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  1. I do not recall Egwene trying to use an access key. nor any character finding additional access keys. as far as I recall, Egwene used only 1 sa'angreal; the name started with "Vora's". It was the broken figurine in the Panarch's Palace in Tanchicho. When she touched it, the One Power surged in and out of her until she released it.
  2. The Rebel Tower sent two women (Bera and Kiruna I think? That's from memory) to the Aiel Waste to find Rand. They were "Chasing ducks" because he had already left the Waste before they were sent.
  3. 1. Illusion is a matter of skill, not of power, I believe? So if you're clumsy with the power, you're likely to have a poor illusion. 2. The changes would be undone. Egwene removes her bruises from meeting her Toh to the Aiel for lying to them about being an Aes Sedai while travelling to Salidar via T'A'R. The bruises come back the moment she steps back through the gateway into the real world.
  4. Illyena was definitely someone special. She had the third names, which was given only to extraordinary persons. Even Lanfear who was arguably the strongest female channeler of her time, didn't have a third name. Lews Therin, Demandred and Ishamael on the other side had it. Egwene has some similarities with Latra, but not that much. In the end, Egwene helped Rand and actually motivated him when he was probably going to give up (after her death). Egwene and Rand left on good terms, like brother and sister. On the other hand, she has quite similarities with Queen Eldrene. Both of them were the most important/respected Aes Sedai of their time, both of them fight the Shadow, both of them had their Warder/Lover killed and finally both of them sacrificed themselves by channeling too much of the power, burning herself but also the enemy channelers. Most of the Forsaken had a third name. Ishmael - Elan Morin Tedronai Aginor - Ishar Morrad Chuain Sammael - Tel Janin Aellinsar Be'lal - Duram Laddel Cham Demandred - Barid Bel Medar Asmodean - Joar Addam Nessosin Graendal - Kamarile Maradim Nindar Semirhage - Nemene Damendar Boann Third names were an honor in the Age of Legends, but by no means a mark that you would be reborn.
  5. If you will recall, this was heavily planned out in advance. Logain knew where to travel to from deciphering the maps left behind by Taim when he fled the Tower once the Dreamspike was removed and the Asha'Man went on the attack against him. The plans were mapped out in advance - All Graendal (Hessalam) had to do was manipulate the Generals in line with what Demandred had planned. Deviously simple.
  6. Well, there is precedence for this. When Rand begins shielding his dreams in Fires of Heaven, Lanfear threatens to break into it (And that he wouldn't like it). I'm guessing that the warder protection wasn't as extensive as it was thought to be.
  7. I suspect you might be right - I just remember the workmen definitely were involved. I'll have to re-read it :\.
  8. More specifically, as I read this not all that long ago, she links with a bunch of novices and makes a gateway into the room (She was heavily dosed with Forkroot).
  9. . I thought that was after the entire Blue Ajah had fled the tower. Thus forcing her to disband the Blue to give the appearance/illusion of her ruling a unified tower. Because now it was missing one entire color of sisters which were unlikely to return for a very, very long time. I believe (It has been a few months since I read TSR) that all this happens over a single day. Elaida convenes the hall to depose Siuan, Siuan is captured, the sisters rebel and try to break Siuan free, the rebellion is crushed and the sisters flee, Siuan is stilled and Elaida raised (I'm not sure whether she is raised right after Siuan is deposed, or after the conflict). Siuan and Leane are then freed the next day by Min.
  10. They were fighting vastly different campaigns, I don't think it's really possible to rate them based on battlefield skill. Agelmar was basically fighting a skirmish war. He was outnumbered and outgunned, and he was essentially delaying them until help could arrive. Bashere was trying to lure them into a trap, before the compulsion led him into being trapped himself. Bryne was able to fight in a ground and pound manner - He had the entirety of the Aes Sedai with him and thus was able to fight toe to toe until the Sharans arrived. Ituralde was pure defensive. Of all of them, Ituralde seems to have held because he had the most happen to him. Bashere spent the past years smoking his pipe with Rand. Bryne spent it playing kissing games with Siuan and with an easy siege. Agelmar spent it in the luxury of his fortress. Ituralde watched and fought against the Seanchan after they conquered his homeland, then went to Maradon where he fought the Trollocs and spent weeks with his life in the balance as the trollocs rampaged through the city. Overall though, the best captain without a doubt is Mat.
  11. It would be in The Shadow Rising, she does it right after Siuan is deposed.
  12. Seems to be generic knowledge among the Borderlanders. He is also a Warder. Seems to be, yes. He definitely has them by the time he is rescued from the Whitecloaks. Great Hunt chapters 15 & 41; were those Ishamael encounters while Rand was awake or within dreams? They are either within the Dreamworld or within a "Dreamshard". It's deliberately not confirmed within the text. the books tell that cats and dogs could sense channeling; and that they have different reactions with saidin and saidar. Is that all cats & dogs or just domesticated ones?Also, does that include the True Power or is it just saidar & saidin? If also True Power, what reaction do they have with it (if they have any reaction)? It seems the presence of Aes Sedai actually domesticates the cats. I believe this is confirmed in one of the Salidar chapters. Ishmael/Moridin is the only TP user we know of, and he seems to have an affinity for rats. Good question. You can't eat while in the dream, so it stands to reason that you probably can't get pregnant. She's told that he went off after some barn burners and thieves. She didn't know which way he went, and it was unlikely she could catch up to him.
  13. 1. As stated, Elaida had a dislike and intense rivalry with Siuan and Moiraine dating back before they (S+M) even became Aes Sedai. 2. Alviarian manipulates and supports Elaida in order to further the interests of the Black Ajah. 3. General history between the red and blue (Terrible Red Ajah Amyrlins have been replaced by competent Blues). 4. Siuan was probably violating Tower law by dealing with Rand not only without the authorisation of the Hall, but without even informing them. 5. Before Siuan was stilled, "Workmen" put into the city by Danelle (A member of the Brown Ajah) and warders led an uprising against Elaida to try and free Siuan. 6. The Blue Ajah was then disbanded by Elaida, and those who supported them were chased out of the Tower.
  14. I know it doesn't quite compensate for the difference in power, but wasn't Rand using an extremely powerful Angreal at the time? That's what he was using at Maradon.
  15. The entire disintegration of society during the Breaking of the World probably counts.
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