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  1. First off as I said in previous comment keeping expectations low for TV series. Adaptations from books to movies or vice versa are always a little different than everyone expects. From what I read of the news topic almost everything looks ok. However I would NOT recommend keeping some characters out of first season. Namely Elayne, Galad, and Gawyn etc. It might be a good idea to at least introduce them in the first season, just not give them a whole lot of screen time. The other thing is the statement about TWOT not being about good and evil, but about balance vs. inbalance. Like I said I know the TV series will be a little different, but I hope and I would strongly urge whoevers in charge of the project to try to stay true to the central theme or storyline of the series. Look how The Lord of the Rings movies went. As far as I can tell the main storyine of the movies was about good and evil, and it seemed to work out well. When I mention movies I am talking about the first three movies: the fellowship, the two towers, the return of the king. I will say one more thing. I dont think this is happening with TWOT TV series, but if whoevers producing it is planning on going with a completely different story e.g. (legends of the seeker from the sword of truth series), a lot of people and fans of the series are going to be angry and disppointed. Again I think the TV series is going in the right direction, though I want to put this out there just in case. So, I am hoping for the best with TV series and looking forward to when it does come out. Thanks for sharing the news and updates dragonmount.
  2. Excited to hear this news about TV series, though am keeping expectations low. Like a lot of people have said, Rand is the central character of the series and I would like to see a lot of the series focused on him, Mat, and Perrin. As far as I can tell, everything else looks ok. Will still probably have to wait another 2-3 years before the TV series premeirs on TV. Again looking forward to watching when it comes out. Hoping everyone has a reasonably cool summer.
  3. Very excited to hear this news. Ever since I first read TEOTW the wheel of time series has been almost like my bible, and the best thing about the series is it has good replay value for me. I can keep rereading the series over and over again and still enjoy it every time. Have three questions. 1. Any word on when TEOTW will be available to watch on amazon video. 2. Is related to first question. How much progress has been made in adapting first book to tv, amzon video etc. 3. I am not sure but I am assuming based on this article that TWOT TV series will be made by and premier on amazon video. That would be great because I have amazon video and enjoy watching movies on it. I cant believe nobody else has posted a comment about The Fire Within the Ways in Unfettered 3. Last time I looked nobody has even posted a comment or book review on amazon website. I thought it was a good story. Thanks for sharing this news, and hope everyone has a cool summer and a happy Easter.
  4. A great read. I wont say anything about the story for anyone who has not read it yet. But I will say I thought it was pretty good. I also enjoyed River of Souls, though it was pretty short. A Fire within the Ways makes me wish a new story set within TWOT would be put out in a book. I know Harriets against this but it sure is nice to dream. Currently reading TPOD in TWOT. Concerning AMOL its a bummer that Rand apparently got burned out from the male half of the source. That is a sad ending for that book. All in all loved AMOL, though I feel that there should have been a glossary in that book. As mentioned above if you want to check out a new story, for me A Fire Within the Ways ranks five stars, and is recommended. Hoping everyone has a happy Easter.
  5. Hello everyone and happy holidays in advance to everyone. Found another typo error in book 6 Lord of Chaos. This is another publishing error by tor. In this book LOC it says about the author is on page 1012. There is not even about the author unless you count the photo, but the author photo is on page 1013. Still enjoy TWOT series and may consider getting TWOT ebooks, although tor should fix this minor mistake sometime in the future. Am looking forward to TV series and Unfettered 3. Merry Christmas and happy 2019 to everyone.
  6. Good to hear this news and will keep open mind about TV series, though I know it will be a while until we see the TV show. On book TSR right now. Love the series though I got to give positive complaint to TOR. The current paperback edition etc. that I own has page number typo error about the author. About the author RJ is printed to start on page 1006. It really starts on page 1007. For crying out loud whoever does the publishing get page numbers right! Also in hardcover TSR in glossary about artur hawkwing, the text is incomplete and fades to white, so you cannot read it. That is a mistake on TORs part. Another typo error in TGH hardcover dustjacket synopsis. "the leader of the aes of sedai who may intend to gentle him." It should read "the leader of the aes sedai who may intend to gentle him". As far as I know the rest of TWOT books are ok. I can live with minor typo errors in words in books. TWOT series is so complex you have to give HJ some slack. So TOR if you ever put out a new edition of TSR get page numbers right. Will continue to enjoy TWOT series, and looking forward to TV series and also Unfettered 3. Happy holidays to everyone.
