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  1. They are all up for preorder: https://us.macmillan.com/books/9781250754738 https://us.macmillan.com/books/9781250754738 https://us.macmillan.com/books/9780765345455
  2. Isn't the New York one tomorrow?
  3. Bah. That sounds like a lot of work.
  4. yup. btw. erase some of the mails in your theoryland forum messages. it's full.
  5. Also, for any RPers out there, I asked for clarification of Aiel male channelers. BS said that once they learned the taint was cleaned, no Aiel men were/would be sent to the blight. By the way, Terez, I did this at the Boston signing, not New York.
  6. I asked BS how, now that Mesaana is braindead and all, she got around the oath rod. He told me that one of the three ways the Aes Sedai had surmised was correct. Considering it probably would have been mentioned if they found an oath rod among her things, that it probably was the weave the investigators had rediscovered.
  7. I thought she made clear that she had no intentions of going for cairhein until after she had consolidated her rule over andor and before rand made his intention to give the throne over to elayne, she had no ambition to go for it. I dont think we will see cairhein with a ruler for the rest of the series. The issue isn't that she is taking care of Andor first, it's that, before she even has any experience as queen of one nation, she decides she will be queen of Cairhien. As for Rand giving her the idea, she could always say, "One Queendom is enough, thank you."
  8. I think it makes the most sense that Dobraine would. Not only is he the only one who has experience running the country (for Rand), but he also is the only one who isn't busy leading an army, a country, or saving the world. I don't believe that Galad would want to be a King, though I would be him as second from that list. Moraine, I just don't see happening. If she survives at all, she is Aes Sedai, and has very much separated herself from Cairhien. She isn't a leader, she is a doer. I have no idea why Elayne plans to take the Sun Throne. It makes absolutely no sense. That being said, she is a buffoon. What kind of greedy, narcissistic person believes that: just barely winning a succession in Andor where she has JUST been named Queen, she already plans to go over to Cairhien and tell them that, since her father was from an important House, that she is going to be their Queen, too. She knows next to nothing about Cairhien (if she's even been there), and doesn't even have a hold on Andor. I also can't imagine that Andoran's would be super glad if their Queen spent a lot of time in Cairhien. This isn't all Elayne's fault. Rand is an idiot also, but at least he was just being lazy and trying to get rid of a Country while also trying to get into Elayne's pants.
  9. I applied in Cambridge and my name is Robert D. Damn you, Bob D.!
  10. Might also keep in mind that Rand is more sane, less angry, and the book doesn't have the word "storm" in the title. I'll go with 3.
  11. Unless she's a man. That is also defunct as Thom would not notice that about her, I don't think. He'd assume she could channel, but the only way he'd know is if he went to an Aes Sedai in the party and said, "I saw Selucia channel," in which case they'd probably go nuts on her. This did not happen.
  12. Women can sense other women who can channel, and the Seanchan haven't rediscovered inverting their weaves or hiding their ability. It's pretty safe to say that she cannot channel.
  13. Are there any female Deathwatch that have been shown yet?
  14. It must be worth lots of Ji to walk right up to a channeler who is linked and in a circle, and collar her without dying first. Thinking on it, I don't believe it would end the circle, if the collared one isn't leading it. The collar redirects the control of Saidar to the Su'dam; but a channeler who is linked and given control over to another, does not control her own connection to Saidar. She can not release until the leader gives the connection back or she becomes so drained she collapses (such as Nyneave at Shadar Logoth, though I'm not sure anyone else has ever channeled that much in the history of the world.)
  15. I never really understood the a'dam, as I don't think it logically makes sense to do what it does. My problem is with the relationship between Sul'dam and Damane. I understand how the first Sul'dam and Damane worked, since they were trained channelers, and so the Sul'dam knew which weaves she wanted, and how to weave them. But now it makes no sense. How can a new Sul'dam make a Damane do anything when she doesn't really know what a weave is, or what it might do? It could be that there's a whole secret school going on in the background, one that RJ never left a hint about, (Especially to explain all the new Randland Damane who have never channeled before and don't know weaves, are able to expertly channel because Sul'dam, who can't see weaves, mind control them into doing it.)
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