Red was so high up there. To be honest I was expecting to have green as my second and gray for my third. Still, I at least called the blue right it seems.
  2. I've been trying to put together a compilation of different troop counts from the multiple armies in Randland, but I've had one problem. I've yet to find anything real solid about the number of shadowspawn that each Forsaken command. I understand why they wouldn't want this revealed with a specific number, but I've not even seen close estimates. I may have just read over a small detail or missed something entirely, but I would appreciate any member's insight that they would provide.
  3. Hey as you all know im a newb :( but im happy to be here and meet some people who read the series because where i live no one around the twn has read it. but if you wanna discuss something pm me or contact me at TheSorrow637@yahoo.com and dont ask why i have TheSorrow637 and not something from TheWheel of Time im just stupid DEDEDE
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