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  1. I may have missed it but is there any conformation on Leane Sedai's fate? I know she was captured by the Sharans during the first apperance but I don't know that I read about anything else happening to her. Speaking of, what about Lelaine, with Romanda gone, I couldn't believe she'd stand for anyone else being raised to the Seat if she survived.
  2. I'm rereading The Fires of Heaven and I'm at the point where Rand enters TAR in the flesh and becomes misty as LTT, or the memories of as we later learn, attempt to take over and reform Rand in LTT's image. This makes me wonder if this is some type of foreshadowing on how Isam and Luc switch forms. We've never saw IIRC Luc and Isam switching forms, we have however saw some of the results with the Battle for the Two Rivers when Perrin shot Isam in the wolfdream. "He felt odd. Insubstantial. He raised his arm, and stared. He could see the garden through coatsleeve and arm as through a m
  3. So I've just started my reread of the series and I always start with New Spring. Finishing it has left me with a lingering question. We can assume that Moiraine Sedai will be heading straight for the gathering that is going to happen at FOM because she has info for Rand. Now I'm thinking that Rand will have his usual group with him including his new Aes Sedai advisor our still not dead Green Cadsuane. For those who haven't read NS in awhile, Cad was not very happy with Moiraine's actions not to mention that Moiraine was still unsure of Cad's true Ajah. I think there will be some interesting sp
  4. Thinking about what everyone has said, using the TP to seal the DO makes since in a way, consider the AoL, AS were trying to tap into a new source of power, now if we consider the TP as the seal then things are kinda circular, the power of the seal comes from the DO and any force the DO uses only serves to strength the seal. When AS tap into this though it draws it away allowing the DO to break free.
  5. Fails: What the Amyriln Said What the Amyriln Did The Stone of Tear World of Dreams
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