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  1. I think Elyas, Tamm, Cadsuane, Tenobia/Bashere, Gaul/Chiad/Bain, and Ruarc will all go down in battle.
  2. Hmm i always wondered if the 3 being one meant aiel, seanchan, and randlanders all being allies. I could be wrong though.
  3. When Aram's grandparents disowned him. The time Perrin tried to save that tinker woman that Min saTw would die. The greenman dying was a pretty good scene too. Lews Therin when he realized what he had done. Jain's scene When Mat gives up his eye.
  4. lol i didn't even read that you posted about mumford and sons luckers. Lol pretty awesome that somebody else thinks they remind him of the books. And i think Sigh no More was a better album than Babel. Thoughts??
  5. I think i like Nyn so much because she reminds me of my friends mother, and no matter how right she thinks she is and how infuriating she can be. When it comes down to fighting and sticking up for people you care about she is the person who leaps without looking and is willing to stand up for you.
  6. A few that i thought of. This one i think would go good after the last battle or if there is an after http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMsTSdHIJds Rand interacting with LTT. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bpzxf_flm8M
  7. The term death is lighter than a feather, duty heavier than a mountain is changed when Nynaeve gets mad at rand and literally crushes him to death with a mountain. Nynaeve will be mad enough to pull the braid that isn't there. mat will hear dice in his head perrin will wonder about woman Loail will talk about being as hasty as a human And min will call rand a lumox at some point
  8. Infuriating lets see, Elaida, The part of the book where one of the girls kicks mat in between his legs. Elayne and her whole "Min said i will have kids and therefore i can do whatever i want and put myself in whatever danger i want too." The whole Faile being angry at Perrin and going out of her way to make him miserable. The other Aes Sedai when the don't acknowledge Nynave and Elayne as full sisters even though they acknowledge Eggy as amyrilin.
  9. Don't forget Noal/Jain Farstrider he redeemed himself aswell.
  10. Have you read the first few sword of truth books? Because the first book really can't be compared to teotw, they have similar things, but there are a lot of differences. The wizards first rule has a love story in it. I can see later on in the series where you could think that they are copied but Wizards First Rule is a pretty good book, and there are a lot of ideas in it that are not borrowed from wheel of time. And as stated the similarities between teotw and fellowship are there. I felt like i was reading fellowship when i started reading teotw.
  11. I liked the Belgerad and the Mallorean by David Eddings. Pretty good books. I know this is blasphemy on this website but the first like 4 books of the sword of truth series by Goodkind really are pretty good. As far as scifi goes i can recommend Orson Scott Card- Enders Game. And the rest of the series though not as good as the first book.
  12. Ok so I know that the horn is linked with somebody until they die, so my question is since mat died twice is he still technically linked with it? I know that Rahvin was balefired and mat came back from being dead. Is there any chance that he could have lost the connection or does it really not matter?
  13. The Dragon's Fang New Dawn The Way of the Leaf Old Friends New Friends Written in Blood The Dragons Peace The Towers United The Last Hunt The Queens Sorrow
  14. what I find kind of humorous is that Rand and Elayns children will have one uncle who shares both their mother and fathers side :) Unless by some strange occurance Thom ends up being her father. (which if possible, would be cool, but would start a succesion war again prob.)
  15. I still think that it is Lan. Lan has been compared to wolves before, and he is known as a champion of light. He will go to reclaim his country and bring down his wraith on the blight. Him living in general has been a thorn in the dark ones foot, and him dying would effect the morale. He is known as the perfect warrior, if he could fall peole would be more afraid.
  16. Yes Brandon does not do as good of a job as RJ did, but that is a given. RJ is the Author who came up with the story of course he would do better. The thing that helps me when reading these books is to just look at the whole thing as a story. This may not make sense, of course we would look at it as if it is a story. But people tend to tear apart every small detail of the books. Stop paying attention to the small detail and just see the tale unfold. Mat may be slightly of key, but for the most part the key Matness is still there. He may be a little different but it is easy to see RJ's version doing some of the same things as BS's (maybe not as elaborate) but if you look at it on the whole you can get past it. If you are not happy with the books stop reading them. Don't say you would rather the series have not been completed and still buy the book. I think brandon is doing a great job and deserves some credit for filling RJ's shoes as best as he can.
  17. I keep seeing in books where Aes Sedai have said that their names are different than there actual real names. How do they get by doing this? Do they say something like "I have been called this before, or known as this before." Or is it just a loophole that nobody thought of. Anybody?
  18. Pillow Friends: A romantic tale about two accepted Aes Sedai.: Written by Elaida Ogres and ADHD: Mat The Trick to Falling off Bridges: Mat The Dragon Reborn Owes Me Money: Written by Cenn Buie
  19. A few that come to mind. Thom when he jumps the fade in order to let Mat and Rand get away. The first time Mat speaks in the old tongue. Perrin trying to save the tinker women who min saw dying. Perrin forging the new weapon. Rand on top of dragonmount. Nynaeve defending Mat. Perrin marrying Morgase off. Well your married go on now. Mat defeating the golum. Jain saying "If ever you meet a malkieri, tell them i died clean" Those are just a few.
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