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  1. Ishamael/Moriden - the rest are all like fighting childern.
  2. I couldn't have said that better myself
  3. I also had the thought after reading a few of the arguments on this thread, that why wouldn't Elayne make Dylin the regant until after the last battle? The major houses already supported her, Dylin made clear she didn't want the throne and I am positive that Elayne could have benifitted from some more time training her talents as Aes Sedai. I think it was also mentioned she could be Andor's ambassador to the Dragon Reborn. It would be far easier for her to take power from a willing step down of Dylin, again avoiding a civil warand that would have given her the time to meet and make nice with the houses that Morgase upset. Additionally the fact that she would be supported by the White Tower fully after it was whole would have held great sway. As Aes Sedai Elayne has hundreds of yeras in front of her - there should have been no rush to jump into a war for the throne. On a second note - Back to her use of the power during the the civil war that she managed to NOT avoid... defending her soilders on the wall (mentioned by someone earlier) and causing greif to the sieging armies (also mentioned earlier) why not? it is not in oppisition of the oaths. (Sheilds of Air, storms and other inconveiences in the enemy camps, nightly raids to destory the supply lines/moral etc.) I realize soemone also mentoned that this may lead to armies of channelers taking up arms wherever they choose.... well as I understand most channelers don't hit the ground running (1 in 4 survives being born with the spark, and less then 1% of the population has the spark at that = .25% of the population) - and I'm pretty sure regardless of the affilliation, one of the larger groups (White Tower, Black Tower, Seanchan) would look at scooping them up pretty quickly. Quite simply, the strong survive and rise to the top - and its the measure of respect that they choose to keep when the get there. You don't get to be the King/Queen or even President/Prime Minister for being a nice guy. If you have the big stick, you need to use it soemtimes. I'm not saying she needs to be a tyrant, but it wouldn't hurt her if she set down challangers... Hard and fast.
  4. If she had said yes to accepting the throne from the DR the answer would have been against. We also have the POV from Bashere when he tells Gaul why they can't use foreign soldiers. As a supporter of Rand I still think Elayne would have saved Caemlyn from the seige had she let his armies maintain a pressence (if even only for a short term of say 6-8 months) to give herself time to develope a force capable of holding her claim for the throne. Andor was not a conqured nation, and dispite his wording, Rand really wasn't giving it to her - he liberated it from one of the forsaken and made clear he had no intent of maintaing a power base there. I am positive he told Dylen the very same thing. She could have came to the city and began petitioning the noble houses - informing them that she is recalling the remainder of the queens guard, that the imposter Gaebril had indeed been Ravhin (of forsaken fame) and that she was alive and well and preparing Andor for the pending last battle. Additionally.... I don't see the difference between the mercanaries that she has HIRED to defend the city (and her claim) draining the royal coffers, and the armies supported by Rand defending her position with out incurring as great a cost. Not to mention the aid of an experienced General in establishing a plan of action for a schedualed with drawl that would leave the city in the rightful queens proper hands. Indeed soem of the houses may be "upset" with the idea of less then a years occupation of foreign soliders on there home soil, but the surly wouldn't have raised arms aginst. and being a little "upset" is certainly better then civil war. as far as using the power goes - yeah I may have forgot about her being preggars and not being able to channel thing - but if she was less hasty in sending the dragonsworn away it would have been a moot point.
