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  1. actually I think it came out at the same time as the movie.
  2. I agree. Obviously this is a heated discussion, but seriously, i think everyone gets it. Anyone else agree?
  3. I don't know if anyone here plays warhammer, but I think it would be awesome if WoT was made into a miniature model game. Let me now what you guys think about this.
  4. Me? Well I'd be a wandering wilder, that the black tower has been trying to get a hold of, but I always refuse. They would try to bring me in using force, but I am much stronger than most Asha'man that come after me. I would be lighthearted and upbeat, someone to take some stress off of the Lord Dragon's shoulders, but when the time came, I would fight with all of my power in his name. All in all, I would be the Male version of Cadsuane i guess, cept I know that I am but a servant of the Lord Dragon, and that I'm more laid back most of the time.
  5. Do you think that Rand uses the one power during sex
  6. Hey, i was just wondering. In the WoT world, does everyone get reborn or is it just special people?
  7. I do see what some of you guys are saying about how there are similarities between Eragon and WoT, but you can't get angry at authors because things are similar. I wouldnt call my self a writer but i do hope to be one someday, and I find it hard sometimes not to have things that are similar to other authors work. Even I have things in my stroy that a lot of people would say is too similar to RJ or Paolini to be a coincedince. Especially things like orcs or trollocs or urghals, which is something nearly every fantasy book has and is hard to avoid not having sometimes. Other things are the same. Personaly I love the Eragon books and I will be going to see the movie. I havent looked into it to much but I do hope it's good. As for a movie of WoT, it would be way to long and I would be happy with the books being split up to make the movies have resonable time legnths, or a TV series would be just as good. Not a miniseries though.
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