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  1. I completely agree with you. Furthermore, For VFX in this case, a little goes a long way (compose those blasted lands shots so the depth of field of the scene results in the matte painted areas of shayol ghul being blurred/blended into the shot better, less flashy channeling weaves and whatnot, especially if they aren't 3d tracked 100% accurately to match the footage). I don't think you really even need to see the weaves or the overly dramatic buildup to the actual result of the channeling. Maybe occasionally when the story is specifically talking about the weaves themselves and how they're formed, etc. And yes, no need to telegraph so much of the story so early, especially when the whole point of the first book was to gradually and subtly introduce Rand as potentially being the Dragon, but leaving the possibility open that it could also be Mat or Perrin. I wasn't even sure he could channel on my first read until after this event, and based on the way the book was written, the lightning could have been pure chance. "A+" for effort, and I love using salt flats as the Blasted Lands! I just think if you're going to dedicate this much screen time to each chapter, you may as well stick to the way the book tells the story; you're not going to do a better job of it than RJ did in terms of pacing, subtlety, and when to reveal what, especially when the core audience will be the book readers themselves.
  2. Without a doubt, the Cleansing, mainly because no one on the planet in this age or the previous one had ever even contemplated using that much raw power. Couple that with the Forsaken all coming out of the woodwork and the sheer idea that the world may no longer have to shun all male channelers...the whole moment to me felt like a single, simple, powerful retort to the Tower's nasty manipulative politics when dealing with the Dragon, as well as the dawn of a new era where sensible people of both genders could finally work together with the power without terrible consequences. The scene where Birgitte and co. got hammered on Oosquai trying to dull their senses during the uh...event with Rand and Elayne was absolutely hilarious too. A definite laugh out loud moment and a much needed moment of levity for the main characters.
  3. Of all the girls in this series, the only ones I would even consider asking out on a date would be Min. The rest save for Birgitte are scheming, manipulative, supremest, and selfish compared to her, and consistently find ways to completely turn me off to them even if they were just acquaintances of mine, much less friends or lovers. I do, however, think Nyneave has grown up considerably towards the end of the series. She actually realizes the meaning of love and truly cares about those loved ones over mere political and social conquest. It's no wonder she, Min, and Moiraine are the only women Rand actually trusts out of the hundreds of other female characters...
  4. (@ Torn Shadow as my reply ended up in front of his somehow) In terms of raw power, yes. In terms of skill/dexterity, though? I'd agree Demandred is very close, and perhaps Taim is close to Demandred if he's indeed a direct forsaken understudy. But we've never seen those two using the one power at their full potentials into a mass of trollocs. Plus neither of them may be as particularly adept at wielding fire as Rand/LTT is, which I would assume is the most used power in a lot of the insanity Rand was throwing out there. As for Logain I believe he's about tied in strength with Taim; but strength and skill/experience are two vastly different things. Logain's only recently had any teaching aside from his own - before that he was likely self taught. He has no access to possibly thousands of years of intricate scientific study that LTT had, nor has he had nearly 400 years of channeling and study based on that research. Ask Joe Montana if he was as good of a QB in his sophomore year of college as he was over a decade later when he won Super Bowl XXIV.
  5. It's possible he was using Callandor; maybe that was the source of the blinding light as the sword glows particularly bright when a lot of power is drawn from it? On the other hand it would've been obvious the light was coming from a focal point on Rand's person, even if it were covered up. I honestly think it's just a case of "you ain't seen S**T yet!" It's the first time we've seen the Rand's unaided full raw power potential coupled with 400 years of knowledge and skill of how to most effectively wield that much OP. Lews Therin was easily as famous for his unequaled (save for maybe Lanfear) power wielding dexterity as he was for his unequaled raw power. Compared to a Rand-in-training during the manor scene in book 11, who's mind was in constant internal strife over the LTT psyche/memories, it's obvious he was nowhere near his full potential. Compare that to the next powerful channeler on the light side, Logain. Even in book 11 his weaves were noticeably less potent than Rand's (I'm guessing at least 10-15% less by the way he talked after that manor fight). Add to that Logain's lack of centuries of refined scientifically backed skill compared to AoL Aes Sedai. Now, compared to Logain, the next one even relatively close in power is Damer Flinn. Compared to him, your slightly above average Asha'man like Grady and Neald are nowhere near as powerful...you see where I'm getting at? Methinks even after 13 books we still have no idea just how broad the scale is from the weakest, least-skilled channeler to the most powerful, highest skilled one.