  5. Never would have happened. Morgase had her strongest supporters tortured by Rahvin's compulsion. Having been out of Andor for quite some time, she has not been the face of Andor. I doubt the any house would trust the daughter of Morgase enough to accept the role of influential underling just like that They would only have to attend her in company with several Aes Sedai (Who by way of the 3 oaths cannot lie) and have revealed that Morgase was a pawn of one of the forsaken. The houses must be beginning to accept the fact that 1) the Dragon is Reborn, 2) the Forsaken are free, and 3) Tarmon Gaidon is close. It is crazy to have the largest country on the continant in the middle of a Cival War - over slights the last queen (while under the influence of Ravhin) made in the few months prior to her dissappearance. Bearing in mind that she was a good queen by all accounts prior to the arrival of Ravhin. the only big challange should be the people. the Houses that are rebelling need to be set down quickly, and like it or not Rand's forces or the one power are the quickest/most effective way. Its easier to ask forgiviness or apoligise for mistakes after. Elayne should have pleanty of time after the LB - even if she does swear on the oath rod, she could potentially live to be 200-300 years old, without the rod she could hypothetically be queen for 500-600 years - she'll have lots of time to make up for the small transgression in taking power in a difficult situation. She has the tools she just need s to use them. (Egwene wouldn't think twice about it :D)
  6. I'm in the middle of my re-read of KoD and (as painful as it is) I'm reading Elayne's chapters and asking myself, why she woulden't use the power to defend her position, (or her warder). Simply, this close to TG wouldn't it be in the best interest of all if she secured the rule of Andor (or even just Caemlyn) quickly and decisively. Now I'm not saying she should use the one power as a weapon, and annihilate the contenders for the throne, but use some "Aes Sedai" intimidation. Flex the muscle a little bit and stop politicing so much. Fear is a great motivatior espicially for the mercenaries that seem to be figting on both side of the conflict. The ones that are on her side would be emboldened that they have the support of Aes Sedai, and the one power, and the aggressors would be intimidated by the fact that they may have to march into the wrath of angry sisters. (with the rumors of all the power fought battles since Cairhein fell to Rand, and the Seanchan in the west, Arymilla's mercenaries would be hard to push aginst that) and the other houses would be forced to go to her, like it or not. She could work out how to pacify them after the Last Battle. And that brings me to my second point... she has free and easy access to Rand's armies (Aeil, and Bashere early on in the conflict) WTF was she thinking sending them all out of Caemlyn?? yes, foreign armies are not preferred, but if they are supporting the rightful queen during her rise, get over it!! if she wanted to send them away - trickle them out, as you train your own army. Then there would be NO REBELLION, no LONG and drawn out storyline waiting for the rest of the series to catch up to her. She could then have focused on the stash of Ter'angreal from Ebo Dar, and her original directive... catching the Black Ajah. The rebel houses would be reluctant, but would not try and fight a war they couldn't win, and the people would be left in a safer position... when the people are safe, and fed - they are not going to rebel. Ultimatley the way I see it is like... You are going to bulild a house, you have a shed full of power tools, but you are only going to use a hammer and hand saw. It can be done, but why not use the tools you have? Well thats my 2 cents...
  7. I think there was more to it that we havn't seen yet... "the dice" never gave any indication of the seriousness in her letter to Mat. It is entirely possible that Verin made a mistake - but remember; Verin beleived Mat's tavereness pulled her to him for a reason, and she would have had that in mind when she was writing the letter to him. It seems to me that Verin put a lot of faith in the pattern doing what needs to be done and left the letter in Mat's hand for fate to decide. Of course - Verin being Verin, I am dilligantly awaiting some other information to surface that she had planned it this way all along. Its quirks like this that make her one of the better characters in the series.
  8. You see, this is the sortof reply I was looking for. What if a major continent was created, brought to the surface and not submerged in water after a breaking, and so obviously becomes the new habited and civilised centro, but that continent was one previously mined diligently by many, many Ages? You can say it won't happen, but please, humour me. AND! I'm talking Age of Legends style. I'm almost definite they would have mined deeper than 3.5 km. Who's to say the materials would be exactly the same... Humans are resourceful and nessisity is the mother of invention. There could potentiall be a turign of the wheel where steel is obsolete, and swords are fashioned from ceremics, and all buildings are built form stone or wood. Its an excelent question but I think that the planet would create enough resources to provide some kind of sembalance of life and people would adapt accordingly.
  9. They both fell off the tracks... The Aiel essentially switched releigion (way of the leaf for the way of the spear) thats wandering from the beaten path for sure. The tinkers kept to the releigion, but IIRC the Jenn were the servants of the Aes Sedai, tinkers are certainly not that. No one can fault either for the directions they went, and the choices made sense at the time... Just a curiosity - what is the tinkers reaction to Aes Sedai? do they have any recolection of the past... passed on? or some special ter'angreal of their own? or just follow a version of the way of the leaf? do all tinkers follow it the same way? (a bible perhaps, or just word of mouth...after 3000+ years that could lose a lot to interpertation, espically if there are many "bands", and little interaction) Do they often interact with each other? and are there many of them? All I can recall is that they travel and search for a song they don't know. I would love to get a POV from the tinkers gathering outside of Ebo Dar just to see if they have another peice of the puzzle. I would love to see there point of veiw of the speration from the Jenn.
  10. Thanks for the info - I kinda puzzled peices out regarding the Aginor/Balthemal bits- but for the rest of them, it makes much more sense now.
