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  1. Oh, I just found out the answer to one of my questions via the Wertzone link - it'll be written from a post-AMoL point of view with spoilers for the whole series. That's definitely a good thing in my opinion!
  2. Great news, can't wait! I'll be very interested to see what tone and tense it adopts. E.g. Will it be written 'in-world' like The World of Robert Jordan's, and where in the chronology of the books will it be set? Will it acknowledge things such as that Moridin is Ishmael reborn and will it even have references for characters like Androl and Bao who were only introduced very late on? Am I right in recalling that an actual entry appeared on Dragonmount a while back? Anyone got a link?
  3. Is there any more news on the Encyclopedia? June 2014 has come and gone and I've not heard a whisper here, on Tor.com, or anywhere else for that matter!
  4. Edit: SO early not DO early!
  5. Wow! That was incredibly interesting and a great insight into RJ's planning of the series. I had to chuckle at the bit about Sha'tan breaking out of his prison completely, apparently do early in the story. One of my frustrations from the series was that this was perpetually teased on the back of almost every book, but it didnt happen until the very end of AMoL! I could happily read his notes for days. Please share more if you are able.
  6. I like Dragonmount because it gives me the 4th Age podcast - which I listen to on the way to work - and loads of other interesting bits and bobs to keep me busy while I should be doing work. Happy Birthday DM!
  7. Lots of memories! 1. Accidentally uncovering a spoiler about Ba'alzamon I wish I hadn't, while browsing through Dragonmount in the middle of reading The Great Hunt. Yes, that spoiler. 2. The cracking coverage of the Suvudu Cage Match between Rand Al'Thor and Jamie Lannister from a Song of Ice and Fire. No idea how that all became so gripping and tense, but I was refreshing every 2 mins to see how the voting was going. Evidently Dragonmount was just as excited. 3. The exciting build-up to TGS, the first WoT book in four years. One of the few sites I would visit daily to check up on every little tidbit of news. Here's to another 12 Dragonmount!
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