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  1. Maybe his luck is just him having access to Saidin without realising it? That would make a funny scene at FOM when they meet together and Rand tells Egwene that Gawyn can channel. that quote about gawyn also makes me wonder if he can channel but doesn't realize it yet.
  2. i'm amazed that there's fifteen pages full of suggestions that the fallen blacksmith AND the broken wolf do not obviously refer to perrin.
  3. so according to RJ, asmo could not be revived because of how and where he died. i think it's generally accepted that he died to a small weave of balefire by graendal, who ran into him while searching for rahvin's TA stash. but how does the WHERE apply?
  4. 100 percent agree with the modernizing of the characters' language. "i've been played" is a bit too contemporary for the environment, and the term "setup" is also a relatively modern term used to define a deceptive ploy, but BS used it once or twice in this book. a bit nit-picky to find fault with this, but it's the most noticeable difference between the authors to me.
  5. rand killed some of his own men while attempting to channel using callandor so i believe that fits the sword of peace prophecy, and when he revealed the origins of the aiel he destroyed many of them through the (way of the) leaf. the dark prophecy is referring only to the three taveren, IMO. mat, the one eyed fool, rand the first among vermin. fallen blacksmith and broken wolf both refer to perrin and there's still every possibility that he is killed by the forsaken (the towers) in the final chapter. these are the three main focal points of all the prophecies of light and shadow, and sticking lan, ituralde, or hopper(?!?!) into a prophecy with the big three makes no sense to me. lifts his hand (note it does not say 'hands') to bring freedom to the DO definitely references rand breaking the seals.
  6. as somebody said previously in this thread, the forsaken are a literary device serving the function of disposable villains who seem destined to fail no matter how or what they try to accomplish due to the will of the pattern. however i don't think it's accurate to say that they are a bunch of pushovers though, since many of them had rand dead to rights throughout the series. examples: aginor backed the young sheepherder to the edge of a cliff and was about to destroy him when rand unconsciously pulled TEOTW's source away from him, causing ag to panic and overdraw himself in response. then, his second go around he had rand lined up for a blast of balefire but was killed by elza who had no idea he was a chosen. be'lal was prepared to waste rand the moment he drew callandor but moiraine (who he had accounted for and even set up a trap in her room) intervened and pulled balefire out of her arse, which caught the forsaken and the entire reading community by surprise. did you know she could weave BF? well neither did the enemy and that's hardly something to chalk up to lack of preparation. ish/moridin primarily works towards turning rand to the shadow instead of killing him because he correctly understands that killing the dragon is only a temporary victory, and to achieve the shadow's ultimate goal of oblivion the creator's champion must be turned. if ish wanted rand dead he never would have got out of emond's field. even feeble asmo was about to defeat rand when they fought over the access key, but the fat man angreal rand carried at the time gave him just enough edge to win. without moiraine's foreknowledge of lanfear's attack at the cairhien docks, rand, avi, and egwene would have been slaughtered. rahvin was moments away from polymorphing rand into some kind of four-legged animal during their TAR fight when he got sneak attacked and distracted by nynaeve. sammael had him hanging on for dear life in shadar logoth when moridin spoiled his victory. semi had him set up perfectly when posing as tuon, only cadsuane's hair net (whose purpose was unknown to all, again including the readers) broke up her disguise. then she had him seconds away from killing his lover when rand surpised the readers again with using the TP to waste her. mesaana had rand in a box for god's sake and also played the white tower like a fiddle. as readers we are strongly conditioned to believe that any plans laid by the forsaken will fail after all of these events. but looking at these situations from the perspective of a character in the world, for example when loial puts all this stuff down in his chronicles, it appears that it was a miracle that the light triumphed against impossible odds time and time again. but for us who are looking from the outside, the bad guys look like bumbling idiots even when they are just as surpised by unforseen turning of events as we are.
  7. hasn't anyone thought this could be a setup by moridin, who obviously knows of LTT and lanfear's history?
  8. Not everyone has a black thread, but that doesn't mean they need one for the Dark One to revive them. Only the forsaken , and they are the only tool The DO bother resurrect . rand cut the threads off of ishamael and that didn't prevent the DO from resurrecting him. IMO its like the previous poster said, the DO just doesnt want to bring him back as he was the weakest, least reliable, and least useful of the whole lot.
  9. i thought the unmasking before a kill clearly represented a twisted cannibalistic version of aiel.
  10. Things the Forsaken and their BA minions have done. Destroy the Seanchan empire and cause a continent wide 50 sided civil war. Hell, if you believe what Ishy says he's behind the whole Seanchan invasion and their doctored prophecies. Cause the Shaido War. Overthrew the legitimate governments of Andor, Tar Valon, Arad Doman, Ghealdan, Tear and Illian inciting civil war in the first four. Kidnap the puppet rulers of Shara and cause civil war there. Given their order was to cause chaos, I think they did ok. Rahvin had Rand dead to rights as well, he was standing there watching his weave polymorph helpless Rand into a dog when he got sneak-attacked and distracted by Nynaeve, giving rand the opening he needed. Semi successfully put the domination TA on him and would have forced him to kill Min with his own hands had he not surprisingly drawn on the TP to waste her. By this point none of the remaining forsaken want to attack the DR directly since he always ta'verens his way to survival. instead the plan is to strike at his support in the hopes that when the last battle comes he will be worn down and so full of despair that he could be coerced to join the shadow. rand needs to hold on to that small bit of light left amongst the proverbial (and literal) clouds in the sky.
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