  6. Here's some more one power dynamics theories by Sidious and other contributors on a thread from readandfindout.com. The one power was treated as a science in the Age of Legends, and it's likely they had calculations of strength and potential of angreal, sa'angreal similar to this. I'm not sure how he came up with the math for this but I have yet to find any counter to this with as much thought and calculation. It's not a ranking list but it may help explain or give people a more quantitative view of what people's relative strengths are in the series. http://www.readandfindout.com/wheeloftime/messageboard/46926/ Slightly off topic, but there's an interesting discussion about Sanderson's possible mis-interpretation of angreal in that thread. I am FIRMLY in the angreal multiplicative camp as opposed to them just being a flat bonus reservoir. I'm sorry, there's no way in hell someone like Verin would've been able to handle the female Choedan Kal as well as Nyneave did, much less produce that much power.
  7. I'm also curious on a scale depicting Rand at 100 as to what people think he can hold with Callandor and the Choedan Kal. I equate Callandor (in Rand's hands) to the destructive potential of a Fission bomb (destroy a small city), but the Choedan seems like it's ridiculously out of everything else's league. Global scale? That would have Callandor bumping Rand somewhere from 1000 to 5000, and the Choedan Kal to the number "really freaking high"
  8. There used to be a page with a detailed list of almost every major male and female channeler in the series on a more or less linear scale of 100, but I think it's been lost for a few years. Does anyone else recall this? The guy who proposed the list based it on every comparison sentence or bit of info he could find through the first 11 books or so, and based it on square footage of gateway size, noted size and strength of weaves, etc... It was a post on a WoT fansite that's no longer online, and I THINK the poster's name was something like Sidius? From memory (and I'm sure with errors), it went something like this: 100 - Rand, Ishamel 95 - Demandred 93 - Sammel 91 - Rahvin, Aginor 90 - Be'lal, Balthamel, Taim, Logain 85 - Lanfear (note that a woman with 85 power can mostly channel to the effect as a man near 100) 80 - Asmodean, Cyndane? 75 - Graendal, Semi, Alivia 70 - Messana, Sharina? 65 - Nyneave, Damer Flynn 55 - Moggy 40 - Elayne, Egwene, Aviendha 30 - Cadsuane 25 - Siuan & Leane (pre stilling), Moiraine, Verin, Eladia, Avg. Asha'man . 15 - Avg. Aes Sedai 05 - Daigan <01 - Morgase I probably have one or two in the wrong spot and left out a TON of people (the original list was very comprehensive), but the guy had pretty substantial explanations and evidence from the books to back up his claims. There were some flaws and new developments in the story since it was written, and I personally think this list is too linear (methinks Rand is more like 8-10x stronger than someone like Moiraine as opposed to 4x). But compared to any other it seemed the most viable at the time. What do people think, and does anyone know if the original 100 based list still exists somewhere?
  9. When you put it that way it does seem unlikely. I thought there was some evidence that she had gone and came out more beautiful but I must be making that up in my head, heh. I hope this is something that does get revealed by the end of the series, or at least the Encyclopedia.
  10. I thought I remembered reading a theory posted elsewhere that Cyndane's strength may be "natural" and Lanfear was stronger than any other woman could possibly be because of some sort of augmentation by the Finns. Granted the Finns can't just give someone more access to the OP naturally, but in their hoards of angreal perhaps they found one so small and inconspicuous that she could always wear? Maybe even implant one? They altered her physical appearance to make her more beautiful, why not implant something while they're at it. Others cannot sense directly when you're using an angreal, only that you're using significantly more power. If she's been this strong for ages via a tiny angreal she always uses, who would really notice? Who would dare get close enough to even try? If any of this can be debunked that's fine, I'm just trying to approach it from another angle. As to why Lanfear never thinks of this or mentions it, we only get to read her thoughts on the surface. Maybe she's had this so long she thinks of it as part of herself...no need to constantly rehash in your mind how you got it.
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