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  1. I think my only issue with Androl was, whether this is true or not, came at the expense of Logain's arc. His story seemed patchy. A paragraph or two showing his capture and his internal monologue when fighting Turning would have been good.
  2. Ingtar is not dead. Rand will not completely seal the bore. It will be partially sealed and thus break the wheel. Cadsuane will pop her clogs (Die). Mat will kill Demandred. The Aiel will return to the way of the leaf. Some will. A remnant.
  3. Gaul is the Aiel light relief character for WoT. Theoryland rocks. Its where the mentally-addled yet less-whiney WoT hangs out.
  4. Ingtar is NOT dead. Fain is the conduit between the DO and saidin/saidar. Thom and Moiraine will die.
  5. Your best bet is to go to one of the signings: http://www.brandonsanderson.com/events
  6. And from those 'Memories of Light', will her truthspeaker be Setalle Anan?
  7. I don't think it works like that, dude.
  8. I think the first response labelling this thread as Luckers' meandering diatribe had it about right. Chill, man! Go watch a Big Bash match or something.
  9. I know what shops released the books early for the last four in the UK. They also flogged GRRM's stuff early, ironically not long after he gave a speech there.
  10. Ashaman at the BT figured out how to bond their wives while experimenting widely with the weaves. It's how they found to add the "extra bit" compulsion aspect. I thought the extra bit was the 'orgasm' they had while being bonded.
  11. What's wrong with some gay affection, people? Relax. I still think it's Androl.
  12. I think the whole 'tying Perrin up while balefire was flying around in TAR' was a lowpoint for Egwene. That said, she is the daughter of the most important man in Emond's Field (before Moiraine turned their lives upside down). She was to become a wise woman, a position of isolation and decision-making. She was then whisked away to become a she-wizard. She was then betrayed, captured and tortured. Twice (Falme and Tear). After all that she is foisted as a puppet ruler of a less-than-powerful Aes Sedai faction via Black Ajah politics and then, through machinations, talent, help and sheer luck becomes their leader. I think she is a true leader and the paragon of Aes Sedai virtues. And that means she is occasionally arrogant, aloof and a know-it-all. Remember, no ones says she has to be correct all the time! Who in the series IS right all the time? It's one of the overarching themes of the series, pomposity and poor communication. It is deliberate.
  13. Since when is making money a bad thing? It makes the world go around (or is it love? I get confused sometimes.) I can't help thinking that the decision to delay until the new year is not Tor-related at all. Why would they not release a VERY anticipated book (and most likely, their biggest seller) at peak selling time? They wouldn't. After reading Brandon's blog on this issue, I may be wrong but I really sensed a frustration on his part but he is merely a cog in the wheel (of time.) Harriet is the keeper of the Jordan legacy and if she wants to take a little longer to release the final book in the series and get it right and perhaps reduce the stress on herself, so be it and good for her. It is not as if this is a monetary decision on her part - it so isn't. I would rather the continuity errors (e.g. Sulin in the wrong place in TGS).This is the culmination of over twenty years work, what is wrong with waiting a few more months so such errors and clunky prose are refined and fixed? This is an artistic decision. And that's fine. I'll read something else while this happens.
  14. His style was idiosyncratic in a genre where everyone else was samey. We could dwell on some of the minor plot-related errors and I won't lie to say that I liked all of his covers on WoT, his style was old school and he stuck to his guns when others went the way of photoshop and macs. BUT, my introduction to WoT is almost exactly the same as Jason D's...I saw the cover to the Dragon Reborn and thought 'wow'...and the rest is history. I would suggest that most WoT new readers do so via word-of-mouth these days, but at the start, it was the covers and who knows, maybe some teenager is walking into a bookshop today and his/her eye is caught by a red-haired man in a white tunic reaching up to a glowing sword in a red chamber while two friends - one with an axe - look on, enraptured...I think that is Sweet's ultimate legacy. Not a bad one, I'd say.
  15. So, to summarise, there is a gay male character in aMoL and people are split into the following groups: 1. I'm all for it. 2. For it as long as it doesn't seem shoe-horned into the plot. 3. Against it as it isn't what RJ originally intended but with no underlying homophobic intentions. 4. Leviticus 18:22. Yawn. 5. Meh. I am team 2. And for those who 'hate political correctness with a passion', I say this, the right-wing and the right-wing mouthpiece press in particular, are prone to using extreme examples to attack things they dislike. What is wrong with calling a homosexual person a gay person, or a lesbian, or bisexual or transgender? It's pretty easy to say and isn't insulting. Political correctness came into being to prevent offensive terms being used, originally it was to do with racism/anti-semitism but has also now encompasses homophobia and sexism. I do think some names could with some work as they don't exactly roll off the tongue - but hey, that's my problem, kids. Thankfully, the days of 'puff' and 'dyke' are disappearing now - hence why there is a need for political correctness, or politeness as Terez succinctly put it. I do hope this isn't overmoderated, by the way
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