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  1. Folks, I'm just coming round to doing an update on this - if there's any people who have sites which are missing or if any site owners want to mail me updated descriptions, please can you mail me here? Thanks
  2. Good call, they're in at http://www.wotmud.org/directory/offline.php! Anyone else?
  3. Thanks Kathana, I'll certainly add it, although I'm scratching my head exactly where to add it :) If anyone else has suggestions please feel free to pop me a mail, whatever! Cheers
  4. Folks, I've been putting a wheel of time directory together at http://www.wotmud.org/directory and I've got most of them covered - I'd sure appreciate an email if you know of any "must see" sites that I should add to the lists! The current categories are: - Wheel of Time Art & Music - Wheel of Time Books - Wheel of Time Book 11 - Wheel of Time Characters - Wheel of Time Directories - Wheel of Time Discussion - Wheel of Time Downloads - Wheel of Time Encyclopedias - Wheel of Time Fan Sites - Wheel of Time Fan Fiction - Wheel of Time FAQs - Wheel of Time Forums - Wheel of Time Forms - Wheel of Time Games - Wheel of Time Glossaries - Wheel of Time Humour - Wheel of Time Icons - Wheel of Time Jokes - Wheel of Time Maps - Wheel of Time MU*s - Wheel of Time News - Wheel of Time Non English - Wheel of Time Old Tongue - Wheel of Time Online Games - Wheel of Time Products - Wheel of Time Quotes - Wheel of Time Reviews - Wheel of Time Robert Jordan - Wheel of Time Setting - Wheel of Time Summaries - Wheel of Time Theories - Wheel of Time Timelines - Wheel of Time Tools - Wheel of Time Weaves - Wheel of Time Webrings ... again, feel free to pop me a mail with any suggestions Cheers, Nass
  5. I used all the various maps from the books - when you add them all together and fiddle with the ration and perspective you can get a fairly accurate conglomeration. I'm actually working on one that includes seandar etc too
  6. Thanks guys! I just used photoshop and "cloned" textures from NASA's world wind exe. That idea of mouseovers is a nice one, I'll give it a whirl in due course - working on another map first tho... You'll always find the latest map via http://www.wotmud.org/directory/maps.php - I'm the webmaster and one of the creators of that place. Cheers, Nass
  7. yeah, they're cities - I didn't label them because it looks really cramped and crowded if you do. Though I can give that another try I suppose :) Garan's Wall, hmmm, yeah, I'll look at it
  8. Folks, I made a nice wot map and put it at http://www.wotmud.org/directory/maps/nassmap.jpg - not sure if anyone's interested in one but it's there if you want it for anything. Making one of the whole world next. Cheers!
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