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  1. I've been coming back to Dragonmount weekly just to see the art. You will definitely be missed, especially by me. Thank you for taking the time to share everything.
  2. I'm from the United States, however I'm currently residing in The Republic of Panama, Central America.
  3. The Aiel and Mat (James) are the closest in my mind. The problems I see (In my mind) - Rand - Rand is 6'4-6'6 and would easily weigh over 200-220, the model can't be more than 5'11 and weigh any more than 160. Perrin - Perrin is a bit too old (And chubby) in my imagination. Mat (Cliff) - Mat looks a bit too.. feminine with the clothing choice and maybe a bit less muscular than I would imagine (I imagine him weighing 170-180). Over all everything looks pretty awesome, though.
  4. Currently rereading Don Quixote.
  5. I suspected in book two, however I ended up losing suspicion as the books went on.
  6. Most definitely Rand meeting up with Mat and Perrin.
  7. There is a huge difference between how Robert Jordan and how Brandon Sanderson write, for me it's most noticeable in Mat, who went from being in my top three favorites to literally my second most hated, only behind Egwene.. Reading Mat's letter to Elayne made me put the book down in disgust.. The scene where Mat and Perrin reunited for that brief moment brought a tear to my eye.. But besides that scene and the final scene with Moiraine, I was truly appalled by Mat. Edit: I enjoy all the other characters, Elayne's brothers have really improved in my opinion, as well as Perrin.
  8. Just finished reading the entire Paksenarrion series (Including the new newly released ones) by Elizabeth Moon, and it was.. Well, I think my favorite series might have shifted towards it and away from The Wheel of Time Going to be reading either Old Kingdom trilogy by Garth Nix or Malazan Book of the Fallen by Steven Erikson next.
  9. I was recommended the Wheel of Time series by a friend, having bought them without even looking at the cover, I can't say I wouldn't have bought them.. I will however say that I'm going to be buying the all the books in the series before they change them all. The books won't be the same with the new covers, just can't bring myself to accept them
  10. Been terribly slacking with keeping up on the site.. Just looked on here for the first time in such a long time. Will definitely check out this series to help pass the time until the final book
  11. Was really looking forward to this, was gonna put down a couple hundred depending on how high it got.. Then I click link and see "$2,326"
  12. If I weren't in Central America for when it's happening, I would definitely go..
  13. Thanks for the post, Junnifer. Haven't seen way too many Shadowspawn drawings, especially like the Padan Fain one, though.
  14. To be honest, I'd be sad if they change the American ones.. Five or six years of carrying 'em across countries, the covers (Even if they're quite ugly) just feel right. Edit: I have all in American paperback, excepting the The Gathering Storm and The Towers of Midnight in hardcovers.
  15. Hmm, Egwene almost killed herself by not listening to Gawyn, Egwene tried to bind Perrin in the middle of a battle, he then saved her from Balefire. She then went on to being captured by Mesaana and only getting away because of Perrin.. Seems more like Egwene screwed up and then got saved by Perrin twice.
  16. ^That. Though, Vin would beat 'em both.. Kat has my vote.
  17. The ending would be so bittersweet, it would be amazing and terribly sad at the same time.. I sort of hope it would be split into two books so everything can be resolved. (And I can go another year with the series not ending.)
  18. Would totally be there, if I weren't stuck down here in Panama, Central America (Can't fly out alone, since I'm under 18.). Maybe later
  19. Gonna start Kushiel's Dart, today.
  20. Started the Sword of Truth series 5 or 6 months ago, or so.. Read three of 'em, didn't enjoy them way too much, so I put 'em away and did a re-read of The Wheel of Time, finished The Towers of Midnight, been bored recently. 10 days or so ago was bored, read the other 8 books in the Sword of Truth series.. Just finished the series. For the most part, the main thing that annoyed me, was whenever anyone (Namely Richard) would spew philosophy for an entire page, out of the blue.. Nor did I care too much for Kahlan.. Main things I liked in it were the scenes where Richard was in the woods (I'm a big outdoors fan, so him being a woodsguide was a big up for me), the Mord'sith were enjoyable. And any scene with Nicci in it (Faith of the Fallen, by far the best book. Though, I liked last book with Ja'La dh Jin scenes.) Not up to par with The Wheel of Time, but still a moderately okay series when you're bored.. And it helps pass the time while waiting for A Memory of Light. With all that said, gonna buy the next book in the series on March 14'th.
  21. While not particularly a big fan of Egwene by any means.. Naked~Frog's link is my favorite fan-art drawing of her.
  22. My favorite scene with both, is the end of New Spring when Moiraine bonds Lan. "Handing her Arrow's reins, he said, "Where do we ride first?" "Back to Chachin," she admitted. "And then Arafel, and. . ." So few names remained that were easy to find. "The world, if need be. We win this battle, or the world dies." Side by side they rode down the heal and turned south. Behind them the sky rumbled and turned black. Another late storm rolling down from the Blight ."
  23. Last book I read was Deception Point by Dan Brown, current book I'm reading is SEAL! by Lt. Cmdr. Michael J. Walsh (26 year Navy SEAL vet) and my next book will likely be The Lions of Lucerne by Brad Thor or A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin. Though, I've been on and off reading The Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind.. Definitely not my favorite.
  24. Voted for Perrin, he had the best action scenes in the book, he forged a Power Wrought warhammer, saved Galad (And is now commanding the White Cloaks), finally understands the Wolf, the scene with Mat was probably my favorite scene in the series.. And to top he openly disagrees with Egwene and sets up camp away from her supporters. Rand with his new found peace, is second (Though, not that close.) With his past memories, he became a new person (Well, became himself).. I personally loved him, struggling and grasping the blades of grass while falling.. he was more real. While still awesome, it's a completely different awesome, but not the awesome I read and fell in love with. For third, I guess maybe Mat.. until rescue, he was below Gawyn..
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