  7. Good to hear this news and looking forward to reading the book. It would be even better though if some more insight about AMOL ending was explained. TWOT companion says Rand lost the ability to channel. I guess he was either severed or burned out from saidin. That would be cool if more details were revealed. It has also been quite a while since we heard any news about TWOT TV series. Right now I am taking a break from TWOT book series since I have read it so many times, but I still love the series. Wishing everyone the best, and a hopefully good year of 2019.
  8. The only thing I can think of off the top of my head that I dont understand for AMOL is this. In TWOT companion for the entry about Rand it says near the end that he could no longer channel saidin almost at the end of AMOL. Also in AMOL the book itself, almost at the end it basically says that he willed the flame to light his pipe. The thing I dont get is how come Rand can no longer channel saidin? I dont recall either one of the above mentioned books telling if he got gentled or severed. Yes, I know he switched bodies with Moridin, though as far as I know Moridin could channel saidin also. So if BS, Harriet, or anyone could answer that question, that would be cool. Thanks and hoping for the best for everyone.
  9. GRRM series is entertaining though unrealistic. I can identify more with TWOT than ASOIAF. I am definitely looking forward to TWOT TV series.
  10. It is good to hear this news and looking forward to when the TV series does premier. Even though its a long ways off in terms of timing, I think it will be done right. There are a number of other ways for Harriet and tor to expand this series. As far as I know the new editions of TWOT series-TEOTW e.g. with Rand hanging on to the mast-those books with the new dust jackets are only in trade paperback. I may be wrong but I have not seen those covers in mass market or hardcover. Maybe if they republished these books kind of like what bantam did for ASOIAF, I bet that would make a lot of money for the series. Or like I have said before, if they put out books 4-14 in trade paperback with the artwork done by DKS, that would be good. I know what Harriet has said, although I would still love to see new stories set in TWOT universe. All in all it is great to hear this news and hoping everyone has a warm summer and a happy fourth of July.
  11. Thanks for filling us in about the price for this new book. Its there for anybody who wants it, and not nearly as expensive as I thought it would be. I probably still won't get it, since I like the original books with the dust jacket art done by Darryl K. Sweet. Except for AMOL and later TWOT books. As for the trade paperbacks, I forgot to add this to the first comment, but what I meant is that I would like to see trade paperbacks for books 4-14 released in original covers and art done by D.K.S. Books 1-3 are already out in trade, though it is hard to find TDR for this edition. I own the first three in trade by DKS and I would get books 4-14 if they were done with art and covers done by DKS in trade. I know I would get them. Just wanted to clarify that. Thanks for the info.
  12. I wonder how much they are gonna charge for this? A 100 dollars or more? This is something I can do without. One thing I might pay money for is if TOR released TWOT books 4-14 in trade paperback. I am talking about those big paperbacks almost the size of hardcovers like for books 1-3. I would not mind hearing some news about TWOT tv series adaptation.
  13. I wonder how much they are gonna charge for this? A 100 dollars or more? This is something I can do without. One thing I might pay money for is if TOR released TWOT books 4-14 in trade paperback. I am talking about those big paperbacks almost the size of hardcovers like for books 1-3. I would not mind hearing some news about TWOT tv series adaptation.
  14. I wonder how much they are gonna charge for this? A 100 dollars or more? This is something I can do without. One thing I might pay money for is if TOR released TWOT books 4-14 in trade paperback. I am talking about those big paperbacks almost the size of hardcovers like for books 1-3. I would not mind hearing some news about TWOT tv series adaptation.
