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  1. I was around for CoT here and wotmania. RJ was certainly criticized for CoT, but he never received the level of textual criticism being aimed at Brandon. Saying otherwise is "straight up revising history."
  2. People seriously need to stop with this revisionist history that RJ was never criticized. RJ's work was critiqued in the same exact way as Brandon and people who have been around remember well(as you should know Dem) all of the "lost control" claims etc. between WH-CoT. Things were equally heated back then between the pro/anti RJ crowd. I am so sick of people misrepresenting posters such as Lucker's views on things. He never has said RJ was perfect, he never said Brandon is bad because he isn't doing as strong a job as RJ could have. You honestly seem to have missed one of the main points of his entire post which was Brandon's personnel growth as an author. RJ's work was critiqued, but to say that it was critiqued in the same manner that Brandon is being critiqued now is revisionist in my opinion. At least in the 15 years I've been following RJ online here and other places, I don't remember ever seeing the level of criticism leveled at RJ that has been leveled at Brandon in regards to timeline issues, continuity, and textual critiques of his prose. Granted, I go in and out of following discussions and I generally just lurk, so I may be misremembering. However, the level of criticism definitely feels "hotter" to me now then when RJ was alive, but maybe that's just my perception. Personally I disagree with this. I doubt more fan involvement would make that much of a difference. Everyone has their own hangups--so more things might get caught continuity-wise but other things that were caught might get missed. To me it's akin to having too many cooks in the kitchen. Or, to use Luckers' analogy, it's like having a Captain (Brandon) and a bunch of captain-wannabes on the same boat, all with slightly different visions of where they're going.
  3. Sorry, it seems like I was unclear. I meant I felt Mat was off big time in tGS, but did not feel like he was off here in this excerpt. It's never going to be the same as RJ, but I thought that it was light years beyond what BS wrote for Mat in tGS. I think anytime an author bases a character off of someone in real life, people who know the person are going to feel like it's off, since they know the person. But that doesn't mean the character doesn't fit in the universe, just that it doesn't work for those people. I just wanted to say that as someone who has no clue who the people these two characters are based off of are, I personally did not read anything "off" about them. Others may certainly disagree, as many have done so here.
  4. It's always interesting to hear other people's takes on the same chapter. Personally, I thought Mat read fine. I think Sanderson's take on Mat has gotten better with each book. I didn't notice anything "off" like he was in tGS. I also didn't notice anything out of ordinary with the fanservice. Jame came off as Seanchan to me--and as a more than casual fan who doesn't do much online, nothing seemed off about that scene to me. Just my two cents.
  5. The amount of errors found so far in this thread (specifically the big ones like Perrin rediscovering that Saidin was cleansed) is pretty disturbing.
  6. The thing that Sanderson did that threw me off the most was Tam. Not the way he wrote him, but the order in which he appears in the book. It's just really weird reading a character (even a minor one) not in a linear order. Bookwise, Tam is in both Perrin's and Rand's camp at the same time. I know RJ had his timelines all over the place, but I don't think he ever showed us a character out of order. Thanks to that, every time another character hooked onto a different story path, I had to think about where they were in the timing, too. I also wasn't a fan of the way POVs were sliced up in chapters, and the POV that Sanderson used for scenes didn't always seem to be the best choice.
  7. In no particular order: - Rand/Mat/Perrin reunion: I'm guessing this doesn't happen until the AMOL or the end of TOM. - Rand/Tam reunion take 2: I really hope that they don't end things with where they left off. - Moiraine rescue: It's been a long time coming! I have this fear that they will rescue her only to have her die in the next scene. I really hope that doesn't happen. - Moiraine/Rand reunion: Yeah, Rand REALLY needs this. - Logain/Taim showdown: Should be pretty cool.
  8. Amazon still says pre-order for me in the Pacific Timezone. It's been my experience that kindle versions tend not to be available until 12am of whatever timezone you're in. EDIT: At least that's what I've always assumed since I've always been in the PST when I've bought newly released books. It could just be that they wait until it hits 12am PST also.
  9. I'm now trying not to get too psyched up about the possibility of a Moiraine POV. Because that would be awesome, and now I will be slightly bummed out if it doesn't happen.
  10. I don't know what's been said by Tor or Sanderson, but my experience with Kindle editions is that they've been available at 12:00 AM the day of the release.
  11. I bought the latest Hunger Games book this way. I pre-ordered Mockingjay for Kindle days before the release, and it didn't download precisely at midnight. Instead it was something like 20-30 minutes later. I wanted to get into at midnight so I actually purchased it at midnight and then got a refund for the one that came later. If you want it exactly at midnight then your best bet is to just wait until then and purchase it, but if you're not going to stay up then pre-ordering it should get it to you fine.
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