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  1. I really disagree with the "bale-crystallization" being an ass-pull. Prior to the start of the Last Battle (was it when she was meeting with the Aiel in T'A'R? and Amys first showed the cracks to her?) she studied the cracks, realized what they were (the Pattern tearing apart), probed them and instinctually placed a weave on them that patched the cracks. This is in line with many of her other discoveries (e.g., Traveling, which she figured out on her own), as well as to the way Nynaeve figures out many of her healing techniques (e.g., removing the madness from the Asha'man's minds). She is one of the most powerful channelers of this Age, so these things are not in any way inconceivable. During the Last Battle when fighting Taim, he is using balefire, which is tearing the Pattern, and she simply magnifies the weave she previously used and uses it against him. While I agree the fact that it only takes the Sharan channelers could be seen as a stretch, I read into this as something more along the lines of her final release of Power and her releasing her soul into it as if she was able to say, I'm going to die with this, but I have the strength to control this final weave and take out my enemies. The whole soul bit seemed to suggest there was something more to her death--I mean, talk about true sacrifice--so I am willing to accept that she was able to do just about anything in that final moment.
  2. I'm with Daruya on Egwene and Siuan. As a huge Egwene fan, that was the only scene that I truly cried during (I get emotional just thinking about it). I just didn't expect her to be the first (and really the only) of the main characters to die. Yes, she went out in a blaze of glory and will probably go in the history books as the greatest Amyrlin to ever live, but it still somehow feels like a waste to me for her to die... yes, I know I'm being selfish, but still. Siuan & Gareth dying was sad, especially as you knew it would happen based on Min's viewing--and Siuan knew it would happen but continued on because of the greater good. Siuan not getting a "proper send off" made me sadder. I think she deserved more than to die in an explosion and for it to be treated as an afterthought. I'd say the same for Davram, although to a lesser degree. Rhuarac's death via Compulsion and then Avi killing him was hard too, especially considering that he was the rock among the Aiel. I was glad Amys did not turn around in that scene. I actually was quite touched by Annoura's sacrifice for Berelain--the scene where she tells her about Burning out saving Galad was very well done. We never learn if Nyn or Flinn can heal being burned out, do we? Birgitte's death--and that whole scene with super creeper Mellar--is horrific, and I gasped when she was beheaded until I realized that meant she could then come back with the horn.
  3. I nearly spit out my drink when I read this. Can someone with artistic skills *please* illustrate this?
  4. Would you rather she be completely panicking? She's a Queen! She better be in control of herself, and be getting stuff done. This isn't from her PoV. For all we know she was weeping mess inside. Let the shock pass, and then when she takes a moment to sit down, she might fully realize how bad this is. The problem is that we have 11 books that show how she does not behave like this. =/ Yeah, but in the last 11 books, the Last Battle hadn't started, so maybe (hopefully?) she's realized that there are slightly more important things going on than preserving her city. Or maybe she's just having one of those crazy mood swings in which she's actually extrremely rational (although I don't seem to remember one of those happening in previous books).
  5. Thank you, Jason. That was a beautifully written tribute to RJ. While I can't wait to see how it all ends, I can't believe that in just a couple months it will all be over. The series has been a part of me for more than half my life. Not that there won't be many rereads in my future. :) But it certainly will be great to see RJ's vision fulfilled.
  6. I realize we're beating a dead horse here, but I'm doing a reread and just came across this. Lord of Chaos, Chapter 6 p. 180: This scene is when Sammael visits Graendal at her palace in Arad Doman to get an update on the other Forsakens' meeting. Events to the South of there could be referring to the Hailene, which occurred just to the south (Toman Head). South of Illian is the Isle of the Sea Folk, but that doesn't make sense--what events would Sammael be referring to? The Seanchan have obviously been causing issues, with armies involved, and Demandred could have sent the Hailene (his proxies) to add fuel to the fire without getting directly involved. It seems far too coincidental that the Hailene arrived on the mainland when they did; who better to be the force behind them than a Forsaken? I don't remember if Galgan gets "screen time" before Knife of Dreams, but I strongly believe Demandred is in Seanchan, pulling strings.
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