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  1. AN EPIC-NESS OF EPIC EPIC-NESS. (I know, lame, lame, lame, but I couldn't think of anything else good enough that hadn't already been said) One of the BEST scenes of the entire series, and that's saying something because Perrin is totally NOT my favorite character...I'm a Dragon all the way (and a flamin' Mat Cauthon on the weekends!). ;)
  2. I'm expecting to be given this for free since I paid for an entire series of books I never received. A couple of months ago, Les sent me an email saying he had the last three issues of New Spring and was preparing to ship them out. I never received anything again on NS. I did receive WOT #2 though...wow, another series I paid for and still haven't received. It would be nice to receive the graphic novel in the mail for Xmas and for FREE. How many times must the WOT fans get screwed. Both GRRM Hedge Knight comic book stories were completed on time and extremely well done. And done by the Dabel Bros. The same Dabel Bros. who can't get WOT done on time. Red Eagle, Dabel, whomever, do right by the WOT fans. Or get lost. And get me my books.
  3. Wow, I paid for the entire series of comic books and never received the last three issues, even though Les and someone from Red Eagle Entertainment (Larry?) said I would. Sux!
  4. I early voted! Guess that means I get to read ToM all day with no sense of guilt! Haha! Tai'shar Malkier!
  5. It's about time! I've been waiting for years to find out who this Dragon Reborn dude is! Haha! But seriously, thanks for all your hard work, Jennifer. I can't wait to make the time to go by and check off all the newly advanced theories. One week left to ToM! Robby D darthvader0372 princeofthedawn0372
  6. Wow, I don't know if any book can live up to that hype! But if any book can, it's Towers of Midnight! I totally get your bitter-sweet feelings, Jason. I have only lived with the Wheel of Time since 1999, but I feel like I've always known this story. To think that we only have one more main sequence book to look forward to after this one...I'm having a panic attack! My worst regret is never going to any of the Jordan or Dragon cons to meet the rest of the WOT fandom. Getting to the review, it almost seemed a bit mixed! Not as good as TGS, but pretty darn good? You know, the hardest of the books to read was CoT (which I'm currently re-reading). If its easier than that one, I'm good! Especially if I get to see Mr. Mat Cauthon in full form! BTW, I am totally glad Brandon Sanderson was chosen to complete this process. For those of you who haven't begun, The Way of Kings awaits for you in the Shattered Plains! It's a great, satisfying read that leaves you wanting more (and that's a hard sell for a 1,000 plus page book!)! I'm glad to know I have another series to look forward to linked by a WOT author. Robby D darthvader0372 princeofthedawn dragonreborn3769
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