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  1. The final battles at the end of book 1 and 2 bother me. Especially the second one. How did Rand end up in the sky? How did there battles become linked? As for book one, the way he traveled to Tarwins Gap, I have no idea, he just suddenly appeared there, maybe the creator? As for when he went from the Gap to TAR where Bala'azman was, I think the creator created those steeps, and it sounds sort of like skimming... but without the platforms.
  2. I'm so sure though because that's how he was "to die and live again" according to the Aelfinn. Because of that I think the link may be broken. The Link is not broken, someone asked Robert Jordan this same question and he said the link was not broken and that Matt had not actually died, but just come very close to death.
  3. The One Power? Did I miss something? When did he ever weaken the One Power? Yes he tainted Saidin but.... someone please explain this one, it apparently has flown over my head.
  4. In the Eye of the World, after Rand destorys a large chunk of the shadow's army at Tarwins Gap, This takes place: Im thinking it has to be the Creator, though if it is, this is the only time in the entire series we have ever seen him take any part directly... thoughts?
  5. Im pretty sure the person would be able to channel either saidin or saidar bassed of of their soul. If they were a guy in previous lives, then saidin, if a girl, then saidar. Because hermaphroditic is just a mutation, its not supposed to happen.
  6. I agree but there is one thing that is bothering me: In tGS when Rand is in TAR he feels more complete, more together or something along those lines and he also cant hear the voice so..... what does that mean exactly....
  7. I mean distance, it seems disproportional. I could be wrong but, the distance just doesn't feel right. Also, what happened to the rest of Africa? I'm not sure. Maybe nukes just destroyed it completely, or maybe it was just split and some of it still remains, far out in the ocean. Or possibly both, but its hard to speculate on something that is already speculation, eh.
  8. When was the horn ever mentioned to be a plan B? Im sure it is said that it must be at the last battle and nothing else.
  9. Not at all actually... All I am saying, is that you would think they would be an elite force. Im not talking about their philosphy at all here, if you were to actually read my first post on this thread, you would know that. I'm saying their rep as presented in the books is influencing your ideas of what they "should" be, and thus influencing the stuff you wrote. I dont think that they are bad ass though. Thats exactly what I am saying, that they should be bad ass, not because they act like they are bad ass, but because well, the quote below says it all
  10. No, its cool, Im not offended. I was just reaffirming my prior statement in regard to what you had said earlier.
  11. They should be though, they should defiantly be an elite fighting force. They have been around since the Trolloc Wars if I'm not mistaken. Also, if you become a whitecloak, your one for life. With that, you would expect a large amount of them to be blade masters... It just surprises me they havent done anything of use, thus far in the series. Er...Just like in real life, in Randland just because you own a sword and practice 20 hrs a day doesn't mean you will ever be a blademaster. I am not sure why you have hots for them but they are no different from a regular military. Most of them are zealots.They didn't join the organistaion because they were so good at fighting. If I am to understand, any military that has been around for more than 1000 year should have 100% blademaster and all?Is that what you are assuming? Then they wouldnt be blademasters would they? If everyone was the same. Blademaster isnt really a number or correlation to a point where you can say "once you can do these things, you are a blademaster" YOu dont take a test and if you get 17/20 or higher you are blademaster. Its more about them being far above the ordinary person. The only way to become a blademaster is to defeat one. Its a symbolic thing, not a number you can give to skill. IMO anyway. And I agree, not everyone has what it takes to be a blademaster. Some people are less co-ordinated than others. If I were to train every single second of my life for Football (soccer) doesnt mean I will be the greatest ever. I am fairly decent, but I will never be extraordinary. Some people just dont have the natural skill I mispoke when I said blademaster, I understand the process of becoming a blademaster. All I meant is that you would think that their soldiers would be far more skilled than the average solider (excluding the boarderlands). Also, I dont have the "hots" for them, Im simply disappointed that they haven't done anything of use.
  12. Not at all actually... All I am saying, is that you would think they would be an elite force. Im not talking about their philosphy at all here, if you were to actually read my first post on this thread, you would know that.
  13. Sorry if you are agreeing with me. But I think you are misunderstanding the topic. I said "which character is most alike in personality to you." Not, which is most awesome. There are not many people who are like Rand or Mat. I find it difficult to believe that a whole lot of people are like them. I was telling the truth, I am very much like Rand, seriously. I am also like Perrin but mainly Rand. I am nothing at all like Mat.
  14. All it would take would be air to hold him and then balefire and superman is done. Yes;) Since Ashaman can move at light speed...Even in modern warfare, a moving target is still damn hard to kill by best of snipers. Imagine the situation where Rand balefires the Natrim Barrow. Superman will see the balefire, run all the way to Rand, come back and do the same thing again for like 1000000 times! I hope you are getting the picture. yes, they can surprise him but then a knife can surprise Rand. You do understand I knew all of this before you told me, I just like the wheel of time series a lot more than superman, I'm biased.
  15. They are just like any religious faction to me. The original religion is corrupted by select few humans who do things for greed and power. It happens in every single religious institute. But in its barest form, the religion has good morals etc. Just people always mess it up. Agreed
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