  15. Sooner or later high expectations will disappoint you. I will start out by saying that I immensely enjoyed TWOT companion. Before this book came out, like a lot of people I did not know what to expect from the companion. Meaning I did not know what kind of book it would be. I was expecting it to be similiar to The World of RJ The Wheel of Time reference book. And so, when I picked this book up at the bookstore, took a quick glance inside and was disappointed by what I saw. That was last year. I read the companion about a month and a half ago from beginning to end and thought it was a great book. The best I can make out is that TWOT companion is one huge encyclopedia for TWOT series. Almost anything that you can think of related to this series is in the book as well as a few other suprises.However: NEW READERS BE ADVISED. THIS BOOK HAS TONS OF SPOILERS AND REVEALS ALMOST EVERYTHING IN TWOT BOOKS 1-14. So if you have just started TWOT recently, you might want to consider finishing the series before you read this book all the way through. Now, going back to the first sentence about high expectations. This is what i am talking about. After WH was released in 2000 and with the awesome ending for that book, when news of COT was released I had high expectations and was expecting it be even better than its predecessor. I did not know what to think the first time I read COT. After reading it a second time and then some I thought it was pretty good and not as bad as some people make it out to be. I also think COT might have been RJ geniuos. The reason I put this out there about high expectations has to do with news about TWOT being made into a tv series or movie or whatever. I know it will be some years before we see TWOT on tv or the big screen. I just know that I am keeping low expectations for TWOT tv series or movie. Hopefully this way I will not be too upset whatever the outcome. I just wanted to put that out there. Thanks for letting me share my thoughts.
  16. I am very excited to hear this news. I am sure that TWOT miniseries will definitely be different like The Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit movies from MY own expectations though I believe TWOT miniseries will be great and I definitely look forward to watching it! I enjoy TWOT series immensely. Wishing everybody a great 2016.
  17. Hi everyone. Going back to my last comment I want to clarify about AMOL extended edition wtih a glossary included would be great. What I mean is The Stand by Stephen King had the original edition that I liked best. And then the editor cut out the scenes about the kid and thus that book was published. So what I am saying is that TOR could republish AMOL with a glossay included. Even though AMOL does not have a glossary it ties up the central storyline about Rand resealing the dark one and I am very satisfied with AMOL. I have to admit I am looking forward to TWOT being adapted into a tv series. I know it will be some years until we see the tv miniseries and it will be beyond everyones expectations-my own especially-but I think it will be done right. Wishing everyone a happy 7-4-16 and a cool summer season.
  18. As it has been pointed out this news article did land on 4-1-16: april fools day. I guess everybody is entitled to one minor joke or comedy scare. Myself I never really cared much for APRIL FOOLS DAY. I can identify more with Martin Luther King, Christmas, and Easter etc...But seriously if this is a prank from dragonmount, then the bigger joke is on dragonmount and dragonmount knows it. I can understand dragonmount charging fees for printed books or getting involved in TWOT art contests and stuff like that. I check out dragonmount because I love TWOT series so much and I get my moneys worth every time I reread the series and other books as well as news about TEOTW eventually being made into a movie. But if dragonmount starts charging outrageous FEES then we can always check out other websites that cover TWOT news like the wertzone etc... If TEOTW is ever adapted into a movie, I say forget a miniseries, and if necssary make it TEOTW PART 1 and PART 2 like Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part 1 and 2. Lastly I just want to share my thoughts on AMOL! This is a great book and I like how it ties up the storyline about Rand sealing up the dark one. The one thing I was frustrated and disappointed about is that there is no glossary in AMOL. Glossaries are in books 1-13 in TWOT series and then left out of book 14. Right, I do not see this happening but it would be great if BS, Harriet, or TOR put out AMOL glossary included. I am NOT talking about CHANGING the storyline for AMOL or anything negative! But I definitely want to check out TWOT companion sometime! Wishing everybody the best and a hopefully cool summer!
  19. Thanks for the partial review. I understand how Jennifer does not want to give away spoilers, though I was curious if TWOT companion describes shadowspawn and the war of power like TWORJ the wheel of time! It would be pretty cool if TWOT companion did, though from what I understand the companion is supposed to a little different from TWORJ the wheel of time. I am still looking forward to reading the companion though I am keeping my expectations for this book low and not anticipating this book being as great as TGS or LOC for expamle. Wishing everyone a happy thanksgiving in advance!
