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  1. This has certainly given me food for thought. I do love the idea of a dark callandor. I can picture the epic showdown - Rand v.s. Morridin. A sword of shining light meeting a sword of pure darkness with huge amounts of the OP and TP laying waste to the continent as they duel. An epic showdown for an epic series. Not entirely won over on the body-swap theory. It might just be because I'm not a fan of the idea (though I do see the reasoning behind it) but in any event, it's clear their connection is going to play an important role in the last battle. As for the day dawning twice; I've never been entirely sure what to make of that passage. I've read ever so many theories and each have a ring of credibility. I think we'll have to wait and see on that one. The dark Rand idea is very interesting. Ever since the circle of 13 channelers+myrddraal trick was mentioned, I've longed to read a scene where it was put into action. Though it wasn't until ToM that we actually (knowingly) saw evidence of it being used. Wouldn't it be interesting if this trick were used on Rand himself? Though I'm not entirely sure if that could happen now he has access to the true power? Another point for debate perhaps. Another interesting read Despothera. Keep them coming! :-)
  2. Two things. Firstly, nice post! :-) Secondly, considering this has been posted onto the front page of Dragonmount, I would probably stick a spoiler warning near the start of the discussion. After all, not everyone who visits this website will have read to the end of ToM yet. (Though, I agree, if they're reading a post containing 'theory' in the title, one would hope they take the hint... but y'know..) In any case, I'm looking forward to the next post!
  3. Hi Jason. Just to let you know, there appears to be a slight typo in the description of the premium account item. Under the 'In Addition' section it says '..given the change to..' and I'm guessing you were shooting for '..given the chance to..' Nice additions though! Great to see the shop up and running again :-) - J
  4. My most vivid memory of Dragonmount is really quite easy to choose. It was last year. I was doing my usual "daily sweep" of my bookmarked websites and when I reached Dragonmount I was confronted with the words "I have read the Gathering Storm". Jason's post sent shivers down my spine and caused hairs to stand on end. I was already as excited a kid at Christmas but when I saw those 6 little words I reached fever pitch. These books mean so very much to me and you guys at Dragonmount are so fantastic at keeping us super-bouncy-excited throughout the months and years between books. There are so many memories to choose from but that one truly steals the biscuit for me =]
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