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  1. You are assuming that Shara is free of darkfriend infiltration.If that isn't the case, then the Shadow has the perfect front for recruiting said channelers: they were executed as far as the governing bodies are concerned. It's not a hindrance, it's an advantage. THAT, is a very very interesting idea. I have always been curious about Shara, but your line of reasoning reminds me of how Ishamael manipulated Hawking and ultimately the children. We've seen Seanchan, it's makes sense that Shara (if that other child of Hawking made it there and founded it) could be equally twisted. It would be shear brilliance if Ishamael set up Shara as a breeding ground for future channelers he intended to use in the last battle, the society would not even have to be of the Shadow, just manipulated enough that they thought they were doing the right thing--like Seanchan and their damane.
  2. I remember reading in the white guide book that the male channelers of Shara are only kept alive for 21(?) years and then are executed. I'm guessing that age is also around the age men usually begin to channel if they have the spark. If my memory is good then I'd put forth that there would not be a huge pool of male channelers in Shara, since anyone of them over 21 are dead. Luckily for the Shadow Taim seems to have been doing a good job of finding both darkfriends and channelers who can be promoted to dreadlords, and then there are the many Black Ajah who already exist. Whether or not these men and woman will make great leaders and generals enough to deserve the title Dreadlord is another question. So far all we've seen is cannon fodder channelers and--frankly, idiot men and women who would serve the Shadow better... in a cook pot. Just because you can make a fireball and some lightning to intimidate a trollock doesn't mean you can effectively place and maneuver armies of them against the Light.
  3. I wonder how thoroughly RJ thought this through... We've seen AS speed boats up and down rivers using Water and/or Air, and we've seen AS create useable objects from Air. Is it such a stretch to imagine an AS creating a glider-like object and holding onto it? Or more simply just using an actual glider and channeling Air appropriately to fly around? Of course this requires the AS to discover the technology of flight more so than the imagination to use Air to create uplift but whatev... It only takes one Leonardo who can channel :) Honestly, I'm not sure why an AS could not just create such a powerful gale of wind that they were just blown skyward even w/o a glider. Air is used to create the wind but it is not the wind. (Similarly and AS could pick up a rock and hurl it at them self and be hurt by the rock). Sure it would be a bumpy ride, but an AS is not immune to the wind. If an AS created such a condition with Air that a tornado formed I'm pretty sure the thing would be dangerous to everyone including the AS. It's not like it would magically pass over or through the AS like he was a ghost.
  4. sorry but egwene in TOM is not an improvement. Infact it's worse. In TGS and KOD she was firm but gentle even in the midst of imprisonment. In TOM she was extremely hard. She reminded me of the early rand days of TSR For me Egwene in TGS was too perfect, too Mary Sue-ish. It was like RJ thought what would be the best thing to do in every situation and made Egwene do it, regardless of whether it was plausible story-wise. There were absolutely no limitations, no handicaps for her in TGS - her young age was not the problem in her gaining leadership (and it should have been, regardless of her competences. It is just sociological realism), she suddenly became a genius in weaving flows (she has always been good, but never that good - especially since she abandoned her Aes Sedai training to concentrate on Dreaming), all characters surrounding her lost 90% of their IQ to make her shine brighter etc. TGS was in a way one huge eulogy of Egwene. I, as a reader, felt almost forced by the author to love and admire her. The writing was too simplistic, too straightforward- the author almost resigned from his usual good practice of simply describing characters' actions and allowing readers to make up their own minds. Instead he simply said: she is great, perfect, strong, fair, talented etc. So, Egwene in ToM is more real to me - you can't have characters that are 100% perfect, don't make mistakes etc. There must be consequences - e.g. a typical consequence of being a "strong leader" is that you sometimes alienate people close to you, typical consequence of young age is that you lack experience in many things etc. (I have in mind an example of Egwene and relationships - she is simply clueless how to behave towards Gawyn, and so is he. And it makes sense, when we look at them in all the books). Hmm. hm hm hmmm Piotreks has a point. I hadn't thought about it this way, being firmly directed by the author admire and appreciate our young queen bee. Yet I have to admit I ATE IT UPPPpppp. I completely enjoyed the Egwene/SAS chapters, I was/am a little obsessed with the AS, and I liked rooting for our underdogs Egwene, Siuan, etc.
  5. For me it's a mix of the fact that Faile was insufferable and that it's hard to read chapters filled with Perrin being perpetually confused. That whole love triangle Perrin walking on nails thing got old fast and then Faile managed to get kidnapped and became a huge liability for the Light, because now Perrin has to jump through flaming hoops to save her when we all have been told he's a key figure in the war against the Shadow. Perrin's chapters highlighted his personality in negative ways and for me Faile was to blame. Perrin's single minded mission to save her--at face value, should have been heroic, but it just came off irritating and boring. Factor in that idiocy of Maighdin (seriously woman? you've caused so much trouble for Rand by running off to serve tea), Sevanna (no way the Wise ones would have followed you and your b***h dead hubby) and Galina (because RJ decided to throw in the kitchen sink too) into those Perrin-Faile chapters and what you have is a perfect storm of liability, incompetence and pointless plot thread. I just kept asking myself, "why am I reading this part?"
