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  1. Lee! I would put Genghis Khan up there. His probably achieved more than anyone in that list.
  2. No. I'm saying that the act of using Compulsion would be To Compel, not To Compulse. Also, I am saying that it would be entirely possible to Compel someone to deliberately ignore or dismiss certain facts/actions to essentially make them not take action. Compulse is not a word. I used it intentionally but compulsion indeed is used to compel someone.
  3. ^^I am pretty sure it was the bond that saved Siuan, you know the superman like reflexes that Bryne now possess! So what exactly is this "bond-enhanced awareness"? Better hearing, sense of smell or just pattern telling you there is a threat? By the way, even you have super hearing, still you won't not react fast enough. Reflexes strictly depend of signal speed from sensory organs to brain and back to your arm or leg muscle. I think what didymos is trying to say is that Warders, thanks to their "enhanced-awareness" cannot be jumped upon but in open challenge, this will not amount to much.
  4. Let's see. Guy says he's going to break the seals. Did he give any sort of good reasoning as how that will work just fine? Did he give any proof that will not result in disaster? Is it that surprising that Egwene might just wish to...You know...STUDY AND PLAN the idea without rushing first? By any chance you have habit of jumping head first into unknown waters without checking are there any rocks just under the surface? Because that's what breaking seals without planning sure sounds like. And if Rand didn't provide good solid plan and evidence favouring it that's what it's going to sound to anybody. So hardly surprising if Egwene wants him to atleast post-pone it 'till it's been studied and planned. Does Rand even know what to do once seals are broken? Or is he just hoping to be able to improvise? Did Egwene pursue Rand further over this issue or tried using her own scholars to find out why he would propose breaking rest of the seals? Well Rand only knows what LTT knew.
  5. Now I have a problem with that, it seems to me that the Seanchan threat is being over stated. The mainland forces just have to get their act toegether. Yes the Seanchan use women chanellers as weapons, but their main weakness is that they can't link while wearing the a'dam. All you have to do is be selfprotective enough to organise raids led by men/women circles to go after the daname holding pens. In time the Seanchan will have less and less chanelers and will be forced to either make peace of face defeat. An organised mainland with Aes Sedais Ash'Aman support shouldn't be abble to loose this one. Of course internal division can come a loong way twoards helping the Seanchan. Sawa I don't think people are concerned about Seanchan muscle power. Randlanders can most definitely crush them. Problem is that Randladers are facing another much stronger enemy and they will waste all their strength on shadow (if they even manage to survive) leaving them prey to Seanchan. By the looks of it, Seanchan will not fight shadow at all. They will be busy bringing damane to their knees since TG in Seanchan land is 1000 years away! Why did RJ create so many uni dimensional characters?
  6. There was a prophecy regarding Mat judging two Aes Sedai or something. He made his choice and picked Moiraine over Elayne. While it might have saved Olver's life (if he is dead), opening the letter might have had it's own unintended consequences.
  7. Hold on, Egwene was under compulsion? that was what "halima" was doing unless i missed something and am very far off the point, i'll have to go check it again, but halima wasn't just warding against the dreaming ability, there was compulsion involved to a small degree. very small and very insignificant at any one time, but still compulsion, and all together might be a HUGE part in the plot still. Halima is dead so any compulsion is gone with her. So what exactly this compulsion was suppose to do? You cannot compulse someone to not do nothing. You think the headaches were product of compulsion?
  8. Not sure how Mat reading the letter would have had any effect on Moiraine's rescue. It certainly would have allowed the channelers in Caemlyn to do something worthwhile with regard to Warding the Waygate, though. You know, save the city ( and maybe Olver ) by preventing the Trolloc invasion. But do you think Mat would have left for tower of Ghenjei if he had known about this? He left Olver behind because he thought Olver will be safe in Camelyn. If he had learned about invasion, I think he might taken Olver with him, if he had gone to rescue Moiraine at all. Is this what the prophecy was about, two Aes Sedai on something something?
  9. Yeah, as far as I know, the bond doesn't grant heightened reflexes or a boost in raw speed. There's that "Warder grace" thing, which seems to partially bond-related, but we see something much like that in anyone who epitomizes badassery, and it doesn't seem to have anything to do with reflexes anyway. The Aiel, for example. It gives one stamina (which will indirectly "enhance" reflexes, but only in that they won't dull as quickly due to fatigue), ability to go longer and function better than non-Warders without food or sleep, significant resistance to injury and infection (cf. when Lan shows up in Salidar after losing Moraine), limited sensing of Shadowspawn and some protection from being "seen" by the Shadow, and allows one to retain vitality and fighting ability even into old age. Agreed. I guess like any book, this series is open to 50 million interpretations. People read what they wanna read (including me);)
  10. Help me here. Wasn't Band of Red Hand and Perrin's army camping outside Camelyn when Trollocs came? And if Mat had read the letter, how it would have affected Moriane's rescue?
  11. You might have a different opinion, but it is wrong. Stamina does not only count in long distance running. Sword fights are skill-based, but without a fairly decent amount of strength and endurance, a guy who is stronger and faster than you but a bit less skilled would beat you every time. In addition to stamina, the warder bond also gives the warder heightened senses and quicker reflexes, both of which are absolutely essential to a sword fight. Quote from the book that says bond makes warder move faster (quick reflexes)... So Hammar and Sleete were exception who liked attention? And now that Gawyn is bonded, he is basically God among men and no one can touch him? We are talking sword right and not sex?
  12. Egwene's main concern is that she wants Nynaeve to swear the oaths, because she doesn't want any Aes Sedai going around without the oaths. Nynaeve then says that she already knows all the weaves for the test (remember, Daigian was teaching them to her), and will take it. Oh, so she doesn't even trust Nynaeve? It's not an issue of trusting Nynaeve or not. It's a matter of if Egwene allows her to be Aes Sedai without swearing the oaths, other sisters will start to demand they be freed of oaths as well. It's avoiding the perception of special treatment. So Cadsuane and her fan club followed Nyn? And wasn't Nyn busy, helping Dragon. Sounds like weird time to set examples. And was Nyn allowed to go back once she took the oath?
  13. So they lifted ban on balefire in WT? No, she uses it inside her test. I think when he said the "point of the test may have been to let her get access to her repressed memory of how to weave Balefire" he meant it from a meta author's perspective, not that it was the Aes Sedai's goal in having her take the test. Ah cool..So did they "punish" her for using balefire? MON with her "stick"...
  14. Egwene's main concern is that she wants Nynaeve to swear the oaths, because she doesn't want any Aes Sedai going around without the oaths. Nynaeve then says that she already knows all the weaves for the test (remember, Daigian was teaching them to her), and will take it. Oh, so she doesn't even trust Nynaeve?
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