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  1. Good point about the Foxes getting in his head! I hadn't thought of that. That's certainly something that could have been brought out in the story. It was mentioned a few times in Mat's POV throughout tGS and ToM that he feared that. He considered that the foxes were able to put all those memories into his head because they "stole" them from the men that they had belonged to. He figured that each of them must have used the Doorway to get to the ToG and that the foxes basically rode in the back of their heads catalogueing the memories for future use. he was frantic about not coming up with too much in the way of a plan so that they could not anticipate his actions.
  2. It was not that the weaves were not to be seen but that there was not enough of the power channeled to explain that a gateway had been opened. I do not think that Nyn showed them how to hide the ability to channel.
  3. Towers of Midnight...I keep seeing people pushing back because the ToM's are in Seandar. However, consider the cover of the book. It shows Mat, Thom and Noal entering the ToG. Lends more weight to my arguement Seriously, it would seem odd to use that image under that title if it was not connected. Why not images from Egwene's dream or an image of the actual towers with Fortuona looking down at them and then reference them in a memory sequence.
  4. It has been mentioned that Perrin will next save Rand in TAR. I see this as possible and I see the possibility of Rand going to TAR in the Flesh and taking Perrin with him. it is similar to a gateway afterall. We do not know if it is impossible to take someone else into the dream physically. Wr know that they can be removed from the dream (Sorta - See Birgitte) and Egwene asked the WO's if it was possible to bring someone else into TAR and they stated that it was forbidden IIRC. Note, not impossible but forbidden and evil. Did n't the BA somehow interact with Amethera/Thera in the dream somehow? How could they do that without the training or a Ter'angreal like the disk? Anyway all that to say this. Then Perrin will be on equal footing with Slayer and be able to smash his head with the Hammer!
  5. I think that her disappearances in the TR are still an open issue. I do not think that it has been determined what she was doing. I would like to know if Verin was aware and if that might be part of the content of the letter that Alanna received from her.
  6. I am currently re-reading new Spring and it is funny to see Moiraine say that Alanna was "...a shy woman at heart, but she worked hard at being fierce..." and that she was "...always exaggerating." Likely she has become the fierce woman that she was trying to be all those years ago, but it still strikes me that her once being known as shy at heart seems to tell a lot. She seems to be someone that needs to prove that she is something other than the shy girl that had arrived at the tower. Plus, being Arafellen, that would not seem to be a desirable trait in a woman from the borderlands. I do not think that she was BA though. I agree that the bond is not always perfect and that there was that one in the original 13 that had left the tower in TGH had a warder that was not a DF IIRC and he was none the wiser during their time together. Also Rand does not really use the bond from Alanna very often so who knows. But I do not want to see her turn out to be BA...
  7. I'd love to see her reaction when she learns LTT has slept with three women and gotten bonded to a fourth. Mindtrap / no mindtrap and reformation/ redemption regardless, that should be entertainment of a high order. LOL! so true. And couple that with Elayne being pregnant, and the fact that from Min we know that Avi is going to be pregnant (might have happened in the 20+ days that we are missing Rand, who knows) Cynfear is going to FLIP!
  8. What we have to recall is that the Seanchan prophesies have been corrupted by Ishy. The fact that Fortuona expects Rand to kneel to the CT is because Ishy wanted to mess with her and make the DR's life miserable as a result. There is a high likelyhood that it will not happen as it is not a true prophesy and that something else very dramatic is going to instead. If for some crazy reason, Rand were to submit to the CT, then everyone that has sworn to him would also be sworn to the CT. That is where people will go apesh!t. This will also drive a deeper wedge between Egween and Rand. Overall there just is not enough pages left in the series for there to be too much drama. I think that Rand, Mat and Perrin will Ta'veren everyone and viola! instant world army. OK, so maybe not that easy, but it will be the first time that all three Ta'veren will be together since Tear, and even then I do not think that we saw all three in the same room. We already know what each of them are capable of when their Ta'veren juice is cooking those around them. Rand is the most powerful ever, and honestly, Mat and Perrin are not all that weak. It is going to be an interesting read.
  9. Sure,think about it. She was the one that located the "weakening of the Pattern" that allowed her to drill into the DO's prison. She would have knowledge of the makeup of the prison, what powers or combination of powers and weaves that were able to penetrate the prison and the methods. This knowledge could allow Rand to create a proper patch for the prison. I think that he is planning on a proper patch versus what some think that he is going to rebuild the prison. And actually, his patch will not be perfect. As the wheel turns, someone will detect the "weakening of the Pattern" in another age and drill into it the same as happened in the AoL. I mean, how could the Creator have made the prison with this major flaw in it? I think that, as is often quoted, man cannot match what the Creator made. But it must be done this way so that someone in the next AoL can drill into it and allow the DO to touch the world again. I get the feeling that it is a trap, but that Cynbfear will do what she feels is best for her. I cannot wait to see how this is all going to play out!!