  6. Honestly, I didn't have much opinion about her--that I can presently remember (it's been years. I started reading in jr. high in the previous MILLENNIUM). She was interesting under Seanchan captivity. I do know that once she got to Salidar her character kicked into gear for me. I loved all those AS chapters, and I really liked her character. Then she got her ass captured... Boo, so much for smarty pants. But shockingly, some of the best stuff happened under captivity. As an underdog Egwene was easy to root for, and really fun to read. She was a refreshing breath in a stuffy Tower. She was saying things AE didn't have the courage to say, she was uniting and fortifying. It was Anne of Green Gables all over the place, with our little sweetheart worming her way into cold hearts. Then she won. Suddenly, and surprisingly she quickly became unbearable to read, or empathize with. The determination and resolve that got her to the top and made her so amazing before now turned into something else. I don't know exactly what it is, but it probably has to do with me choosing to side with Rand in the story and also realizing that the White Tower (having read so much about the actual AS organization in the last books) was a relic. In fact I've come to believe that the AS are not only negligent but possibly harmful to the Light. What good are Green sisters who the author has given no indication can fight. Where is the great mobilization of sisters for TG? Egwene (as shown to us) has failed utterly in her first days as Amyrlin (of a united Tower) to do anything to prepare the sisters for TG. Yes, she neutralized Mesaana, and killed some BA, but many BA escaped the Purge. Mostly, it seems to me that the only AS that believe TG is literally a week away are the ones outside TV. Presently Egwene is very must inside TV in so many ways and it's disappointing and annoying. Seeing Egwene somehow become the epitome of the very things she tried to change about AS and the Tower is unbearable.
  7. The flaw in the logic of excluding her? What about the logic of including her if you can't even trust her not to knife your liver. It's true they could just bind her up, but then why include her at all? So we can get descriptions of her now very amble bosoms heaving against bonds of Air? A person not trusted to move around you could not be trusted to do anything, much less describe what to do about the bore. Perhaps she was there for her raw strength? Yet, there are (now) more powerful women in the WoT, certainly even minor walk on Talaan would be more trusted, or Rand could just extend the circle. On the flip, I think Lanfear would find it humorous that LTT did not trust her and had bound her in her own flows of Air. I imagine her making jokes about it, which would quickly turn sexual in nature..... before spiraling full out into a crazy stalker breakdown about other women he may have wrapped in flows of Air. ter'blah blah blah that blond b*tch, I loved you first ni'blah blah blah i'll kill you allll! el'blah blah blah I love you. I'll kill you! I love you. I'll flay your soul!
  8. I certainly hope so. I don't like the way the author seemed to be setting up a grudge match between her and Nyneave. Nyneave already has big beef with Mogi, the last thing she needed was this h*bag coming at her too lol. She's not really dead though, and they might yet send her out on suicidal assassination missions where she personally fights. It's a shame that such a promising baddie went out like this though. It reminds me of how Liandrin is now serving tea somewhere. Galina and Suffa deserve their horrible fates and I'm perfectly fine with both being removed from the main story, but Graendal was interesting.
  9. This best expresses my opinion too, especially the last part. Mostly I just give it to RJ though, he just threw some names down for us readers to have and didn't think to go into detail. It was early on and idk if he had been green lit for anything more than a trilogy yet, so he had to move things along.
  10. I have always thought that to Rand, with the might of Callandor, the strength of the two women who he would link with was a trivial matter. They were just there because two was the bare minimum needed to form the link between man and woman to buffer the flaws inherent to Callandor. Most important to Rand was trust, and further most important in the actual struggle that he will have with the Dark One was the strength of will of the two women present. I can't know how RJ has written it, but it would not surprise me if the actual battle was a contest of wills and the One Power was just used to fix the bore. Of course, I wouldn't begrudge an awesome One Power fight where Rand and an avatar of the DO wielding the True Power slap it outttttt either. Yet the DO (that close to the bore) can actually effect reality itself and I always imagined that he would sort of draw Rand and co. into a bubble of evil where we'd get a scene reminiscent of the other test of wills/battles we've seen in the past that took place in T'A'R. I haven't read any specific descriptions of the actual sealing three-thousand years ago, other than no women were present, so it really could go any way, OP boxing match or Jedi mind tricks. If, if if if I am right, then Nyneave and Moiraine would be my top picks for Rand's current bare minimum link plan. Sure there are other powerful women--and men, that could be used to extend the link, but every new mind would be another possible weak link in a chain. I was just reading up on links in the wot wiki, very interesting. I actually learned stuff that I did not know. It's kind of shaking up my thoughts on Rand's plan, and who should go with him. Hmmm. Must go ponder.
