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  1. Pedron Niall to be honest. He's getting old, but I have a feeling he was working on some crazy big schemes. He knew his days were numbered, but he was trying to hang in there to see things through. I feel like he was a well-intentioned whitecloak, along with Geofram Bornhald. I've always had a feeling that the misguided whitecloaks would have a big role to play, I at least like seeing Galad, a competent leader at their helm again. I think he'll bring them back to the originally good-intentioned group that they were and they'll have a big part to play in the last battle. They just need to ditch the crazed zealots and questioners. Everyone likes to see a misguided group find redemption right???
  2. If we lose Lan, I think we'll lose Nyneave as well... Not that I want this to happen. I'm of the opinion that either Rand is gonna show up, or he's gonna drop in some troops via gateway, after Nyneave heads there herself.
  3. The Seanchan Ogier. The whole deathwatch guard in fact. You can't show us this supposedly supersweet force, talk them up like they're the greatest ever and then never let us see them in action!
  4. Mat is just hilarious and awesome. I love reading his chapters. Lan has always been a favorite of mine and I always wished we would get a little more depth with him. Ituralde has been epic in these last couple books. (Makes me wonder why Garyth Bryne isn't an option but he's been quiet this last book) Any of the Great Captains are sweet. Rand has greatly improved, but still not my favorite. And I also have to mention Gawyn killing 3 bloodknives which I think moves him up a notch over Galad in the best swordsman category, but still below Lan IMHO. Finally, I can identify with Perrin alot, but we've had soooo much of him drawn out throughout the series that he's gotten a little old for me. The recent embracing of the wolf was long overdue and getting the whitecloaks to join him will help him move up a notch in my book.
  5. As to the Band, the question is, how much damage has already been done. If they see the whole city burning, it seems like the trollocs are already well through a good portion of the city, so how much good are they going to be able to do, how much can they save, especially with Elayne gone and the Dragons vulnerable. Even if they have gateways available. I can't believe Mat didn't cave and open Verin's letter before, I'm impressed by his willpower.
  6. Throughout the entire series, followers of the DO have been sending trollocs through the ways, so to me its no surprise. Sure Machin Shin kills many of them, but they're just collateral damage. Several groups of trollocs still make it through. I believe we've encountered the bodies of dead trollocs in the ways before, showing evidence of trollocs traveling through. I see the attack on Caemlyn as believable and i'm sure it's an issue of numbers, you send a crapload of trollocs through and maybe 60% or something make it to their destination, idk. No surprise though.
  7. In her defense, she sees him as Rand and less as 400 years old and doesn't know what us readers know. Elayne is worse IMHO.
  8. Just adds more the the Elayne argument. She's uncomprehendingly careless and stupid.
  9. Elayne is the most annoying by far. She is just stupid and doesn't think things through. She gets lesser political moves right, but makes big dangerous leaps without regard to the lives of those around her. I feel like her moves are selfish and she is snoody and ANNOYING. At least Egwene thinks things through. I may not agree with her, but I see how she draws her conclusions and thinks they are best. She is not as stupid as Elayne. And Tuon, we can excuse her for being a crazy Seanchan, she has an excuse, Elayne does not.
  10. What do you think will happen to Andor's capital??
  11. I just naturally assumed that the real Aiel would be dealing with the red veiled Aiel. Demandred himself is focused on Rand and no one else, so he won't personally fight Mat as you say. Shaidar Haran is basically the manifestation of the DO as much as possible w/o the seals being broken, so he's gonna focus on Rand too I think. Perrin will have to finally deal with Slayer/Luc and a crapload of darkhounds i think. I also don't see Logain dying, he has glory in his future and I think as stated before, he's gonna take over leading the male channelers. I think the main Randland armies will focuse on masses of shadowspawn and trollocs, while channelers match up against each in the power throughout the fray. I also feel like some Seanchan need to help out in order for the light to win, maybe get some rakin with channelers to fight the draghkar, idk.
  12. Frankly, I've been disappointed at what I consider to be very limited use of and coverage of the Black Tower and the Asha'men throughout the series, I mean they're the most powerful wagers of war and it seems like Rand has neglected them for the most part, aside from the one major engagement with the Seanchan. He let it drop and we've had limited information on Black Tower events and the Asha'men in general. I feel like Rand dropped the ball and has neglected the whole Black Tower mess far too long and obviously needs to deal with Taim. With the astounding growth of the BT and asha'men numbers in general, Rand could be using them to do incredible things and really force the Seanchan into a corner. So I agree, many missed military opportunities and I can't wait to finally have TAim dealt with and see how the whole thing plays out.
  13. Lan has embraced his role as king and now he is leading a suicidal charge against the shadow... How do you think it's going to go down??? Will Rand show up and save his friend?? Or will Nyneave burst onto the scene in a righteous love-filled fury to save Lan??
  14. Demandred. Legend - wait for it - Dary. Legendary. Demandred is going to SUIT UP!!! In epic fashion for AMOL.
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