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  1. ah yes I was also thinking of getting a WoT tattoo. I have no problem with tattoo's, currently I want to get something ridiculous that I will obviously regret, just as a conversation starter.for example: "hey why the hell would you tattoo 'F@** the police' across your chest?" "well, this one time, i was drunk and..." you see? a new friend already. On a WoT tattoo though i was thinking perhaps a small and simple three circles (the great serpent intertwined with the wheel) on my chest American history X style (but obviously without the racial hatred). Though i'd like a salvidor dali sk
  2. Throw my computer out the window. I'd regret this soon after but oh well
  3. Yes! Hanninal is winning! As for who is on the list, I don't pretned to know much about the history of generals, I put Patton up as many people on other sites seemed to think he was worthy, just as Scipio is up because some people think because he beat Hannibal at Zama he is the better general. After some Wikipedia research i would put Napolean there instead of him(Scipio). I'm surprised Caesar hs no votes, I would have put him as the greatest Roman general, meaning he would definately be a contender...but maybe not in this poll of the greats!
  4. Sorry if this has been dicussed in a forum before but I couldn't find one so I said I'd make one. So who do you think is the best general?Alexander?Caesar? There are massive tactical changes due to gunpowder so you can give pre and post gun powder opinions if you want. I think my vote goes to Hannibal, if only because he's my favourite and because of the battle of Cannae.
  5. Well to the first question Aes Seadai who become damane still face the oaths,we see this with the damane who cannot lie,no matter how the seanchan punish her. I forget the name of the damane but its in a scene Surouth, on a boat. To travel you need to know whereyou ARE to travel, not where your going. That is how Nynaeve travelled, and everone else mentioned by you, however, short didtances can be travelled without knowing the land.
  6. But he did still think that he did, cloglord. Just to add another reason for the futility of this thread...we don't even know the strenths of the angreal they were using...or do we?i don't think we do?Well maybe Rands,it increased his channelin power a few times, it was the same one he used against rahvin (i think)
  7. In respects to the lanfear/rand strength; Rand thinks many times durin the battle that he could kill her easily by calling lightning or such. He seems to be sayin this with confidence so Rand (imo) seems to be more powerful in strentgh...
  8. Well, the way is see it is that: 1;mashadar killed Sammy. 2;The reasons for the death of sammy simply CANNOT be attributed to himself only. By the some of the reasoning in this thread, it is ok to say that if Rand had not existed, then sammy is still alive, so is at least partially rands fault. Or it could be attributed to Mordeth for being such an evil person. Who caused Sammy to go to Shador Logoth? Depends on what way you look at it. It was his plan to go to Shador Logoth.So it could be his Fault, but we could just as easily say that if Rand had not attacked he wouldn't have wen
  9. It was Morvin's warder, Jori, that you are thinking of Luckers. It is from Myrelle's PoV, "When last sounds," Kod. She thinks he is supposedly among the best of warders with a blade.
  10. someone in one of the other forums brought up how bel'al manouvered and defended against rand with such ease, and should be a contender. the gholam is the best fighter in my opinion, the only reason mat isn't toast is his medallion....other than that the best fighters are lan mat and rhuarc, but i believe mats memories give him the edge.
  11. well he's a slow reader so don't count on it any time soon,but if the topic has drifted off the forum i'll find it and bring it back to the top...
  12. yes there is much debate as to what narishma will follow after....but it is generally agreed that it is indeed narishma that the prophecy refers to,as he used callondor in the choedan kal scene,winters heart.
  13. it was my understanding that the portal stone worlds were off shoots of the whell,not exactly nescessary for existence....with only three constants,the creator,the dark one, and the fact that the dark one is currently trapped in all the them.that the portal stones were made to tap into these worlds.they came in handy,aftre all thats wher the seanchan animals came from. i think it betrays the whole nature of the wheel of time series if ther is no bore with every turn,if there is no TG with every turn,but thats just my opinion (and a few others) your free not to buy it...but as afore mention
  14. best to worst: (in my opinion) 1; Lord of Chaos (that ending, magical) 2; Fires of heaven (so much action) 3; The Shadow Rising (loved it) 4; The Great Hunt 5; The Dragon Reborn 6; The Eye of the World 7; Knife of Dreams (gives me hope for aMoL) 8; A Crown of Swords 9; A path of daggers 10; Winter's heart (loved with the choedan kal though) 11; To quote robert; "Bloody Crossroads of Flaming Twilight *snore*". such a boring book. CoT was the only book i actually didn't like.
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