  11. I thought you were going to say "I say when Sweet dies, instead of going straight to Hell as he deserves he will simply find himself reborn... in one of the covers he has painted."
  12. The Field of Merrilor obviously would be the perfect opportunity for such a scene. I'm not thinking about something extravagant, just a coincidental gathering of old friends in one spot. Maybe a cameo here or there, Lini gets a walk on role as maid #3 from the right, Rand noticed Bela as he walks past the horses into the tent... jk. It's true, there is precious little time and page space, but if I had my way my guest list would be: Two River's folk: Rand, Mat, Perrin, Nyneave and Egwene. (Possibly Tam and misc other Emond's Fielders.) The original crew: Moiraine, Lan and Thom The spouses: Faile, Min, Aviendha, Elayne. Aes Sedai/ Wise Ones: Cads and co. (her entourage is getting out of control), Siuan, Alanna, ghost of Verin. Amys, Sorilea etc. Aiel: Misc clan chiefs and reps from the different warrior societies. Sulin with soup. Close friends/ allies/ misc heads of state and armies.: Bashere, Bryne, Tenobia... Party Crashers: Morgase, Galad, Gawyn, Berelain. etc. incl. misc. heads of state who through relation tagged along with the above. Hold on a min... this is getting out of control, my small, simple gathering of friends and family is blowing up like The Real Housewives of Fal Dara. Queen Tenobia?! No no no n o noooo. We're going to make some cuts. No pony, no elephant, no ice sculptures, no train. No army of liveried servants. Rand, Mat, Perrin. Nyneave, Egwene, Moraine, Thom. Lan (if he lives and is the mood to partay). Faile (because she would crash it anyway, b***h), Min, Aviendha. (Seating possibly to be determined by knife fight). Elayne (if she has not managed to get kidnapped). Gawyn and Birgitte (warders know the DJ so they're VIP). Cads, Sorilea, Amys etc whatever other ladies shoulder past the door-women because they're cool kids, possibly wrapped in Mask and Mirrors, or using Traveling hacks. Sulin with soup. Somehow I find it difficult to imagine this without Bashere, but putting him there opens the door for almost everyone else. And since I am committed to my vision of a small indoor event... Time: Unknown, tonight. Possibly right now and you're late. Location: Tent. Attire: To be described in detail. Menu: Simple, possibly consisting entirely of barely sipped wine and untouched bread and cheese. Thoughts of Tarmon Gai'don is better than P90X at weight loss.
  13. A funfact from The Eye of the World "The original U.S. book covers for the book featured at least one additional character from the Two Rivers. According to Robert Jordan, this character was intended to be a major character in the series. But very quickly the character was cut and their role was merged with that of other characters. " I want to be that dude. But in my telling he doesn't sprain his ankle in the barn in Emond's Field just as everyone is leaving with Lady Alys and her bodyguard. I would be super chill, not overly brave, but useful in a fight because my father taught me the bow and tracking and my mother was an aiel princess so I know all about spears and cats cradle... jkjkjk. But I would love to be that dude. I would probably like to follow Rand around though, not Perrin--because he would not appreciate me telling him "ugh let the b***h go" all the time. And also not Mat, because I am not a heavy drinker nor am I very lucky at dice, nor am I very patient with children. And I don't much like snakes.
  14. LOL! This is verging on insulting to Nyneave. And because I am a card carrying member of the Nyneave fan club I have to insert my indignation "how DARE you!" Yet, I too am sorry for any person who must put up with friends such as Elayne and Egwene, and all all that stuff about loving a man who is committed to the idea of dying prematurely. Speaking of Elayne. Can I put forth the name.... Birgitte Silverbow! For being bonded to Elayne. She may as well be bonded a sorda rat, http://wot.wikia.com/wiki/Sorda . If I remember correctly Rand was once told about how such vermin are so stupid they will continually fall into traps and pitfalls even if they have already done so a hundred times as long as you put food on the other side. Elayne is such a character. Maybe next time she will go into a den of black ajah--alone, carrying a sack of valuable items--which they take, and is rescued in the nick of time--again.
  15. Oh yeah! I hope Moiraine is right there at the end with them, after all, it was her who started this journey for them all that time ago! I can't wait to see Egwene's reaction to Moiraine's reappearance, and also Siuan's!!! I have a question though, is Moiraine still Aes Sedai? I'm assuming her 'death' means she has been freed of the three oaths. If she's got half a brain she'll tell them to shove it instead of reswearing!!!! I can't wait to see Rand's reaction. I had once hoped Moiraine would show up in time to put dark Rand back on track, but it seems Rand has done that himself. Dark Rand really needed her. Once upon a time Moiraine was THE Aes Sedai, but we've met so many incredible channelers since her "death" I wonder what Moiriane could possibly do to stand out, to be Moiraine when we readers have been getting to know (and love?) all the characters that have stepped into that void and stepped up to the challenge over the many books since.
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