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  1. Do you have a quote for that? They aren't. Taim taught all the Asha'man compulsion. It is brought to light when the Asha'man capture the WT Aes Sedai. I don't have the books here with me, but it was to the effect of: "Sorry Aes Sedai, this is how I was taught." He kissed her and she was unable to resist him. Caddy's 'Hair Thingies" are not "just" wells. We know that there is one that can tell when a man wields the one power.
  2. Bob T Dwarf To bring this back to Cadsuane - from where I sit, she should be played by Margaret Hamilton. Just a total mis-characterization of what she was billed to be. dwn No no no. Katharine Hepburn. -- dwn Definitely not Maggie Hamilton (she was more like Semi) at all!!! I'll go with Kate Hepburn... opinionated, bossy and a fairly unlikeable character, but a great deal of fun to watch.
  3. 51, male, I must be the grand daddy here... Nynaeve, Matt, Moraine, Siuan, and Egwene
  4. This is just a thought, but... Everyone speaks of the epiphanies that the Two River folk have gone through. Rand has come to peace with his personalities, Nynaeve has broken her block and made great strides in the medical field, Matt has become a true leader, and Perrin is at peace with his inner wolf. Meanwhile Egwene has had no or very little self reflection. Out of all the the above she is also the youngest. She was born at the focal point of 3 ta'veren. Is it possible that Egwene is exactly what Rand, Matt and Perrin need her to be?
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