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  1. I never mention for this to be an Elayne bashing thread. But I do agree with your points about her character.
  2. Does anyone else think that it's kind of messed up that Elayne was so quick to agree that Rand was wrong when Egwene contacted her about his desire to break the seals.
  3. Sometime when I read Egwene's point of view and she saying something arrogant, it makes my stomach turn and rumble. Egwene in spite of being such a well written character is definitely on the list of my 10 least favorite characters.
  4. That one was so foreshadowed that I think that if they hadn't got together then some people would have rioted(or at least been really angry)
  5. But I do agree that she is arrogant and hypocritical especiallly when it comes to Rand and Mat.
  6. I don't think you can fault her for trying to do as the aiel while she's with them. Don't people always say "do as the Romans do"?
  7. So in my opinion Egwene's whole story is made up of her trying to make herself as important as the three tavern already are. Plus I think that of Rand,Mat, and Perrin didn't need her she would still be in the two rivers, or maybe with Bo and the other two rivers girls. So basically she' caught in a big taveren web
  8. Is have to disagree with Mr. Ares, and agree with Dreka Mort. Gene is not that heroic as she is petty. In TEOTW, when Egwene discovers Rand and the others leaving the Two Rivwrs. She doesn't even know she can channel yet, let alone that she could be the Amyrlin, she's only going so as not to be left out and bored alone in Emonds Field. It isn't till they have been on the road a while that she even learns of her ability to channel, so she isn't just purposefully putting herself in a bad situation, she's struggling to try to keep up with Rand in terms of power and political power. That's why she refuses to listen to Rand when he says he needs to shatter the seals. She really believes that she is smarter and wiser as an aes sedai and Amyrlin.
  9. It's interesting the number of people who have completely different opinions about her
  10. Meant to put Elayne's name in there also
  11. I totally agree Aes Sedai have an arrogance around them that rubs me the wrong way and Egwene , and even and to some point Nynaeve all have inherited this undeserved arrogance
  12. <br />No, I don't contest that Rand and Mat have made mistakes, but Rand's mistakes are at least (IMO) justifiable and I understand why he did things in the situation that he was in. With Egwene, I don't feel that as much. I understand some of the manipulations and deceit that she had to do, but I also think her personality has taken a downhill turn. <br /><br />I hate Aes Sedai, I find them to be detestable, and Egwene has become so Aes Sedai that I can't help but dislike her too.<br /><br /><br /><br />
  13. Does Egwene know about Rand newfound memories of the AOL? If she does she sure does act like she would know what's better to do concerning the seals and Rands decision to shatter them. Another character who annoys me is Elayne, I know she aes sedai and all that but can she please show some loyalty to Rand instead of always siding with the tower against him.
  14. I always thought that even though she claims Rand is arrogant, she is way worse.
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