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  1. If Nakomi was a wetlander in disguise, then why would she ask if the wetlands were as glorious as so many say? That part alone eliminates, all the Aes Sedai, the Wise Ones who crossed the dragon wall, and all the Foresaken.IMHO
  2. Why wouldn't Verin simply put all of these plans in her book, that she handed off to Egwene, with all the Black Ajah names. Also Mat waited the thirty days to head off to the ToG, so if he had simply opened the letter before he left, he would have been free of his oath to Verin and all would have been well.
  3. You know, that just clicked perfectly for me. That whole unveiling to kill thing suggests that the red-veiled Aiel are a deliberate subversion of the norms of Aiel culture. Probably there are other things about them that are backwards from what we know about "normal" Aiel as well. Now, if they're actually a complete sept or clan, it's a reasonable guess that they have Wise Ones, perhaps even some who can dreamwalk. What's one of the biggest taboos among Aiel dreamwalkers that gets drilled into Egwene during her apprenticeship? That you should never ever enter Tel'aran'rhiod in the flesh.
  4. There are also several mentions that where the Seanchan have taken over that things are more orderly and very little crime. Whereas when Rand takes over the nobles are infighting and backstabbing. When the forsaken are told to let the Lord of Chaos rule, maybe this is why Rand has to kneel to Tuon, to help give belief and order.
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