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  1. No mortal can or should be able to defeat the Dark One. The best they can hope for is a patching/sealing of the Bore. Defeating the Dark One would probably be as bad as letting him win, considering he is essential to everything, this being a world of opposites. Saidin/Saidar Man/woman creator/dark one etc.
  2. The Asha'man will likely be very reduced in number when the last battle begins. I expect the battle for the tower, which is any moment now will kill a whole lot of them.
  3. I just hope the move to break them won't be controversial enough among his followers to bring forth a second splitting of male/female channelers, like it happened in the AoL, with Latra Posae.
  4. There has to be a major defeat in the very close future for them. Possibly an assault on the White Tower, rebuffed by everyone else. Tuon will never bow to Rand until that happened. As it is she considers herself superior to the Dragon Reborn.
  5. What I don't get here, while not directly related to Caemlyn is Verin. Putting what she did in the letter, wouldn't that be betraying the Dark One. She certainly wrote that letter before the "last hour of her life", and it is no doubt a betrayal to warn the forces of the light that there is a shadowspawn army advancing on one of their strongest cities.
  6. Aye, I'm predicting some sort of last stand close to failing, only to be saved by Nynaeve++ Most likely Rand as well
  7. Not surprising. Did so myself. It does after all have a phonetically resemblance to the Fields of Pennelor from LOTR.
  8. I immideately thought about the Shaskaban cannibals from Raymond Feists books, but thats beside the point. I'm not inclined to think the Land of Madmen would get involved now, almost near the end though. Sharans are definently an option.
  9. Extremely sad seeing the Aiel like this. Although I expect Aviendha got something to say about that.
  10. Very interesting to find out the Finns feed on the ability to channel. Wonder if she can be severed and healed back up.
  11. Actually think Perrins next saving will come at Shayoul Ghul. The Fields will most likely be in the first 10 chapters of amol. Preparing everyone for the war, and binding the monarchs to Rand. Still curious about the absence of the Seanchan. I always assumed they would have to fight as well.
  12. Aiel channelers thirteen'd is always an option. Although I'm more of a mind to think they generally was just Aiel darkfriends though.
  13. Oh yeah, cup day. Forgot all about that. Nothing to be done I guess unless you get your hands on a book today. I always bought mine at Borders in chapel street, but the release never fell on Cup Day before afaik.
  14. The wait for a new wot book is bad.. And I already dread waiting for AMOL.
  15. Boy did he go for jailbait :p Considering his wife, as a nonchanneler must have been at least 350 years younger than him.
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