  20. I like how in this article Harriet lets us know in advance that TWOT companion will not be perfect, and may have some errors in it. Heaven knows TWOT series has a lot of typo errors. What really gets to me is when some people claim how awesome and superior GRRM ASOIAF series is over TWOT! I have read GRRM books and I even enjoyed AGOT and ACOK even though the story is wrong and about almost everyone being ambitious and doing terrible things to bad and good people alike. The whole storyline is about a power struggle which is sometimes exciting and at others puts me to sleep. Referring to my earlier comment though, I own a copy of The World of George RR Martins Ice and Fire. I really have only one complaint, and that is that there are no maps in it! One thing that really makes TWOT meaningful to me is EVERYTHING about the whole series, and the fact that in The World of RJ TWOT RJ acknowledges the fact that the book is not perfect and asks the reader to forgive the errors! I typed some earlier comments about how I would like to see some descriptions in TWOT companion about gholams and the true power! Now I am seriously doubting I will see it in this book. It just goes to show you that nobody writes a perfect book or novel, though I try to enjoy the story for whatever book I am reading! Still looking forward to TWOT companion although I know there are plenty of other good books to check out besides TWOT. Thanks for sharing this news dragonmount. Wishing everybody a happy Labor Day in advance!
  21. Considering that I only had three days before the post was closed, that does'nt leave a whole lot of time to get a comment posted on tor.com. I tried posting a comment on tor.com, selected user name and password, typed up the comment, but it would not add my comment because the post closed on 6-19-15. If they open up a new post, I will try adding a comment then, but for now I am going to leave my thoughts here. I really want to see descriptions about the gholams and the true power since they are not really described in the glossaries or in The World of RJ The Wheel of Time too much. I also want to see maps-both old and new-in TWOT companion! I did not see any maps at all in George RR Martins The World of Ice and Fire which was a disappointment for that book!
  22. Pbarkdull, you might want to check out The World of Robert Jordans: The Wheel of time book! It has some art work in there, though this is one book in TWOT series that gets some criticism for the artwork. Granted, the art is not the best, though I dont' think its as bad as some people make it out to be! Some of the characters in that book look like either older or younger versions of themselves, yet I don't think the art is that bad! I thought the depictions of Demandred, Lanfear, Egwene, and Elayne are pretty decent. Also, the text and history about the Age of Legends, The War of Power, and The Trolloc Wars etc. is pretty interesting! Looking forward to TWOT companion, and hopefully a cool summer!
  23. Looks pretty sweet! I am looking forward to adding this book to my collection!
  24. Looking very forward to reading TWOT companion when it comes out! More than that though, I would love to see a new story set within TWOT! I know already that Harriet is against this and it is probably not gonna happen, though there is still some stuff to make a good story about! A Memory of Light completes the main series for the most part, though the story is still incomplete in a way. What about Machin Shin and the corruption of the ways? What of Egwenes alliance made with the Aiel and the Sea Folk in TOM? Will the next amyrlin honor that alliance? And of course there is the Seanchan! There is enough to make a great story even if Brandon Sanderson is not the author to write it, though he still did a great job tying up the main story! If those issues listed above were addressed in a new TWOT stoy I would be happy! And I think that would tie up the main story as far as I can tell. Not to mention that it would probably make alot of other people happy! I know none of this is probably not gonna happen, though I just want to put my thoughts out there, because there is definitely room for another great TWOT story!
  25. I am looking forward to seeing TWOT companion, and it looks like it will be an interesting book to read! Too bad we have to wait another year for it, though I can live with that! I know I have said this before, and I will say it again! I hope TWOT companion is just slightly more detailed than The World of Robert Jordans The Wheel of Time! I want to see descriptions about the gholams and the true power! Those are the only two things I can think of that were left out of The World of Robert Jordans, even though I thought it was a pretty sweet book! It will probably be five years or longer before we ever see TWOT movie! I just hope that Universal or whoever does the movie does'nt screw it up! Some people may or may not know about this-but for anybody who loves George RR Martins series, there is a book supposed to come out by him in October called The World of Ice and Fire or something like that! It is supposed to be an illustrated guide to his series-A Song of Ice and Fire! I personally enjoy RJ series more, yet I imagine Martins fans will probably want to get this book! Wishing everybody the best! Peace!
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