  11. How do the Forsaken know the comman toung? - shouldn't they all speak the old toung? (I have been asking myself that question since the first time I read the shadow rising 15 years ago)
  12. Taim is Taim - no differnt than a BA sister with a big job (CEO of the Black Tower) he answers to Morridin and does what he's told. He may not be another forsaken - but he would apper to be a step up on any other current dredlords - might even make get a better job out of the deal if Greandal keeps wasting the curent batch of forsaken. Of course he still has to survive the hostile takeover that Logain is going to throwdown in aMoL.
  13. uh, so... Egwene, every bit as stubbron as a person can get MUST do things her way, Latra, every bit as stubbron as a person can get MUST do things her way sounds like one & the same to me
  14. If the Forsaken switch side they still need to be excuted... any switchovers would be purely lip service - and lets face facts, ANY of their crimes aginst humanity are worth an excution if even just to forgoe the chance they might do it again. Morridin - how many people has he killed (or ordered killed?) 100? - 1 million? think Hitler with more power then a nuke. Lanfear - same deal - although if anyone would switch side it would be her - shes out for herself above all else - and regardless if she worships the shadow, or the creator or herself she wouldn't think twice about cutting someone down. Demandred - just out for the dragons blood he'll take power whereever he could get it and the shadow gave it to him - he's figiting for his team to the death. Greandal - like Lanfear way too selfish more interested in the pleasures of life. Just half the act's she pulled in the 3rd age would send her to the headmans axe (regardl;ess of whatever punishemnt she gets from SH) she is a cold blooded killer. moghedion - I see her surviving and hiding away causing greif for the post TG world. that suits her MO -she can live small and secretly and still counter influence important events. turing back to the light - only if she though it would hel;p her survive. pretty sure the rest are dead and staying there for the time being (messanna - shes just kinda vegging right now - if Egwene was smart she would balefire her ass)
  15. Egwene is very likely the reborn Lattra Possae - and with a little time and effort she can possibly bring the AS around, she does however need time to clean up the mess the white tower has made of it's self over the last few generations. As far as dealing with the threat at hand Egwene dosn't know that Rand hasn't got a plan - he told her to be ready in 30 days and has had no contact (on-screen) with her since. Egwene is just being stubbron because she dosen't have control (over the situation, over Rand, over the hall of the tower - pick one, or all three). I can understand her position, and even her reaction (I'm not an Egwene hater). Aes Sedai actions over the last 1000 years or so haven't been exactly awe inspiring (with the exceptions of a few stand out sisters) in fact they have diminshed their standing considerably, they have isloated themselves, and closed their minds to alternative paths (wouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that IF there were people living in the waste, some of them could potentially channel, or take for granted that just because soemone is stronger in the power means that they are right and everyone else should sit down & shut up! among other things that they just "have always done it this way") I also don't think Rand (as Zen as he currently is) is closed minded about the situation... If Egwene and the AS had an alternate solution I am sure he would hear them out - but I wouldn't hold my breath that they come up with soemthing. Rand is approaching the situation with a proactive "I'm going to fix this problem" attitude - if Egwene wasn't such a bitch about doing things "with" other people instead of making them do what she wants, they could put their minds togeather & make a plan. Nyneve started out the same way in the early books and learned that she wasn't the untimate authority on everything, she shaped into one of the best characters in the books - I think as Egwene ages a little she will learn those same lessons (or heres hoping). Rand has based his paln (as faulty as it could potentially be) on his prior knowledge of Egwene & I don't blame Rand for not giving her any more information then he has - with Lews Therrins intellect and a little deductive reasoning, he would have NO reason to think that the Aes Sedai would be able to deal with sealing the DO's prision (they had 3000 years to work out a solution and came up with - "wow, lets hope he dosn't want to break free, eh!") Rand's plan, letting the AS gather the nations for him - is bang on - at this stage it is about what they (as a group) are capable of. too much division among themselvs, too much "high-n-mighty holier-then-thou" attitude to assume that they could succeed in anything more important then gathering the nations - and don't get me worng that is quite a feat. I think the forsaken had it right - the Aes Sedai are half trained childern - I would hold them akin to a moden day teenager - fully capable of doing the right thing just not seasoned enough to make the right choices consistantly (again there are individual exclusions for some) Sorry about ranting "off topic" I'm just in the middle of my re-read of the series for aMoL and the Aes Sedai bungling things are bugging me!
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