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  1. I like your picture - is that a tardigrade? I was looking through the wheel of time discussion forums and saw one of your posts, and I just had to leave you a comment :-)

  2. I don't recall that coming up in the books, but regardless: "not often" is still more than "never" and thus it remains possible that Rand and Moiraine actually are distantly related. Which is the only point I'm making: we cannot categorically say they are not. We can only say that they're not as far as we know, and maybe that it is unlikely (I disagree on the latter, as outlined below). Maybe so, but irrelevant. For one, when I said "the way they intermarry", I wasn't implying that it occurred with great frequency, just that it was an accepted part of the political landscape. Probably should have used a different phrasing though. For two, Damodred and Mantear aren't "rank and file" houses anyway, so the likelihood of them having been involved in a greater than average number of such marriages over their respective histories is, well, greater. For three, it really doesn't take many of these high-level "spouse exchanges" to get to the point that the nobilities of multiple nations are basically all related to each other to some degree, especially when the non-inheriting kids resulting from these unions get married off into somewhat lesser houses "internally", and their non-inheriting kids get married off into yet other houses, etc. Now add in the occasional case of people at a given rank marrying up (meaning more blood ties to those houses more likely to intermarry) and their own infrequent crossovers with other national nobility and I'd say that the odds of Rand and Moraine being cousins, if very distant ones, are actually not too shabby. Quite good, in fact.
  3. Wow. A few misspellings and it's evidence of a "deficiency". Well, someone's certainly deficient with regards to tact.
  4. Nope. "Pregnant" first appeared in LoC. "Pregnancy" too. Also, there's nothing more "subtle" about "with child" anyway. It's simply another way of saying "pregnant" (which has been used in English since at least the 1400s, and that's just going by the earliest print citations from the OED. It's almost certainly been part of English since shortly after the Norman conquest), only using words derived from Anglo-Saxon instead of Latin (by way of Old French). There's no question about what it's referring to.
  5. Is there something with the word awesome? I don't think he's using it in a "THAT'S AWESOME" sort of way, but more in the traditional "this inspires awe" sort of way. Which of course is how it was originally used. True, it's not a word RJ used, but there's nothing inappropriate about it in the context of WOTLand. I only found 3 uses in tGS anyway, two of which were about the Power.
  6. About that... not going to anything too specific since this isn't the spoiler board, but that's not quite what happens in ToM. Uh, yeah...what you imply didn't happen at all.
  7. Well, we can't be sure. The way the noble houses intermarry, it's quite possible they're distant cousins, in much the same way that all the Andoran Houses trace back to Ishara. But since we don't have detailed genealogies of Cairhienin nobility, it's just a possibility. And they wouldn't be considered "related" in the day-to-day sense anyway.
  8. No, because those were introduced in tGH. The one Brandon spoke of, which acquired the nickname "BUT", appeared first in books 4-6... ...and was the ashandarei.
  9. I'd say its more like "wants rescue" than "wants redemption". Let's hope Rand doesn't fall for it that easily. I've met her sort before in real life. It's all about HER. When she's in deep doo-doo she wants everyone to come to her aid. But when she gets pulled out of the doo-doo she uncaringly flings it off her dress onto everyone else, then claims they deserve it for not being "considerate" of her needs. And if you balk at her attitude shift, she'll wad up a gooey ball of the doo-doo and throw it in your face. Pathetic creature undeserving of pity. I wonder what she did to become Shaidar Haran's plaything? Went Apeshit at the Carhein docks Apparently not: Or at least, a very curiously delayed consequence. This assumes she was even referring to SH at all, instead of just talking about awful things being done to her in order to sell the con.
  10. Because she wasn't actually hit with the balefire, which is sort of a requirement for the being able to kill you part. I.e., she dodged it (via gateway). Or to put it in terms Morbo from Futurama might use: BALEFIRE DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY!
  11. Look for a reference to soldiers existing in their society before the War of Power broke out. You won't find one. That said, no, it wasn't perfect:
  12. Yeah, but since we hear nothing from them and ta'veren power was locking all lips but Egwene's....so what?
  13. I thought there was just one global civiliazation, with a large amount of the population shifting into the shadow side. But once LTT did his job that most of the shadow controlled lands started infighting. Not much of a civilization survived. Yes. There was just a single world government.
  14. It induces awe. It does not make specific behaviors impossible, which is what binding chairs were for, just like Oath rods. I don't know why people jump to this conclusion, since the two descriptions don't really align at all except in that they're both about "chairs".
  15. Um, no. Why would a term that almost always refers specifically to lions be used? It's "pride" as in "the quality of being proud".
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