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  1. I felt it was out of character, but I didn't feel it was THAT bad. It felt more out-of -character for Rand then for Mat but it was far from the cringe-worthy moments of Mat in tGS. His writing of Mat has improved. I give him credit for that.
  2. lol A little harsh, but no, it didn't make much sense to me.
  3. That's only a double negative, used in everyday speech. I don't think it was intentional, hehehe. Upon first reading I didn't get your point, although I think I noticed it at the time. Androl had him bound with flows of air at the time, so he couldn't hear. Very good point! "An Aes Sedai never lies, but the truth she speaks, may not be the truth you think you hear."!
  4. but how?...walk me through her reasoning. It would have to be convincing enough for her to (on a snap judgement) suspect Graendal over Moghedien. "The fan base" was far from unanimous in believing her alive.
  5. Chapter 2, p.100(TOR) (credit to whomever noticed this during the audiobook release and posted it on twitter - Terez I think?) "Where does he live?" "Back in Kandor." (Pevara says) which seems to be a lie because he's dead, he doesn't "live" anywhere.
  6. If it was they didn't correct: Chapter 2, p.100(TOR) "Where does he live?" "Back in Kandor." (Pevara says) which seems to be a lie because he's dead.
  7. As I said in this post, http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/78008-prologue-through-to-the-end-of-chapter-25/?p=2735902 people who should think Graendal is dead, suspect her of things Cadsuane says: Chapter 35, p. 599 (TOR) "Is would suspect it is Graendal". Cadsuane was told of her "bale-death" by Nynaeve right after it occurred. She shouldn't suspect Graendal of anything (or am I missing something?).
  8. Ya, Androl was pretty great. Why bring your enemy to the volcano, when you can bring the volcano to your enemy?!
  9. Another thing (I think it may be an error but I want others to confirm or deny it before posting in the Typo/Error thread): Chapter 22 p.412(TOR) Perrin says: "That was Graendal, wasn't it?", "Or was it Moghedien" Does this make any sense as a guess? Assuming no Field of Merrilor offscreen discussion about who is alive and who is dead among the Forsaken, Perrin could have guessed like that. He could also have guessed Sermirhage or Mesaana. His two guesses (from a reader's POV) imply that there was a talk. If so, shouldn't he have only guessed Moghedien because everyone thinks Graendal is Bale-dead? Similar question with respect to: Chapter 23 p.428(TOR) Aviendha's internal monologue (...that certainly hadn't been Moghedien, and it didn't match the description of Graendal...) If there had been full communication at the Field of Merrilor(or between Wise Ones and Aviendha) she should have guessed Moghedien or possibly Lanfear(because she knows Moraine made it back from finn-land, so why not Lanfear?). The non-communication permutations seem more complex with Aviendha(because it could involve not talking to the Wise Ones about Graendal being killed but talking about Mesaana being brain-dead). In any case, thinking the attacker might be Graendal seems clearly odd to me. Thoughts?
  10. Chapter22 p.414(TOR) Is anybody else as cynical as me (I know a couple of you out there are worse than me) and feel Lanfear's "time distortions" talk(not just in TAR but in the real world) are an excuse to allow Brandon literary flexibility? "Well, the timeline doesn't make sense? F'it! The pattern is unravelling!"
  11. The only previous reference I can think of is the prologue of Lord of Chaos. We are told they are neither alive nor dead.
  12. lol, hadn't thought of that. Imagine Moridin goes up to Rand and says "no, I am your father!"
  13. That segment just seemed too much like the "evil Men from the East" showing up to fight alongside orcs in the LOTR. I couldn't imagine a whole people being Darkfriends, Surely Demandred must have been behind this...or (Moghedien?) I'll read on and see!
  14. ...except Callandor! That was a surprise for me given this quote.
  15. Chapter 17 p.335 (TOR) "...but he could just be a beggar or other fool looking for excitement." Is this proper English? Should that word be "another"? EDIT: Chapter 17 p.342(TOR) "I would have the all of the women..." I 99% sure that that is not proper English. EDIT 2: Chapter 18 p.345(TOR) "The thing turned, too slow,..." too slowly?
  16. Ah! My bad. ;) As for Mat, there is a slight regression but at least the tone of his voice is OK. He just seems to be mentally stalling for time. His thoughts are too explicitly anti-fighting that it seemed clear to me he knows it's coming. An unavoidable event. Back to reading for me...
  17. Ya, that is such a relief. It does fell like BS has a better grasp of how he should be written now. In Chapter 13(end of p.277) it's not clear how Perrin learns of the gateway problem around the Black Tower, but it makes sense that he could have learned this info. Chapter 15: p.317 the whole "natural birth" thing. I think Mat's thoughts are correct but I'm not sure. Imagine a baby Myrddraal; creepiest baby ever!
  18. This one was found by Herid (I can't claim any credit): Chapter 4 p. 131 TOR Edition: "He cannot hear what we say?" "No," Pevara said. This would seem to be fairly unambiguously a lie.
  19. p.188(TOR version) Chapter 7: How does Rand know Lan is in trouble at the Gap? In Chapter 9 I found it interesting that finally the making of angreals was (sorta) introduced. The way it was described, (if sa'angreals are made the same way) it sounded like you would need a million Aes Sedai to make the Choden Kal The deerhorn/dull dagger, I had forgotten about that thing. Exited to see how Rand uses it. http://encyclopaedia-wot.org/items/dull_dagger.html
  20. That was my understanding as well; it just seemed like "too good a guess" given what he knows.
  21. Ok, if we assume she meant "rule" since she was officially queen; does the timeline work for her statement to be factual? I just found the entry where it says that Elayne gets the throne on day 758. Is it: a) clearly true b) clearly false c) Too close to 100 days (give or take timeline issues in tGS and ToM) to tell. A Knife of Dreams ends roughly around Day 766. How long did events in tGS and ToM take if we pick a shortest possible time estimate?
  22. First page of Chapter 8: Elayne POV. "She hadn't ruled Caemlyn for a hundred days". Is this true? I am FAR from being a timeline expert. This one: http://wot.wikia.com/wiki/1000_NE says that Elayne arrives in Caemlyn on day 687 (her rule begins?) and says "Elayne, Aviendha and Min bond Rand." on day 696. (When she gets pregnant). How far along is he in her pregnancy? She thinks during that scene that "the babies kicked...frequently". She certainly more than 3 months...even in Randland a normal human pregnancy should last about 255 to 275 days right? Does her "rule" begin when she arrives in the city? Or at some specific time later?
  23. How does Rand know that Moridin was ever controlling her in the first place?
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