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  1. Choice!! This would have to be the best cover I have yet seen for the WOT series. Finally, a decent representation and teaser for a seminal scene. Eagerly anticipating the final and concluding book.
  2. Thankyou Illiara for your courtesy and welcome. A'iotanga
  3. The wind blowing across the superhighway takes my words of greetings to the far reaches of this cyber world, a mirror world of the Wheel of Time. From Portal Stone to computer run the lines of 'why not', so I add my voice. Why not? To walk this world is to follow the paths laid out by the creator of this world, not the Creator of course, but nevertheless a person who has made a world that we all obviously identify with, and thus love. So, enough of the oratical addresses before I am labelled as a try hard. So in this world, I choose to become a Hunter, knowing already that the Horn of Valere has been discovered, and blown (as we all know!), the whole idea of travelling in search of adventure and excitement appeals to me. And being by nature a seeker exploring the known and unknown, the found and undiscovered, the real and the imagined attracts me. Therefore, I broadcast my thoughts as a novice to this plane (although of no particular group as of yet!) and lift my face to the Southern wind as it blows throughout the world. Greetings. May peace favour your swords. A'iotanga
  4. I lift my hand in greeting to the winds, bow in respect to the Creator, and lift my head high so that I may be seen, and thus known in this cyberspace world. I choose to enter this world as a Hunter of the Horn. Although knowing already that the Horn has been found, I still search for something intangible, adventure and excitement in a world I feel I know so well. As a Warrior of Light I travel with eyes open, mind unfolded, and awareness awoken to the possibilites. Therefore I stand against the Shadow, and those who are friends of the Dark. So I announce my name, A'iotanga, and enter into this world of the Wheel of Time. May peace favour your swords. A'iotanga
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