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    Is anyone else ticked off about the way they're airing this season? I think that most of us don't mind re-runs so much now because you always pick up things you never did before. After tonight we don't get another one til FEBRUARY!!!! Ah well at least i've had a Sawyer ep...guess I'll have to wait a few months before I get a Charlie one. Jack had better save Ben.... Anyone else here who watches this hate Jack and Kate btw?
  2. hmmmm.....Well first and foremost: THE BOONDOCK SAINTS. greatest movie of all time. after that.... Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels Snatch Interview With The Vampire Fight Club Monty Python Life Of Brian Very Bad Things Pulp Fiction Jackie Brown Resevior Dogs The Breakfast Club Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas Princess Bride Underworld LoTR
  3. In no particular order: WoT SoT Obsidian Chronicles (Lawrence Watt-Evans. The first book was Dragon Weather) Dark Elf Triology LOTR
  4. Hey I'm Angela. I'm a big Jordan fan. My other fav. authors are Anne Rice, Stephen King, Terry Goodkind, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Chuck Palanhiuk, and Richard Bach. My favorite characters are Matt, Aviendha, and Moraine Hmmmm....oh and as some of yah know from my screen name (the WoT ones I wanted were taken) i'm a big Radiohead fan. lol okay that's all i have to say for now. see yas
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