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  1. It was really great to meet and speak with Harriet. I love her voice! Thank you for the compliment on my photos, Mashiara. :)
  2. - Why did someone have to come get Lanfear? Why not wait for her to die and transmigrate her soul then? Why risk or pay to come get her? Did they come get her, then kill her off, then wait for DO to move her soul into Cyndane? - Why was the bond with Lan broken instantly if Moiraine was alive all that time and could still channel (albeit weaker)? It wasn't broken when she went into the doorframe in Tear. Why now? - Is the spear the big unnoticed thing? Do we have confirmation on that anywhere? - Verin's letter. Gahh, stupid. Seriously? I don't know why that was necessary at all. Why couldn't she have spat that out to Egwene while dying? Egwene is the Amyrlin and she can Travel, and you think she can't get this info to Caemlyn? I just don't get it. - Olver... creepy... and he won snakes and foxes? Confused.
  3. Joseph-Beth Booksellers Cincinnati, Ohio November 3, 2010 Brandon Sanderson & Harriet McDougal Tower Guards: Marvin, Mark, Kathy, Lynn, Rosie, Leah and special guest Andrew
  4. Oh my gosh, I feel famous!! Tower Guard in Cincinnati!
  5. Not me; if you did that, there would be no books :) The only thing I REAAAALLLY dislike so far is that Rand has no hand. I was wondering if they'd get Semirhage to heal it or teach Nynaeve super-healing somehow, but no, Semirhage had to go and escape and get herself killed before providing anything of use at all.
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