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  1. 1. For Galad to run into Perrin, see his step-mother isnt dead, forgive Rand and... FINALLY hook up with Berelain! 2. MORE interaction with Matt and Tuon... that was some of the BEST storyline weve seen. 3. Matt and crew rescue Moiraine... I do NOT want it to be long and drawn out... UNLESS... one of the agreements to release her is they have to do some sort of task or quest for the fins. 4. Satelle get healed. 5. Get the Seanchan agreement out of the way. The interesting this is... Matt by the end of the trilogy will probably be made general over ALL the seanchan armies... now that Tuon is about to be named Empress, as well as having to command his band, and maybe even the individual armies floating around... ie Rodel Ituralde. It will indeed be interesting when there is a MASS group meeting between Bashere, Bryne, Iturade, etc... and the fact that Matt can probably trump them all.
  2. Reminds me of Raymond E. Fiests first book in the Riftwar saga. Originally, the book was HUGE, but then they seperated it into 2 paperbacks (Apprentice - Magician).
  3. The thing is... A massive project like this would have the opportunity for TONS of cameos. Many characters have important, but fleeting roles. Take Darlin for example. This would be a good character for Bruce Willis to play as his cameo role. With that being said, you could have quite a few leading actors playing these types of roles, and it wouldnt cost an arm and a leg. Many would do it to be part of something epic after the successes of LotR and Harry Potter. Plus, like LotR and Harry Potter, it would fit well into the Winter slots for movies.
  4. Im beginning to think that Rand's death is staged at some point (perhaps after a fight with Moridin), giving the D.O. and his minions a shot of overconfidence that they won because the Dragon Reborn was killed. Then, when the D.O. comes out of his mountain and is more vulnerable, Rand appears that defeats him in an epic battle. It never says when Rands 'women' are standing over his bier and mourning his death, but we know that there are other prophecies that says he must die to live, and after the final battle that seems anti-climactic. Of course, we also know that UNLESS Rand is killed by balefire, if by chance he does die at a point before the Last Battle, he is somehow tied to the horn (his banner) and the Dream world. Could he die and Elayne go back into the Dream world, bind him and bring him out as she did Birgitte? And at that time, his ties to Lews Therin would be broken?
  5. How about the French actor Leon (The Professional) as Lan, or another warder?
  6. Catherine Zeta-Jones ;) Jethro, Mel Gibson is a far better actor than Bruce Willis; he could most certainly pull off Tam. NO fantasy movie is complete without Jeremy Irons playing a role somewhere. Perhaps he would make a good Elyas Machera.
  7. Yeah, they really messed up Eragon. All they had to do is follow the book and they'd have a pretty cool movie. Hollywood does this all the time. They take a great book and turn it into crap. The worst offense, I think, is the adoption of Heinlein's "Starship Trooper". They made a horrible mess out of a classic SF novel. I heard the director hated Heinlein and his philosophy and made a mess of it on purpose. Occassionally, they get it right. I recently watched "The Maltese Falcon". It was almost word for word out of Dashell Hamet's novel and was fantastic. Of course, Bogart and Lori made the movie a lot of fun. I think they do a heck of good job on the Harry Potter movies. Hard-core fans may object (I've only read the books twice, so I don't consider myself hard-core), but I think the Potter movies are spectacular. The just cut and paste the best scenes from the book and make a movie. Yes, they leave out some really good stuff and ocassionally change the plot, but over all they do a very good job. Rowling watches over their shoulders, of course. The movie "Master and Command" was actually based on two books of the Jack Aubry/Steven Maturin series written by Patrick O'Brian. I thought they did a wonderful job. (In the books, that French Frigate was actually an American Frigate fighting in the war of 1812. I don't think the movie would have sold in the USA if they kept that in.) Usually, Hollywood messes up a good book. Sometimes they don't. Sigh. Imagine what a GOOD director could have done with Battlefield earth. They should re-do it, and break it into 3 movies. NO JOHN TRAVOLTA!
  8. How about THIS question. Would Mat's medallion stop Balefire? Simply dissolve the weave as it approaches him.
  9. I think thats going to be a moot point. When Rand strikes a deal with the Seanchan, Im sure NOT collaring Aes Sedai will be one of the stipulations. Aty least until after Tarmon Gaidan...
  10. One thing also to take note... Narration and beleif on 'channeling' is based on 3000 years of assumed belief and teaching. We have discovered that severing can be healed when they said it was impossible, a new way of healing that doesnt weaken a person as the old style did, references by the forsaken that these Aes Sedai know less than 10% of what they knew back before the breaking etc... There is ALWAYS the necessity to hold in the back of your mind that what is known, isnt necessarily what is. The world is changing... almost like a Wot 2012 scenario, and when this is occurring, all bets are off.
  11. Then you are implying that the patter is a DISTINCY personality, not an autonomous program with a singlular purpose. "I WILL NOT" denotes a personal and intelligent entity, not a running program such as the Pattern.
  12. Well... Imagine if your Mother ran away, and your father was killed at some points in your life. It seems that Galad had to both grow up sooner than normal adolecents do (Like LAN), and was in a palace where he turned from First in Line to red-headed step child. Both Lan and Galad have a seriousness that shows a shell created to protect themselves from early life trauma. His bitterness towards Rand wasnt personal, just a protective reaction... part of the persona he took on in his fractured life. Im waiting for Galad to LEARN that Rand is his Half-brother and Kin to his mother instead of father like Gawyn and Elayne are... plus, he may find a kinship with Rand if he was told that his mother was compelled to do this by the pattern and NOT for abandonment of her son. But... since ALL Camelyn queens were required to be tutored at the White tower, and Rand was born with the Spark from his Mother, it seems feasible that Galad could be inclined as well. If you notice Morgase was of little power and passed the spark to Elayne, but not Gawyn... but Tegraine passed it to a male (Rand). Could be grasping at straws here, but who truly knew the mind of RJ.
  13. kind of like how God supposedly needs other means to convey his message through prophets and angels like Gabriel or Metatron. Well... since you opened the theological door. :) Jhn 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 1Ch 17:3 And it came to pass the same night, that the word of God came to Nathan, saying, An interesting parallel to WOT's creator and VOICE speaking to Rand wouldnt you say?
  14. You all forget... When mazrim Taim went from town to town looking for MEN to form the black tower, he pulled MANY of them of all ages. The test was to see if a spark could be pulled from them... NOT to simply question if they had channeled before.
  15. Even the Aes Sedai practice polygamy of a sort. Cant remember the book, but when Moiraine was poking fun at Lan about his leash being passed onto Myrelle... there was a point made that Myrelle may have secretly MARRIED all of her Warders. How many Aes Sedai get cozy with their warders without having to go through a marriage ceremony? Is it any different to be intimate with your 3 warders that you have had with you day and night for decades?
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