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  1. mess is another word for food/grub/etc. Such as a "mess hall" So it's basically saying "the trollocs don't have to worry about food supplies," which makes perfect sense in context.
  2. I didn't think burning out could be Healed, just stilling?
  3. Finished at 4:00 am. Main things I remember standing out: ~ How did Rand know that Callandor was a True Power sa'angrael? It just came up "Now that Rand knew..." I assume Moiraine knew, but I don't recall it actually saying... ~ Moiraine's first meeting with Rand was very "meh" to me. I really expected a lot more. I kept hoping all along her importance was going to be one of shock, such as in Terez' original theory from eons ago that she would basically show up to balefire Rand as he was being Turned. As for her 'purpose'... overall, it made me go "meh," since it ended up being a pur
  4. He fell in love with a pretty girl and became convinced he was the true Savior of the prophecies. Valan Luca!?! :)
  5. Or what if this memory of light takes place long after the Last Battle and it's just a scene of Rand & Tam hanging out? (I'm picturing the epilogue to Rocky III, with Apollo & Rocky facing off just for the hell of it)
  6. Can you provide citation for this? I don't disbelieve you, I'm just curious what all these documented mistakes are. I have plenty of my own issues with the last 2 books, but I don't recall seeing Team Jordan admitting to numerous mistakes... (again, just curious, not being argumentative)
  7. I feel like I should know what this is. I can't help but hope that this has something to do with some HILARIOUS Felix theory.
  8. Nothing unique here, pretty much all of Dumai's Wells, but particularly, with Rand crushing the last 3 knots on his shield and bursting out of the box.
  9. Nice! They don't have the buckle, but I think I will email and ask what would be involved in a custom project. Thanks!
  10. Though I don't know for certain that BS actually does this better than RJ, the major battle between Perrin & Slayer I thought was really awesome, and likely extremely different from how RJ would have done it. RJ wrote battle scenes from the POV of terror, as one who had been in war and lived through horrible times - BS wrote/writes battles scenes like someone who came of age when the Matrix came out. This isn't better or worse, but it was a really neat way to write that particular battle scene and I couldn't have seen RJ writing it that way. Annnnd, that's honestly as far as I can go
  11. Thanks Mashiara, I do appreciate the response, but as a follow-up, does anyone know of what specifically I was talking about? I really thought there was an "official" (or at least, "well-made") belt buckle of the dragon (possibly this symbol?: http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20091211023151/wot/images/0/01/Dragon-icon.svg ) This guy even mentions one: http://phweengee.tripod.com/wotstuff.htm but he doesn't seem to have a picture or a link for it.
  12. Is there licensed WoT merchandise? In particular, I seem to remember a few years ago there was an official or licensed Wheel of Time belt buckle that I saw around. Sorry if this is the wrong place for this, not sure where else would be a good spot.
  13. So let's just all be honest here - how many of you will likely, upon receiving the copy of AMoL, skip straight to the end to read the last passage, the one Robert Jordan wrote, that some of us have been waiting 20+ years for? I don't know if I'm going to, but I have to admit, I can already, 3.5 months away, feel my willpower ebbing in that regard... Edit: Just clarifying - I'm specifically talking about the part that Robert Jordan wrote, that he said has been written for 20 years. Not the climactic battle or anything, but what is likely to be the epilogue. In case it wasn't clear. :)
  14. Your 3 points about the feel of the 3 released chapters are exactly how I feel about those scenes as well. Edit: Actually, I just agree with your whole post - Sanderson's got it hard with this gig.
  15. I could dig a scene like that, if written well. But if Brandon Sanderson uses a Heroes reference such as that, I will pitch a hissy fit the likes of which this world has never seen! :) Going off that bottom part I wouldn't mind seeing both being able to be found by her, but she can only save one of them. After some tearful moments she knows she must abandon Lan. "Save the Sheepherder, save the world" if you will
  16. There's certainly the possibility, and maybe even a bit of a probability, but I don't there's any actual evidence of any sort that it will happen - we really don't know much about how, when, & why it happens, so it may (unfortunately?) take more than being an extremely honorable and awesome bad-ass.
  17. Maybe the tower is where Rand will die then? Of course, if Moiraine balefires him like I hope (based on Terez' theory), I don't think there would be much blood... Edit: Eh, after reading the rest of the prophecy (and FarShainMael's post above), that theory doesn't really hold up to the "Pit of Doom" part of the prophecy... ah well, that'll teach me to post before reading the rest of the thread.
  18. Someone over at Theoryland actually wrote a fan-fic like that a long time ago, I thought it was actually pretty neat, because it means that she wouldn't be able to just rez anyone. On the other hand, the theory I tend to like the most nowadays (about her "rezzing" Rand by ripping him from Dreamland), means it would only work on Heroes anyway, so it's not like she could just do it to anyone that she missed (ie, Lan)
  19. That (in an extremely condensed form) has been Terez's theory for a long time, and it's one of hers I happen to really like and agree with and hope happens - I think it would make for an almost perfect ending. If you don't know about the ripping from T'a'R part, I suggest finding her theory on it and reading it - very good stuff. Rand is resurrected via Tel'aran'rhiod, but only a handful of people really know that. Mat betrays the secret when he blows the Horn, so that starts the rumors that will make the legends, but Rand is resurrected, finishes the job (whatever is causing the wor
  20. One of my favorite moments, not just of Lan, but in the entire series, is in Winter's Heart. It is one of the defining moments in the series for me, of both Lan and Rand, in showing Lan's recognition that Rand's life must outweigh his own, and his duty is to let Rand go. And Rand, no matter what he says or does afterwards (particularly in The Gathering Storm), shows his true character here.
  21. Great Summary - sound familiar: RT @Wired Wake Up, Geek Culture. Time to Die http://bit.ly/dIv6iK #Geeks

  22. Merry Christmas all! Hope you get plenty of rest and relaxation.

  23. Tuesday Top Five - Top Five Magical-ish Fantasy Swords: http://wp.me/p14ewi-3U

  24. Well, I’ve gotten things going here. I want to let you know though, this is actually a pretty tough project. People don’t often think about the complexities involved in choosing good actors and actresses for such popular roles who also fit the look of the characters. ‘Tain’t easy folks, is all I’m saying, and that’s just knowing that I have to make myself happy with these decisions – not even considering that you guys will probably want to be happy with who is casted as well. I want to say a few things before I get started. First of all, there is no possible way to get actors and actre
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