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  1. Mehn_Deke

    Winter's Heart Audiobook Giveaway!

    Mat's great escape. It was just too much fun to read!
  2. Mehn_Deke

    Discuss The Full Book

    I'll just repost this here: Can we now confirm that Bashere is not a DF? He witnesses Rands Awesomlightness, but neither he or Iltrude (sp?) go and cast themselves off the top of the tower as they watch. The DF down below however go and cut their eyes out or see if they are really AS who have rediscovered flight.
  3. Mehn_Deke

    Mat's Arc

    My bet? Moiraine is the one that persuades the WT and other women channelers to help Rand, not argue with his plan.
  4. Mehn_Deke

    Perrin's Arc

    Mjollnir!!!! That's all.
  5. Mehn_Deke

    Discuss The Full Book

    Can we take the Saldean DF response to Rand's destruction of the Trollocs there as proof that Bashere is NOT a DF? Those two killed/blinded themselves rather than watch, but Iltrude (sp?) and Bashere watched in amazement.
  6. Mehn_Deke

    Verin's Letters

    This is what interests me. You have the Band there for the retaking/defense of the city. You have a lot of mercenaries that Elayne has been trying to find a way to integrate into the forces of Andor. The Band is now a (semi) force of Andor. I wager we're going to see the band come out of this battle with even more force than they went in with. Not to mention we can be pretty sure that Talmanes isn't a DF!
  7. Well I disagree with you there. There is NOTHING necessary to the plot with the Faile kidnapping plotline. so we can definitely get rid of that one. :) Yet. We have no idea how important the alliance Perrin made with the Seachan will be in the next book or two. I just have to keep reminding myself that it wasn't that long of a plot in Perrin time.... Just in every other sort of time.
  8. Is the clue located along your Tour route?