  10. I agree. I mean, sure, he has the memories of a number of great captains throughout history and would do great as the commander of the combined armies, but it feels anti-climactic. He and Perrin should be together. "The three shall be as one". Though I get a feeling that it could be talking about the link made with Callandor... Bah that's crazy talk :)
  11. If I recall, he does tell Naeff to go to the BT and tell Logain that "We are men, not weapons" It is possible that the BT has been resolved and that Logain is in charge now...
  12. Yeah, I seem to recall that it was hinted that it might be able to be reversed but would take some significant effort. I agree with dwn that it might cheapen the effect if we could make them "all better". I mean we have healed Gentling/Stilling as if they never happened. The Taint has been removed and the Taint-Flavored Madness has been discovered to be healable. I mean soon Nyn will figure out how to raise someone from the dead at this rate!
  13. You know, now that you mention this, could it have been possible that Verin was the one that wrote the prophesy on the wall? Fain was surprised by who let him out of the dungeon and she did state that it might have been done by a Myr or an educated DF. I doubt that there are many DF's more educated than Verin... Anywho, I like the idea of a hold that was at its core, made from male Aiel Channelers captured and turned and populated with other DF's or captured people in raids. If the society was cultivated to worship Ishy/DO/Chosen whatever, then it would not take many generations to make it a Dark Society. It would also explain the dark colored eyes as there would be some Westlander blood in them. There is no telling how large this group might be and it could end up being Moridin's answer to the Rand Aiel. Ahh who knows. Someone jump into a time machine and go get aMoL and post it here for us all to read already
  14. How is Jain Farstrider a DF? Why would Malkieri consider him a DF? After all, Olver said Jain Farstrider was one of the greatest heroes ever lived and he exposed Cowin Fairheart's treachery and betrayal of Malkier to the Shadow. No you might be right, I have not gone back and looked at the earlier books in a while, but I recalled there being a mention that he might have been thought of as a DF. It could be that, as I have read on other threads, that he was tricked/used by Ishy. I need to do a bit more research on this...
  15. Moiraine also suggested that the Eelfinn were lying about that to make her afraid. If Lanfear had died, the DO would know and no rescue would have been needed; whether or he would have transmigrated her soul is a separate question. Lanfear either survived *Finnland and was transmigrated later for reason... or she received a different body as a result of her demands of the Eelfinn. I tend to think it was the second option, and that her new (or changed) body was a creative interpretation of a wish. Speculation time So what did she wish for? This is Lanfear, so one obvious thing is: "I want Lews Therin to love me again." It would take more than a body swap, of course, but not recognizing her is what drew Rand to Cyndane in his dream. Seeing Lanfear there would not have evoked that response. Getting close allowed him to 'see her soul' and remember his one-time love for her. -- dwn I always assumed that Lanfear never died at all. Notice when she met Alivia in battle, Lanfear thought to herself that Alivia was “More powerful than I was before being held prisoner by the Ailfinn. That should be impossible.” (Or something close to that, I’m going on memory.) Now, you’d think dying and being reborn in a new body would stand out in your mind. You’d see that as the key experience beyond the doorframe, not just being held prisoner before dying. It seems curious that she did not frame the thought as “before I died and was reborn.” Also, the “Impossible” comment is strange. Why would that be impossible? I think Lanfear went through the doorway some time in the age of legends. I think her wishes were “I want to be super beautiful, I want to be the most powerful female channeler in the world, and (perhaps) I want Lews Therin to fall in love with me.” When Lanfear then fell into their clutches again, the snakes and foxes saw no reason to go on honoring her previous wishes. So, she reverted to her original appearance (cute, but not stunning) and power level (powerful, but not overwhelming) before someone came and sprung her. I think she assumed it was impossible for Alivia to be more powerful, because Lanfear was the most powerful gal in the AoL, and none of these “half-trained girls” could top that. I don't think so. Mo said that they both got there wishes. Well OK, but they still could have revoked her previous wishes. In any case, then what do you think Lanfear's inner monologue meant? It meant: "I was the the strongest women in all of the recorded history of the AoL! How dare any of these pitiful 3rd age worms even come close to--let alone exceed--my sheer awesomeness!" Lanfear, also known as Miss Lets-Suplant-The-Creator-And-Dark-Lord, is surely arrogant enough to speak with some hyperbole. -- dwn My only concern is that I do not think that you can enter the doorway twice. (Obviously if you enter the Towers directly, it can work...) I seem to recall Mat trying at one point and nothing happened. So I do not think that Lanfear could have seen the Foxes before since she likely would have fallen through the doorway and hit the wagon it was sitting on. Unless because she was locked in physical contact with Moiraine that it allowed her to enter a second time.
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