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  1. Sorry to ask this if it has been posted before but I was wondering who the Aiel woman at the end was. Right after rand comes out of the bore he meets an Aiel woman with gray hair.
  2. I just finished the book and 100% loved it. The scope of the battle was huge. I am glad we finally have the ending to this series however I am sad to leave this world behind. I can always re-read the series but that's different. Thanks to everyone who made this happen.
  3. I know, it is drivng me crazy! I agree it has been saying a few minutes for an hour... it's already 3AM still no book :(
  4. Audible will be the cheapest & fastest way to get it. One credit is $15 and two credits will be $30. The book will either be one or two credits. I would recommend starting an account on December 8th. That way you can earn a second credit on the day the book comes out if you need to use it.
  5. I'll check the other posts out. Moderators can you please delete this post?
  6. My bad did not realize this has already been discussed.
  7. I have a partial theory that I thought I'll post it out there and let people poke holes in it. The dark one cannot break free of his prison without dark rand's help. Here is why I feel that is the case. 1) At the start of the book Ishamael offers the dark LTT (I call him dark LTT since at this point he is broken by his actions) an option to join the dark one. (Why would the dark one need him at all? He heals the madness to give LTT a final chance to choose) 2) Through out the series there are several cases where the DO helps rand avoid death. (Semirage sending help in the stone, Dashiva prompting Flinn to save rand, etc.) He tries to torture Rand but not kill him. Attempts at killing rand have been punished (Lanfear is being punished, Samael was allowed to die. Moridin was in city at the time but helps rand instead of Samael) 3) once rand gets his power up in VOG the DO now orders him killed via slayer since he knows Rand cannot help him anymore thereby bringing this age to an end and waiting for the wheel to turn. I have no theories on how the bore was created or how it can be sealed but feel confident that even if the bore was left alone the DO cannot get out of his prison. Nothing explains his actions otherwise.
  8. Something else I just remembered. The foretelling Aes Sedai (forget her name - getra maybe) told Luc to go north. Why would she ask him to do that. What glory would be achieve. Makes me wonder what other role slayer has. besides someone said Robert jorden wrote this scene. So it seems it's pretty important to the overall conclusion. I am thinking slayer will turn to the light as he is about to die and give an important clue to someone maybe perin.
  9. Also it seems like slayer does not like the evil things going on in the town. So does this mean he might turn?
  10. Hey everyone just wondering what prompted the kill Rand order. Up to this point everyone has been told not to kill Rand. What changed?
  11. Hey everyone I just had a theory about the A'dam and how to defeat it. Not sure if this is the right place to post but what if Forkroot is the answer to a'dam. We know that a'dam forces a circle so drinking forkroot would break the circle allowing the damane to remove the collar without feeling pain. The creator of the a'dam probably accounted for all means of escape but I'm sure she never thought of forkroot since it was not invented by then.
  12. I'd love to see an explanation of the DO's decisions. Let's face it he could have killed Rand many times throughout the series but the main focus has been on turning him. Even Verin said the last battle is not being fought the way Rand thinks it would be.
  13. Hi Yoniy0 you are not missing anything. It's not a honey trap. Regarding number of credits their twitter account says 1 credit but I would take it with a grain of salt since the same twitter account said the book would be out at midnight pacific time. :(
  14. audible will post midnight pacific time... it's up on iTunes already
  15. Lucky. I still cannot find it on iTunes USA. No show on audible as well. I am guessing they will both post it around Midnight PST.
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